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Free Republic is a treasure house of unending surprises. The only thing we can be sure of is change. CHANGE. Being a conservative I resist it and flail abit against the changes here at Free Republic. It reminds me of the idea that "prisons belong to the inmates". Nevertheless it (this forum) is the BEST. Unparelled in scope and content. A vast reservoir of connections. There are no immigration laws present here. It is all comers here. We are lucky to have it.

Freepers have amazing talent. Some of the profile pages are simply terrific. I am intimidated by the sheer content of many profiles ... homepages. Skill in computers is evident; while I am a novice.

Born in Oklahoma. An only child. Christian. Married, have three children,... and now four grandchildren. Live in West Texas, for 33 years now. What they say about "Grandchildren" and "Texas" is all true. Like everything it has good and not so good; and the good is great.

God, family, friends, being a student of life, making a contribution to others, curious and interested in life, reading, participating at the "highest good" level possible is my aim and dedication.

Words ... words hold vast power the secret to communication. One of the areas not noticed or understood by immense numbers of people. Effective communication is no accident. Intent, purpose, desire to learn and practice communication creates results wanted.

It has taken me almost three years to decide to place anything here and I'm doing it on impulse. It has been my experience that many preconceived presumptions are quickly made and categorized .. . and this I resist. While "doing my best to have fun" (paraphrase of Gus from "Lonesome Dove") Wasn't that a wonderful book?

Perhaps more later.

... a poem I like

i have new
french doors

i'm afraid
they will surrender
to the elements



this is one of mine ...

gossamer strands twisted together
make up the thread of life
our job is to discern these
including the gordian knot
of past experiences
keeping us blocked
troubled and looking out
born with a thread of silence
life spent in a cacophony
mixed daily from hundreds of sources
most of all voices ...
echoing in our ears
bring us to inside tears
carrying our baggage along
... whistling in the dark
humming and singing under our breath
silence we avoid at all costs ...
night is the time
when all we surpress
everyday bubbles up to have its say
learning to embrace this silence
... may cut the gordian knox
with one quick blow
when we bow to GOD
and the LORD entreat ...
silence is sweet ...
and our life complete ...

Praise God!

check it out ...

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Living Your Salvation
050919 Monday, September 19, 2005 Daily Devotional

by Brent Riggs ... Tulsa, Oklahoma

A honest prayer to live like a Christian


Author of the universe, source of all blessing,

I worship you for giving me the ability to know You;

For giving me the power to think
and know right from wrong;

For giving me a desire to love You.

I praise You for revealing Yourself to me through the Gospel of your Beloved Son,

For showing mercy on me when needed;

For giving me peace;

For your patience and kindness towards me;

For the great amount of love You show to me.

You have allowed me to understand how sinners can be forgiven;

How the unholy can be made clean;

And how the poor are made rich.

Who walk with You and have Joy;

Who trust Your Word and find life in It.

Keep me always wanting the new and fresh presence of the Holy Spirit;

The joy and comfort,

Grace and blessings,

And for help to understand my obligations
as a Christian as well as my privileges.

Teach me to love simplicity and Godly character.

Help me not to be a hypocrite, to be the same person whether in front of You, or men;

To be Godly before I claim to be Godly;

To put off the world before putting on God;

To set my hopes on things above;

To forsake worthless and immoral things;

To give out grace as well as accept it;

To bear hard times and enjoy good ones;

To do good even in the face of evil.

Lord God, cause me to walk worthy as Christian,

That the name of Jesus will be seen in me, and I in him;

And that all the glory will go to the One in Whose Blessed Name we pray,


Never seek after anything other than the approval of God, and always be willing to go "outside the camp, bearing His reproach"

excerpted from the Daily Oswald Chambers thread

The beginning of the relationship with God ... come to the word of God.

NO communication = NO relationship
NO relationship = NO trust
NO trust = NO "followship"
NO "followship" = NO obedience

if we see a lack of obedience in our lives we can follow this formula back from that point and see where we left the Way. I just loved it for its simplicity. I like that word "followship" too! ... _______________________________________________________________________________ CLIMB HIGHER A Tribute to the New York City Firefighters “Keep on Climbing”, says the Captain, “Up through the smoke and smell” ; “Keep on climbing”, says the Captain, “ I think I heard somebody yell!” “Keep on climbing”, says the Captain “ Alive or dead, Not ours to tell.” “Keep on climbing” , calls the Captain “ Forget about your pain!” “Keep on climbing” , shouts the Captain, “ We have a few more floors to gain” “Keep on climbing”, yells the Captain “ We will bring them down again!” “Keep on climbing”, cries the Captain “ If I can so can you!” “Keep on climbing” , orders the Captain “ Right now I need your best from you!” “Keep on climbing”, screams the Captain, “Forget about those sounds!” “It’s just some girders twisting And some concrete falling down” ; “Keep on climbing” , whispers the Captain; “ Climb right up to that light!” “Right up to that sunshine, “ No smoke to smell, “ No fire to fight!” “Keep on climbing” , sings the Captain, “That Angel’s hand will lead the way!” “Rest boys”, sighs the Captain “You did your job, today!” “Keep on climbing”, prays Our Captain: “Eyes raised, headed for the top.” “And when your’re tired And feel like quitting, Remember them, They didn’t stop!” written by Jim McGregor Langley City Fire Chief Langley, B.C. Canada ________________________________________________________________________________