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From bad to unthinkable-West must choose between survival and the survival of radical Islam

Mac, Windows QuickTime Flaw Opens 'Month Of Apple Bugs'

"Close all Islamic schools" (Talking sense in Holland)

"One Brave Muslim Cleric Dares to Tell the Truth...!"-Pat Dollard

'Death to U.S.': Anti-Americanism examined

'Our teacher ... our fighting hero'

'Supporting The Troops' (Thomas Sowell)

(POPULAR MECHANICS STORY) Debunking The 9/11 Myths - Mar. 2005 Cover Story

10 Tech Concepts You Need to Know for 2007

15 rules for understanding the Middle East

3-Star General Mike DeLong says intel shows Saddam moved WMD just before invasion

60 die as Pakistanis hit foreign militants

78% Afraid Dems Will Harm US by Abandoning Iraq

82nd Airborne Accepts Responsibility for Afghanistan Task Force

A Hard Christmas at the Bulge, 1944

A Message from Overseas (VANITY)

A Second American Civil War?

A story of U.S. courage in Fallujah

A story of U.S. courage in Fallujah

A Tale of Two Beauties (Canadian woman helps thwart Sharia law in Iran)

Afghanistan: US forces attack suspected al Qaeda hideout (Osama the target?)

America Supports You: Builder’s Donation Gets Troops Moving

American tourist kills mugger with bare hands

An Open Letter to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi (Charlie Daniels)

Anti-War Rally -- Live Thread - Sign: "9-11 was an inside job"

Any interest in an official Free Republic Trump Inaugural Ball? [in D.C.]

Army Leader Doesn't Sugarcoat His Views

Army Says It Found Iranian C-4

Atrocity in Karbala

Australian Leader (PM John Howard): Al-Qaeda Wants Obama

BBC Claims US Ranked 7th In Technological Innovation

Bill Gertz: Former DIA analyst says Muslim Brotherhood an insurgent threat in America

Bomb explodes near Iranian embassy in Baghdad

Cadets Make Fun of John Kerry, Mids Support The Commander In Chief At Army Navy Game

CARE PACKAGES for our Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, 2006

Cheney asserts Iraq-al Qaeda link ~ on radio show: "They were present before we invaded Iraq."

Christopher Hitchens on Mark Steyn: Facing the Islamic Menace -

Christopher Hitchens reviews Mark Steyn's book.

Coalition Servicemembers Reach Out to America via YouTube

Comments on Iraqi War and Q&A of Congressman Jack Murtha (March 20, 2003)


Cosmic Rays Blamed For Global Warming

Cpl Chris Mason KIA 2006, now has a memorial video and web page:

CWO, Chris Allgaier, '91 or Why the United States Wins the War against the Islamists

D-DAY - June 6, 1944: the greatest generation saved the world from the Nazis

Dad: Blackwater blew up son's and wife's 'skulls'

Dangerous Demagoguery (Thomas Sowell)

Dem's Imam (Hannity Confronts Imam)

Democrat Hypocrisy on Iraq (This is a must see video)

Democratic candidates: Pandering to peaceniks

Democrats backpedal on 9/11 commission

Dennis Miller first show on now (listen live)

Editorial: Prophets of Iraq defeat are rushing judgment

Emanuel makes a point of airing peeve [Clintonista Scumbag]

Enbridge says gas a must

ENERGY: '97 blunder fuels today's pain

Europe's Iran Problem - Problem? What problem?

Europe's Persecuted Muslims?

European study says EU economy is 20 years behind that of the US

European Union called most advanced political achievement of our time Professor David Calleo says.

Exclusive Interview: Hunter Eyes Presidential Campaign

Exxon plans more than 20 projects worldwide (to add 1MM barrels of oil production per day)

Finding Out the Truth About Muhammad

Flood the amnesty hotline! --- Secret Underground group in direct com with Senators

FReepers and other Street Protesters: Check out this great poster software...

Gas grills bring out guys' primitive side

General calls for investigation of leak

General Patton's Message To Pelosi's "Nancy Boys" And Those Who Refuse To Grant Reinforcements



Get the message out: We're winning in Afghanistan

Global Jihad: Drop The Gloves

Going Bananas: 'NY Post' Pictures Baker and Hamilton as 'Surrender Monkeys'

Good Enough to Die For

Harsh criticism on Annan's Iraq statements

Heads UP - Serious Chatter

Hero farewelled with: 'Miss me, but let me go' - SAS

Hero's tale is 'too positive' for the BBC

How The NYT Covered Reno’s 1993 Firing Of All US Attorneys

I knew a country once. It was called "America"

I know a Marine, and he knows the stakes

I need help! (creating list of honest GOOD Iraq NEWS sources)

I wish that...... (A short video/photo Journal From Iraq)

I'm Tired

Imam leads Democratsin prayer of conversion

Imams arrested in America are relatives of LeT founder Saeed ( pro-Osama )

IN PICTURES: Daring Apache rescue attempt (VIDEO)

Iran outraged by Hollywood war epic

IRAQ 'APPEASE' SQUEEZE ON W. (Surrender Monkeys!!)

Iraq and Al Qaeda links

Iraq Casualties Second Lowest In U.S. History

Iraq had WMDs after all

Iraq reconstruction report Feb 14

Iraqi "Insurgents" Fire Poison Chemical Rockets At US Troops! Video Here! No MSN Coverage!!!

Iraqi President Calls Iraq Study Group Report 'Dangerous'

It's Going To Be Another Vietnam (Bring Them Home When?)

Italians protest over U.S. base expansion

Jihad American Style: 18 Yr Old Bosnian Muslim Refugee Kills 6 People On American Soil!

Keeping the press honest

KKK's 1st targets were Republicans

Kofi Annan has failed ... and for that matter, so has the UN

Kristol on Iraq: Do Dems Want This To Succeed or Not? [Video]

Kudos to USA Today, As Paper Recognizes America's 21st Century Heroes (MSM recognizes hero troops)

Leak severs link to al-Qaeda’s secrets

Liberal or conservative? The myths and facts(Conservatives donate more to the poor)

Liberals are now the appeasers of hate

Losing the Enlightenment [Editorial]

Man of Honor [Gen Pace Leaves Stars at "The Wall"

Marines to trade in vulnerable Humvees

Mass Slaughter in Our Public Schools: The Terrorists’ Chilling Plan

Media Ignores President’s Commemoration of the Deaths of 100 Million Victims to Communism

Men Removed From Plane; Hear The Other Side Of The Story (Flying Imam Update)

Military holding a top leader of Iranian force in Iraq

Military Rules (Vanity)

More Muslims Arrive in U.S., After 9/11 Dip (Illegal Immigration from Middle East Increasing)

My 20 Favorite US Navy Pics - 2007

My letter to my Congressman (D) IL-3

My List of WMDs "found in Iraq" links

My son, "Chris Mason" was killed in Iraq.

Myth shattered - Jihadists/Doctors

New York Post Front Page headline: TREASON

No Evidence Of A Saddam - Osama Link?

Obama to Howard: Chickenhawk!

Oil producers shun the dollar-(so this is interesting)

Oil: Protecting the Earth from Renewable Energy for 148 Years

Oriana Fallaci asks: Is Muslim immigration to Europe a conspiracy?

Osama’s Bodyguard: Iran-al Qaeda Cooperation Based on "Joint Interests"

Our US Congress: The New Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys

Pakistan's Costly 'Other War'

Patterns of Death in Iraq

Patton Special Edition out today

PC World: Top 10 Internet Scandals of All Time (Free Republic & Rathergate)

Pessimism in Iraq and the Myth of Vietnam


Proof CNN Reportage Inspires Insurgent Recruitment

Pulling troops would be loss for Iraq, U.S.

Putin's ravings

Quotes from the Democrats debate

Random Thoughts (Thomas Sowell)

Recent Videos from Iraq

Rep. Ridicules Gov't Policy Toward Gays (shows how Dems really feel about national security)

Retired General William Odom argues for immediate withdrawal in Iraq, regardless of what happens...

Robert Spencer debates Dinesh D'Souza at CPAC(YouTube video)

Rosie (O'Donnell): Was 9/11 inside job to protect Enron?

Rumsfeld faces personal suit by detainees

Rumsfeld Home After Surprise Iraq Trip

Rumsfeld pays visit to troops in Iraq

Rumsfeld's Surprise Iraq Trip 'Not Public'

Sarbanes-Oxley 'hurting the US'

Sarkozy attacks 'immoral' heritage of 1968 **Hippies Stink**

SAS Simultaneous headshots stop 3 suicide bombers

Shattering 3 Myths About Liberals

Shi'ite cleric gains sway across border

Sick boy gets his wish: to be an Army Ranger - He chooses crawling in mud over Disney [Amazing!]

Skyscraper Projects Booming in Chicago

So You Think the War in Iraq was a Mistake

Soldier's Response to the Coward Caucus in Congress

Spitting on Veterans

States urged to act on illegal aliens (Ohio Sheriff reads 'riot act' to Feds & Mexico)

Stolen Honor Full Video on Google Video

Taking The Fight To Islam (Ayaan Hirsi Ali)

Taliban 'knew of Cheney visit'

Terror on the tracks

The Al Qaeda Reader: A Review

The case for limiting Muslim immigration

The Democrats' Model War

THE FAKING IMAMS: Police Report, Passenger Reveals That Flying Imams Were Up to No Good

The Fitzgerald cover-up [Plamegate]

The House that Rahm Built

The House that Rahm Built

The Imam Scam and the Democrats' House of Games

The Iraq Surrender Group ~ More thoughts by Frank Gaffney

The Reconstruction - Evidence of improvement in Iraq.

The Troops Need You, America (six ways to Help Them Win From Your Living Room)

This Week In Petroleum

TIME: The Speech That Brought Down a Wall (Reagan's 'Tear Down This Wall')

To Our Troops We Must Remain Always Faithful (Rep. Sam Johnson)

Top Ten: Myths of the Iraq War

U.S. troops take out insurgent safe house

U.S.: Iraq chlorine bomb factory was al-Qaida’s

UN video - The Prequel: Daily Invective at the UN Human Rights Council - MUST SEE and PING

UNDERCOVER UK MOSQUE (A Must See Before YouTube Pulls It!)

Undercover videos of British Mainstream Mosques

USAF Photo of the Day: Stunning photo of F-15 Eagle fighters intercepting Soviet MiG-29 fighters

VD Hanson: Casting the First Stone. Newsweek has some nerve to be questioning … Bush’s intentions

Victor Davis Hanson: Military Solutions? Myths About the US Military; what we need in Iraq ...

Video Slamming Jane Fonda Anti-American Protester (More Motivation for The Gathering of Eagles!)

VIEW: A self-defeating war — George Soros ("it's all our fault")

Warm welcome in Washington, cold shoulder elsewhere

Warming On Jupiter, Mars, Pluto, Neptune's Moon & Earth Linked to Increased Solar Activity

Was the Baker Commission bought off by the Saudis?

Was the Baker Commission bought off by the Saudis?

West 'humiliating' Iran, says Hans Blix

Where Were You On 9/11? Tell us your story!

Who the **** are you, asked the man from special forces SAS

Why Isn't the Whole Left Neoconservative?

Why So Few Jews Vote for Republicans

WWII - Dedication of New Normandy American Cemetery Visitor Center Set for June 6, 2007

WWII vet: "We were the bulge"

Zarqawi's plot to kill thousands with chemical weapons (A must watch video of why we must win)

“Saddam's Iraq and Islamic Terrorism: What We Now Know”