Since Oct 22, 2000

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Everything you might want to know about Cindydawg (and more)
My name is Cindydawg. I'm a tall, blond, single female. I live in the country in South Texas. I have lived here all my life. I left home when I was very young with a guy that was in to duck hunting. The relationship didn't last very long though. He beat me, tried to drown me, and finally dumped me for someone else. To this day I can not stand men in fatigues. (To be honest I don't really care for men too much at all.)

Well anyway, after this guy kicked me out I lived on the streets for about 5 months until I was arrested for vagrancy. I had never been in jail before and it was scary. I didn't have the money for bail or a place to go.

One afternoon though a lady named Janis came to visit me. She had 2 boys with her. We talked for awhile and then she left. A short time later I was released. I was told that Janis had posted my bail. She was waiting for me outside and offered to let me stay with her and her family.

That was 7 years ago. It's my home too, now. The boys have gone. It's just me,Janis and her husband Eddie who seems to think he is in charge. He and I tolerate each other but the man gets upset because I like to sit at Janis' feet and rub against her legs. He tells me I'm worthless and a whiner. He has actually put me out of the house several times.

Janis loves me though and lets me back in and tells Eddie to behave and that Cindydawg is a good dog.

You know I authorized her to use my name don't you? It was so funny. Janis tends to be kind of lazy with computers so she asked Eddie to get her set up with FreeRepublic. He wanted her to pick a screen name that had significance. He was annoyed because she wasn't paying attention and told her to stop playing with Cindydawg and choose a name. She looked at me and said "Cindydawg, may I use your name"? I licked her on the face (that's how I say yes). Eddie asked in amazement, "you want to use your dogs name" Janis just grinned. He said "whatever, but boy are you going to get razed". Janis' chin came up and she said "I don't care. If people don't like it they can call me Indiana. Isn't that right Cindydawg"? I licked her again. I was so honored as I watched Eddie muttering to himself as he typed in CINDYDAWG.