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  optimistically_conservative  =  For Computer Chat here on FR, try this Link:
I bookmarked this posting and found it very useful for organizing and managing threads using the sidebar: The Ultimate Sidebar Management Thread
You also probably already know how to modify your subscriptions.
(Note: This info from July 2003; - it may, or may not still work...?)
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  Bloody Sam Roberts  = 
Computer Central is a great idea. Keeps it all in "the family" so to speak. Advice from trusted sources is always appreciated.
Since you asked, here's a link to a great site that has helped me countless times. The denizens there are knowledgeable and responses to questions are always swift and plentiful.

For Computer Help! ->>   Computing.Net

Free Republic Forum Navigation Issues Friday, October 24, 2008 8:34:25 PM · by Kevmo · 13 replies · 468+ views

Post navigation troubles here. Unless, of course, this is a duplicate thread and the moderator can lock this thread with the proper pointer to the thread where we should all go to.
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Think millions of people downloading "free" stuff at the same time...  Contrary to mindless assumption, the internet is finite.   5 by Publius6961

7 by martin_fierro (< |:)~)

To: martin_fierro

LOL!!   I am still unable to download the latest definitions as I keep getting these server busy messages.
Gee, I thought everything was easier with high speed internet. Not!!   by hsmomx3 (Joilet girl)

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(FYI = Angel image is © Precious Moments Angel)

(I'm using PC-BSD 8.1)

For those who may not know - In "Open Source" programs you can change the source code if you have the skill.

Per FreeBSD - Note:   The term “hacker” has nothing to do with breaking into other people's computers.  The correct term for the latter activity is “cracker”, but the popular press has not found out yet.  The FreeBSD hackers disapprove strongly of cracking security, and have nothing to do with it. 

For a longer description of hackers, see Eric Raymond's How To Become A Hacker.
Above Note from: "">(...FreeBSD / Open Source definition - The difference between a “hacker”, who changes open source code (good, because it's legal); and a “cracker”, who cracks security (bad)
- 1 Introduction, Scroll down to see Note:   | |

From the FreeBSD Book: (edited excerpt) Some people don't like the FreeBSD mascot. It is NOT a reference to a satanic cult or anything like that. It is a joking reference to background processes in UNIX systems that handle various tasks, that are called "daemons," which is pronounced "demons". Daemons are actually wonderfully helpful things. ...for sending email or visiting a Web page. MS Win 2000 has daemons that are called "services" instead.
The pitchfork is a reference to an important system call known as "fork". This causes a program to make a copy of itself in memory and then run that copy. Without fork, the Web server could only handle one visitor at a time. "FreeBSD UNLEASHED" - Urban / Tiemann - Sams, 2002 - pg. 19.

- Well, that explains it. Still, my modification in the banner above.

  Post #113 Laptop
Qualified for
BSD Unix
(Berkeley Software Distribution)
The Invincibook may have been discontinued. See Post #113 for tech details.
Invincibook FreeBSD Laptop

There is no place like Free Republic!  -  sciencediet

FreeRepublic.  The sanest site for an insane world.

by stevio (Crunchy Con - God, guns, guts, and organically grown crunchy nuts.)

The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you. - by seekthetruth

Faith is not believing that God can. It is knowing that God will. - Ben Stein)   by JRios1968

(Do not be afraid of tomorrow.....God is already there.)   by Guenevere

(A faith without truth is not true faith.)   by colorcountry

("Everything is either willed or permitted by God, and nothing can hurt me." Bl. Charles de Foucauld)   by Tax-chick

...just saw this sign in someone's living room: (something like...) "Faith:  makes it possible, not easy".

To: Rodney Dangerfield
It’s ironic, but every Atheist I know believes in Ghosts, UFO’s, Karma

(Evil is not the opposite of God; it's the absence of God)   by YellowRoseofTx

"When people stop believing in God, they don't believe in nothing - they believe in anything."

G. K. Chesterton

26 by SkyPilot

(Adversity in life and death is inevitable. Thru faith in Christ, stress is optional.)   by Cvengr

by Petronski (For the next few years, Gethsemane will not be marginal. We will know that garden. -- Cdl. Stafford)

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