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"The Mitt Romney Deception" IS the Deception

(Vanity) Funny Business: Readers Share Office Pranks (DON'T MISS!)

40 Reasons To Vote For George Bush Or Against John Kerry

60 Minutes to Infamy- those forged memos and The Shot Heard Round the World

A desperately ill doctor bets on a miracle (uses adult stem cells for a very rare kidney disease)

Able Danger, 9-11 Report, Gorelick, and so much more...


Bowling for Credibility | Michael Moore Fraud Links

Captured Qaeda Figure Led Way to Information Behind Warning

Cindy Sheehan or David Duke?

Deroy Murdock's

Did They Really Say That? (Democratic lies about President Bush going to war unnecessarily)

Dude, Where's My Intellectual Honesty? (Michael Moore the liar)

Duncan Hunter, RRRINO: Reincarnated Reagan Republican In Name Only

Economy Better Under GWBush Than Bill Clinton: Statistical Comparison

Evidence Against Rather (cont'd): FR Forgery Talking Points


Gods, Graves, Glyphs (alpha order)

Gorelick Memo Exposes 'Feckless' Clinton Policy

Have Faith in Social Security? Then Have I Got a Deal for You!

Here's the Video of the Chris Matthews Attack

HIJACK! (No, not THAT kind!)

HTML Bootcamp

I need fifty JOKES for the TROOPS in Iraq and Afghanistan by tomorrow night!

Intelligence backs claim Iraq tried to buy uranium

Kerry: Weak on Economy, Weak on Defense, Weak on America

List of US Crimes Done By Illegal Criminal Mexican Aliens?

Looking for Ceonservative JFK Quotes (vanity)

Mark R. Levin: A Familiar Place – It got ugly in postwar Germany, too.

MEDIA CONTACTS (just in case you want to do more than sit there and type)

Melanie Phillips: Hysteria and irrationality over Iraq

Need Help Finding Kerry Quotes


Posting refresher course - Please read

Preparing for The Next Pearl Harbor Attack (JUNE 2001, Bush team addressing terrorism threat)

Pres Bush: LOWEST 1st Term Unemploy. Rate Since Eisenhower! 3.2 Million More Jobs than EVER!

RE: Rove's statement that libs don't understand War on Terror

Reference HTML Cheatsheet

Remembrance Archive: Free Republic Threads From 9-11-01

Response to “Things you have to believe to be a Republican today” (with story)

Rich or poor, all Americans live life of abundance

Saddam's WMD Have Been Found

Skeptics and Deniers of Global Warming. Its not a settled science. Debate continues. 10 part series

The Agenda of Islam - A War Between Civilizations (cease-fire tactic)

The Candidates Tax Plans: Comparing the Economic and Fiscal Effects - Bush and Kerry Tax Proposals

The collaboration of Iraq and al Qaeda.

The Iraq War Resolution For Dummies [If 51% Know This, We Win!]

The Koran’s 111 Jihad Verses

The Nine Lies of Fahrenheit 9/11

The Ten Great Myths in the Debate Over Stem Cell Research

The Ultimate Sidebar Management Thread

Toward a 21st Century Contract with America

UPDATED list of FReeper PING LISTS... Vol. IV - April Edition: NEW & IMPROVED!

Weak Arguments That Obama's Long-Form Birth Certificate Is Fake

Were You a Kid During the 70's or 80s? Here are Some Classic Sesame Street Clips

What Did We Ever Do Without Illegal Aliens?

What is Free Republic? How does it work? What's in it for ME? [Practical advice for beginners.]

WHat is the best refutation of Farenheit 911?

Why are gasoline prices high?

Why I Support the Reelection of President George W. Bush Response to Michael Moore Part II