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"America - Why I Love Her" - John Wayne

"An Explicit Patriot" John Waynes own words

"The Speech" - General George S. Patton, Jr. (WARNING: Profanity!!)

1 (A good bit of thread on Unalienable Rights and Moral Authority)

26 Things the Movies have taught us

26 Things the Movies have taught us (Thread Two)

700 Club Becomes Part of Disney

A great Site - We must Never Forget

ACLU Charged With 'Revising' American History

America's Caesar: Abraham Lincoln and the Birth of a Modern Empire

Anthrax Threats Mass Mailed to Abortion Clinics

Badge of shame

Breyer Warns on Constitution Laws

Bush Administration Unveils 'Smoke-Free Home' Plan

Bush Hints at Broader Amnesty

Can we distinguish between Islam and Christianity

Civilian Post Office at Pentagon Tests Positive for Anthrax; (NewMayoTest Detects Anthrax in Hours!)

Clinton Crocodile Tears at Ron Brown's Funeral

Clintonized FBI Fingers 'Right-Wing Hate Groups' in Anthrax Probe

Cool Freeper - love his web site LOL!

Crusade Propaganda: The abuse of Christianity's Holy Wars

Declaration of Liberty

Disciples of Reason

Freeper Sues Planned Parenthood

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

God, War, Thanksgiving

Hillary Booed - Video

HOme Schooling Needs Oversight

Homeless Homeschooled Boy gets Perfect SAT scores - Very Inspirational

How many jumped from the WTC towers? (DO NOT FOGET!)

I am a Christian Man (Response to "I am a Muslim Woman")

IBM's Test-Tube Quantum Computer Makes History

In My Tribe (For the 20-something FReepers)

Islam Can't Escape Blame for Sept. 11

Letter to Maxine Waters from Larry Elder, L.A. talk show host

Libertarian Utopia

Lincoln Was Not Elected

Male Circumcision (Part 2) – Much More Than the Mutilation of Sexual Pleasure

MCSEs: We are all idiots

Navy Cures Radiation Sickness with Adult Stem Cells

Perveen, stabbed by her own brother in Pakistan for loving Jesus

Remember the day the US OF A was Attack!

Saying No to Assisted Suicide

Scientists complain of thick Antarctic ice

Second Amendments Rights In Reality and In Court

Short Photo Sequence of 9-11 Attack, Lest We Forget

The 14th and the Civil War

The Founding Fathers were NOT Christians! (Debunked - Mine)

The Islamic Answer Man

The Psychosis We Won't Name (Muslim anti-Semitism)

This ain’t no rag it’s a flag and we don’t wear it on our heads.

This Guy is EVERYWHERE!!!

Walter E. Williams: American Contempt For Rule Of Law

What it was like to jump from the World Trade Center on 09-11-01

What We’re Not Fighitng For

Why I Am Proud To Be Homophobic

Wonderful Artist and a FReeper

~ (Good bit in thread concerning unalienable Rights) Faces of Fundamentalism [or the Taliban is the moral equivalent to Bible believing Christians]