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Pro-Life/Pro-Baby, Michelle Malkin,
Mona Charen, Multiple Sclerosis.
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I believe that life is valuable, even when it is unwanted, even when it is physically imperfect.
I believe our society has a responsibility to defend the vulnerable and the weak.
And I believe our nation should set a goal: that unborn children should be welcomed in life and protected in law.
This is the ideal: a generous society that values every life. I know there are many steps on this road.
A democracy is ruled by consensus, not by edict. Laws are changed as minds are persuaded
~ George W. Bush, 6/7/99.

My Greatest Heroes Growing Up:
President Ronald Reagan and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

President Reagan and Pope John Paul

This is the original brochure for WTC.
This was not altered after the Attack on our shores.

"In the face of the direct suppression of human beings, there can be no compromise or prevarication; it is inconceivable for a society to fight crime effectively when it itself legalizes crime in the field of nascent life." ~ Pope Benedict XVI.

What is this great evil? How did it steal into the world?
From what seed, what root did it spring?
Who's doing this? Who's killing us?
Robbing us of light and life.
Mocking us with the sight of what we might have known.

-- "The Thin Red Line"

Proud supporter
of our Brave American troops
fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq

Stay vigilant, stay safe, and God Bless... Mrs Koz

Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation:
100% of every $1 donated goes directly to the children & familes of our fallen Heroes

Homes for Our Troops is the brainchild of John Gonsalves, a construction supervisor from Wareham, MA, who said he was struck by TV news accounts of a humvee driver in Iraq who lost two legs during a RPG attack. "I remember watching that and wondering, 'What happens to him from here?'" Gonsalves said.

Operation Iraqi Children
"I have seen Iraqi kids climbing on our soldiers and hugging them and kissing them," remembers Gary Sinise, who accompanied Army soldiers to a dilapidated school they were rebuilding.

"I have seen their smiling faces
and their attempts to say 'I love you' in broken English.

Actor Gary Sinise (Forrest Gump) and author Laura Hillenbrand (Seabiscuit: An American Legend) head Operation Iraqi Children, a program that will enable Americans to send School Supply Kits to Iraqi children. May No Soldier Go Unloved - Adopt a Soldier Today!

Operation Hero Miles: Donate your Unused Flyer Miles to Troops Coming Home (President Bush signed this into LAW 10/28/04!)

Help Soldiers Call Home on VideoPhones!
Freedom Calls Foundation supplies video conferencing capability to military hospitals to enable soldiers to see their newborn children. May 10, 2004: First ever video conference between a new father/soldier in Iraq and his newborn child and Mom broadcast live on Fox News "Day Side with Linda Vester".

Supporting Our Troops since 1995: Get Involved! Adopt a Soldier fighting for you!

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