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Not for Lightweights (Orthodoxy)

"We Found Out The Truth About the Serbs...When We Were Shot Down"



(Vanity) Chess, Tolkien, and The Return of the Republic: An Introduction

2008: Remembering 911(graphics Intense) 7 Years Later

A Christian Treasure in the heart of the Midwest - St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Monastery U.S.A.

A consecrated virgin captures her life in a blog [Catholic Caucus]

A Nation of Racist Dwarfs (North Korea is even weirder and more despicable than you thought)

A Radical Presidency

A-huntin' The Sources of Appalachian English

Abandon all hope, Christians [an open letter from "Losing My Religion" author William Lobdell]

Agenda 21, Secular Humanism, and the Animalization of Americans

Al Sharpton: 'The American Public Overwhelmingly Voted for Socialism When They Elected President...

Alan Keyes speaking the truth about radical communism and Obama

Alinsky, Beck, Satan and Me

America Awakes: Reflections on 9/12 [freepers mentioned]

Angry Gays: F-Bombs, Glitterbombs, Phlegm Phones & Death Wishes

Ann Coulter: IF YOU CAN FIND A BETTER DEAL, TAKE IT! (Hume [and God] Drive Liberals Crazy!)

Anyone Remember Miguel Estrada, The Wise Latino Male?

Apology for kids shipped from Britain to colonies

Audit: Los Angeles Dept. of Children and Family Services Covering Up Child Fatalities

Bad Paintings Of The One

Barack Obama Seeks to Turn America into a Third World Country (RUSH)

Barnicle: Gun-Toting ‘Crazy People’ Of Talk Radio Justify Tight Security

Beheading of Wife Poses Another Test for U.S. Muslims (Not murder--it was an "Honor Killing"

Best Political Joke in a long time

Bibi Burns Down UN with Speech, palestinian chick flees (Full Text ILLUSTRATED)

Black Education

Boy's wish comes true for papal audience (Make-A-Wish foundation comes through!!)

Bret Baier: 1; President Obama: 0 (Young FOX Interviewer catches Obama at his worst)

Bus beheading similar to Windigo phenomenon

Byzantium - the English Connection

C.S Lewis said it best!....(vanity)

Camille Paglia Pummels Couric

Choosing Thomas -- Inside a family's decision to let their son live, if only for a brief time

Civil rights panel hears testimony in '08 voter intimidation case

Clinton and Muhammed: Partners in Crime


Crowd calls for `Mikhail the Bloody' to quit (Article from the past as the USSR fell)

Dean Martin - King of the Road

Denial ain't just a birth certificate - ALAN KEYES

Devastating new documentary Brings a Hero to Life, Exposes Fidel’s Cuba

Do Christians Need Only the Bible?

Do Kids Count? Insurers Stop Selling Child-Only Policies Ahead of ObamaCare Provisions



Don't Tell Me You Love Black People!

Early History of Nation of Islam - The Voodoo Cult of Detroit

England MP Lord Ahmed Threatens UK Democracy With 10,000 Terrorists

Everything you've heard about Islam is true

EXCLUSIVE: Obama to close terrorist 'black sites'

Fairy tales have ancient origin

Father Zakaria Botros on "The perverse sexual habits of the Prophet" (Muhammed)

Feast of the Holy New Martyr Peter the Aleut, December 12

Fleischer Smacks Down Chris Matthews in Epic Battle over Bush Presidency and Iraq War - Video

Fort Hood: Prepare To Be Infuriated

FR Threads of the Decade (Vanity)

From church to mosque: Istanbul’s forgotten Byzantine heritage

Gingrich: Obama’s ‘Kenyan, anti-colonial’ worldview

Give Me Osama, I'll Give you the Jews ( Pastor Manning )

Good Marriage I – How an Attitude of Entitlement Undermines Marriage

Hamas brainwashing Palestinian kids (see video of a school "play")

Here we go again - More pictures of white, racist tea partiers

Hero Cop's First Words After Surgery: 'Did Anybody Die?'

Hero who sabotaged bridge with termites (Incredible story of heroism alert)

Hindu Kundalini infestation of Pentecostalism and their war on the Queen of Heaven?

history_matters - Requiescat in Pace

How to Make All Our Conversations Virtuous [Ecumenical]

I Still Hate You, Sarah Palin - The Republicans bring a knife to a gunfight, and lose again.

I'm sick to death of bad news...Time for a laugh!(Monty Python's 10 silliest moments)


Intellectuals and Society (Thomas Sowell)

Iranian Woman Shot to Death on Video, Obama Goes for Ice Cream

Is The American Military Ready For Greek Love?

Islam and Horse Torture

Islam Meets Catholicism as Muslim Protesters Call for Death of Pope Benedict

It's all about Obama...Mm...Mm..Mm!

Jessica Valenti: College Is Totally Worth Killing Babies Over

JJ Johnson speaks to Senate about militia

Keyes v. Bowen, Obama, Biden et. al. Motion to Quash

Kosovo & the Systematic Persecution by KLA

Krauthammer on Obama's first year. Priceless!

Leaving Liberalism

Lech Walesa: "America is Moving Towards Socialism"

Letter from Two Catholic Women Arrested at Notre Dame

Listening to a Liar (Thomas Sowell)


Lost Treasures Return to Russia's Red Square

Mao: Greatest Mass Murderer

Marriage with a Roman Catholic

Mary in Byzantine Doctrine and Devotion (Catholic / Orthodox Caucus)

Mass arrests made in downtown Denver beatings, robberies

Mass grave of history: Vatican's WWII identity crisis

Messianic Communism in the Protestant Reformation (Communist Zealots: the Anabaptists)

Michelle Malkin: Muslim outrage is easily provoked

Michelle Obama to School Girl on Being First Lady: "It Doesn't Pay Much"

My big fat Greek turkey burger

My Little Mariposa---Prayer request

Mysterious Group Buys Building Next to Ground Zero For Mosque

New Battle of Bosworth Field site revealed [along with site of Richard III's murder]

Nuns In The U.S. Are Facing Scrutiny By The Vatican [Long Overdue!]

NY: Elementary schools increase security after knife-carrying Muslim walks in

Obama Ally Code Pink Invites Muslim Brotherhood: 'Join Us In Cleansing Our Country'

Obama being illogical - Taliban


Obama Welcomes A Stealth Jihadist-Tariq Ramadan returns to the U.S

Obama – The Equal Opportunity Hater? - ALAN KEYES

Obama's Life Story Now an Anti-Abortion Ad

Obama's Revenge

Obama, You Scare Me!

Obama: Islam Has Shaped the U.S.A.


Old Media Ignore Teacher Firing -- He's Conservative Naturally (had Palin bumper sticker on car)

Once there was 'A Christmas Story'

One Baptist Church To Celebrate Halloween By Burning Bibles

One Man vs. The Mob: Breitbart Forces President Obama’s Protesters To Fold Up Shop (Video)

Open Letter to A citizen Of Gaza: I Am the Soldier Who Slept In Your Home


Orthodox Church to be Built in Beslan to Commemorate Victims Killed by Terrorists

Our First Muslim President

Palin is now free to exercise her real power

Party in Iran (A look at life)

Peddlers Of Ideas Seldom Pay The Price

Photo evidence of the inclusiveness and tolerance of Islam

Photos: New Year 2011 at the Vank Christian Church in Isfahan - Iran

Police horse tramples, injures woman

Praying In The Name of Obama (forensics prove they are saying Obama, not God)

Prelate Who Saved Some 10,000 Jews Dead at 98

Prosecutor: Slain toddler said 'I love you' at end

Ptolemy's Geography, America and Columbus: Ancient Greeks and why maybe America was discovered

Racism, Eric Holder, my Son and Me

Reflections on the Kennedy Funeral Mass

Refuting Homosexuals who Use the Bible to Defend Homosexuality - Robert Sungenis responds

Return of the Creepy Obama Kids (hilarious video)

Reviving Two Old Series

Russian Orthodox Church marks Feast of All Saints

Sarah Palin Crosses the Rubicon

SARAH PALIN: Enjoy this Alaskan rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus

Sarkozy cool on relationship with Obama

Secret Diary Of The Saudi Princess Who Would Be Stoned To death If She Returned Home [Jewish Lover]

Shocking photo: late-term aborted baby lies in open casket at city hall funeral (Graphic Alert!)

Shocking Tactics of Women's Shelters (Part 4 of 4)

Since 1962 - It’s Been Exponential!

SNL Skit: Don't Buy Stuff You Can't Afford (Educational)

Sorry about that, Dr. Mengele

STEYN: Our own Greek tragedy

Superficial similarities between presidents and Roman leaders -- kinda cool, ultimately meaningless

Tech degree, not ancestry, key to success (Grandson of Pres. JOHN TYLER)

The Best Lecture On Islamic Jihad You'll Ever See

The blackmail of America: How the United States became Albania's enforcer

The Butterfly Circus

The Despicable "Family Guy" Hate Piece

The Emotional Corrosion of Casual Sex

The Evolution of Wit

The Exquisite Inquisitor

The Fifty Best Catholic Movies of All Time

The fury of a bereaved Palestinian mother captures evil of Hamas in Gaza

The Lincoln Myths

The Night Sky As You Have Never Seen It Before (Must See To Believe)

The Original Lie: Basis for America's Ruling Class Barbarians

The Popes on "the Great Washington"

The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration's War on America

The President-elect's pecs

The pro-life homily that rocked the world and caused 3 priests to be beheaded

The Roots of Obama Worship

The Smallest Martyrs

The terrible warning of a Holocaust survivor

The Two Towers; One Freepers Review

The War Against the Producers [Victor Davis Hanson]

Three great Tea Party videos you need to send to EVERYONE YOU KNOW.

Tolkien poured Christian values into a pagan world

Tolkien’s Clash of Civilizations

Top Ten Christian Bashing Incidents of '08

Tsk, Tsk (Hypocrite Obama cranks the White House Thermostat so he can take off jacket)

Vanity - Hey Obama supporters...would you have approved if George W. Bush had...

Verses (in Scripture) I Never Saw

Video Robert Reich, doesn’t want recovery jobs for "White Male Construction Workers"

Violent land reform youth corps wallow in poverty

Virgin: The World's Best Passenger Complaint Letter?

We’re losing our country - But what can we do? (MUST READ!)

What are some chidren's Christmas gifts that reinforce learning and good values.

When Our Children Ask The Question: Why Am I A Christian

Which Malik Shabazz Visited White House in July 2009, Mr. President?

Who Am I?

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

WikiLeaks sheds light on Obama's secret war

‘Camouflage Angel’ Spends Last Moments With U.S. Combat Casualties (TISSUE ALERT!)

‘Titus Andronicus’ with Anthony Hopkins, Jessica Lange, Alan Cumming (video links)

“Of Gods and Men” and John Corapi (Catholic Caucus)