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Reading the numbers (editorial about the economic recovery, gag alert)

U.S. Preparing World for Iraq Attack - Russia

$6 or $60

'Distraction' that takes the heat off al-Qa'ida (Fisk alert)

'Heavy' Invasion Is Best Option

'If attacked, Israel might nuke Iraq'

'Military' diagram found on fugitive

'The Wall' honors Vietnam vets for 20 years

4,000 U.S. troops arriving in Jordan for major exercises

4,000 U.S. troops arriving in Jordan for major exercises

A Serious Upgrade For The Cruise Missile

Alabama Activates Tank Unit

America does not stand alone - Toronto Sun

America Rattles Saddam's Cage Hoping He Will Lash Out In Anger

America will depend on Iraqi rebels to overthrow Saddam

America's widening security net

Any U.S. attack on Iraq must topple Saddam-Kuwait

Arabs in U.S. could be held, official warns

Army Promotes Troubled Comanche

Attacking Iraq - Countdown Timeline

Baghdad by Christmas

Bashar Assad assails US policy toward Israel

Briefing Depicted Saudis as Enemies

Britain to fight Saddam on three fronts (Great graphics)

Build To Order: One Aircraft Carrier

Bush and Blair agree terms for Iraq attack

Bush cites Saddam's 'arsenal of terror' [Why Democrats have zero credibility]

Bush Did It!

Bush Didn't Squander The World's Sympathy. He Spent It.

Bush ready to declare war

Bush reviews military options for Iraq with top general, key advisers

Can We Finish One War Before Starting Another? [BARF ALERT] (with Poll to FReep)

Canada -- War not over for our elite soldiers (JTF2 still deployed as 3d Patricias deployment ends)

Canada Versus The USA. (A liberal's path to conservatism.)

China-Russia war games confirmed

China-Russia war games confirmed

Conquering Iraq - American Strategies (Interesting Stuff) Seven people die on board Paris-Tokyo flight

Defense chief laments news leaks, urges top Pentagon officials to crack down

Democrat 'Metrosexuals' Hard to Believe

Desperately Seeking Combat Aircraft

Double warning against Iraq war

Down & Out In Silicon Valley - Like striking it rich, being 'almost homeless' can happen to anyone

Egyptian found with 100 fake IDs

FEMA Preparing for Mass Destruction


Flogged by bloggers

Former CIA Chief: World War IV Began on Sept. 11

Fox Pulse: Terrorists being smuggled in from Mexico

French sources: US to attack Iraq "soon"

Generation Wrecked

Got 'em trapped

Heavy' Invasion Is Best Option

How do I know that war is coming?

How do I know that war is coming?

How'd I get here from there? (I don't think I'm a 'bot...)

Howard Phillips:U.S. Can't Attack Iraq unless Congress declare WAR

If Bush decides to attack Iraq, the strike could be sudden

Impending Invasion of Iraq

Invading Iraq: Would the public go along?

Invading Iraq: Would the public go along?

Iran calls for attacks in U.S. heartland

Iran Will Definitely Respond to Any Attack on Its Nuclear Installations

Iraq army cancels leaves, mounts patrols to hunt down deserters

Iraq giving chemical weapons to al-Qaida: US thinks Iraq plotting with terrorists

Iraq is bound to lose, quickly, completely

Iraq plans to lure US from desert into street fights

Iraq strike likely to be at short notice (duh alert)

Iraq talk fuelled by Kosovo pull-out

Iraq vows to behead all invaders

Iraq vows to resist U.S. military action (Read it for a good laugh)

Iraq: In all but name, the war's on

Iraq: In all but name, the war's on

Iraqi buildup near border puts Kuwait on heightened alert

Iraqi general says U.S. will easily topple Saddam

Iraqis vacate Baghdad in droves


Is reinstatement of the draft at hand?

Is Saddam Gaining Info from News Reports?

Israel intelligence projects Iraqi missile strike if Saddam is cornered

Israeli Forces Enter Gaza City

John Keegan: Bush sets the clock ticking for war

Jordan Rejects US Invasion Plan (Iraq)

Jordan to let US troops use bases for war on Iraq

Jordan's king says it's `somewhat ludicrous' to intervene in Iraq while Israeli-Pal conflict rages

King Abdullah II denies claims of American troops existence in Jordan

Kuwait Says It won't Serve as Launch Pad for U.S. Attack on Iraq

Kuwait warns Iraq to take US threats seriously

Lawmakers Want Notice Before Iraq War

Man Indicted for Phony Checks Says He Has Al Qaida Info (Detroit, Omar Shishani)

Mark Steyn: Pencil in Iraq for this August

Mark Steyn: Those at the back cry 'Forward!'

Men Behaving Badly - Why?

Microwave Weapons May Be Ready For Iraq


Mobilizations Hint At Date And Strategy For Iraq War

Mock battle in SoCal and Nevada to test battle technology

MOUNTING AN OPERATION AGAINST IRAQ - great map on buildup in the Gulf region

Mournful Day at the DNC (because economy surges)


Northrop Pitches Concept To Ready 16 B-2s For Stunning Attack On Iraq


Odd Photo Thread

Odd Photo Thread

Pakistan Army on collision course with Musharraf

Palestinians Say They Would Support Iraq If US Attacks

Paratroopers Ready for Battle

Pentagon Paints Picture of Menacing China (Drudge Siren is on)


Playing Offense: The inside story of how U.S. terrorist hunters are going after al Qaeda

PM (Blair) and Bush plan Iraq war summit

POLL: Is The Internet A Fad?

PSSST! Iraq, we're gonna kick yer...

PSSST! Iraq, we're gonna kick yer...

Reference HTML Cheatsheet

Report: Britain preparing for role in U.S.-led attack on Iraq

Report: Britain preparing for role in U.S.-led attack on Iraq

Report: Turkey lays down conditions for U.S. military action against Iraq

Reservists Called Up In Build-Up For Iraq

Rome, AD ... Rome, DC?

Rumsfeld orders war plan update, warns Iraq

Saddam Hunkers Down for Threatened U.S. Attack

Saddam Hussein's War Plan

Saddam's August Surprise: Plans to Invite U.N. Inspectors

Saddam's war plan

Scud Hunting with Delta Force and the SAS

Scud Hunting with Delta Force and the SAS

Senator has 'no doubt´ Iraq would use 'every weapon´

Sex in the Zeroes

Souring Relations Between Qatar and Saudi Arabia Threaten U.S. Forces

Spotting the Losers: Seven Signs of Non-Competitive States

Support builds for first strike

Syria Buys Arms For Iraq In Eastern Europe

Ten Reasons to be Glad Al Gore Isn’t President

Texas-Sized Bragging Rights: Sub gets ceremonial start with first lady's praise

The 1930s, Again: A hard rain is going to fall.

The Coming War with Saddam

The Coming World War

The Cult of the Viking Kitties

The great charade

The greatest strategic deception since Eisenhower-Hitler-Pas de Calais

The Inevitable War Against Iraq

The Times' Designated Man in the Street (Coulter outs Times)

The world after Saddam


Turkey preparing for US strike on Iraq

Turkey Warns of Lengthy Iraq War

Turkey Warns of Lengthy Iraq War

Turkish Claws on Northern Iraq

Two incomes, more debt?

U.S. Arsenal Refill on Overdrive as Powell, Rumsfeld Split

U.S. Boosts Precision Weapon Stocks

U.S. poses threat to entire Arab world, Saddam says

US 'ready for war in a month' (world’s shortest article alert)

US may seize Arab airports by force to attack Iraq: report

US Orders Oil Reserves Filled

US wins licence to open second front in terror war

Vanity for military folks

Virginia Men Charged In Visa Scheme, 2,700 Fake Papers, U.S. Says




We don't have to 'go nuclear' to crack Saddam's bunkers

What ever happened to...... (an update on legendary Freepers)

Why Arabs Lose Wars

Why Moving to India Won't Really Help IT

Why we hate them ( Americans are beginning to hate Democrats) Ann Coulter