Since Nov 11, 2000

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Chicagofarmer is a retired Michigan Farmer transplanted to Chicago. Son of 12th Generation Americans, the Americn Revolution. Deep roots straight from the framers of this county. Deeply involved in fighting the spread of socialism and the loss of freedom in this county. Heavily involved in 2nd Amendment movement.

Do a lot of long range shooting (Prairie dog aka as fuzzy gorilla hunting) short for sniping all summer long.

I make no apology for the contents of these pages! I am the son of the American Revolution, oldest of three in my family, and we all paid our dues from the Revolutionary war to present days. My Christian views of pride and love of country, my conservative politics, and my desire to preserver all things Constitutional have been refined in the fires of personal family service.

Should you want to know my views you can find a copy of the Declarations of Independence, the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights on the Internet, for those needing free reference material for your children. I hope these views as they grow, will bring in you the spirit of our Founding Fathers.
I consider myself conservative to the right of Right and I like fast cars, rifles that shoot a long way and computers.

I voted for Reagan twice, Bush twice, Dole and Dubya. Hard to believe that the Sons of Liberty lived less than 220 years ago. Ask me about Civil War and the American Revolution and I'll tell you volumes. I was there, don't you know.

On a serious note, I believe the nations media and electorate has been seduced by socialism and the foundations of our nation have been compromised. Further, I'm convinced that my generation will see to it that within a human lifetime we will destroy the very concept of America unless we get back to our roots.