Since Nov 26, 2000

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Chicago Freeper Rally Pics

Chicagoland Chapter - After Action Report, 2/15 Anti-anti-war Protest

Chicagoland Chapter - The leftists have been ANSWERED!

Fear grips America, Episcopal leader says (BEWARE THE FALSE PROPHET FRANK GRISWOLD)

Graham's greatness is easy to see (R.I.P. Otto Graham)


Perfect Pop Songs (shameless vanity post)

Pope's European roots are showing

Pro-USA Rally. (These were taken by Daena Stanek)

Rally For America - Chicago - 03/22/03 Pics

Rally for America - Chicagoland Style - 3/22/03 LIVE THREAD!

Rally for America: Chicagoland Chapter [after action report]

Saddam Knew 9/11 Was Coming and Colluded with OBL for a Decade

Snappy Answers To Stupid Antiwar Soundbites

The Craziest thing I have heard since September 11th

The Greatest Obscure Rock-and-Roll Tunes (Just for Fun)

WLS-890AM "Nutcracker" Broadcast 12/08/00