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[Paseo Maritímo, La Coruña]

A walk on the Paseo Maritímo in La Coruña, Spain.

A photo essay of a 5 Km walk from the Town Hall and back via the Paseo Maritimo on the 26th July 2004.                      

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[Walk in old Sada]

A walk in old part of Sada and port

This is a photographic tour of the Port area all within 500 meters of the starting point on the 21st September 2005.                        

127 Photographs

[By the Coast to Coruña]

An afternoon trip along the coast to Coruña

An afternoon exploring the coast on the way to La Coruña, about 20 Kms away, on the 30th September 2005.                                

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[A walk in Caion]

An afternoon trip along the coast to Caion

An afternoon trip to Caion a fishing village on the North coast of Spain on the 29th September 2005.                                               

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[Montforte de Lemos]

A trip to Montforte de Lemos

An overnight stay in the Rectoral de Anjo (an old Rectory) - 7th November 2004. Then back home via Pontevedra.                        

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A trip Verdes

An hour spent in the "Refuxio de Verdes," an old place where they used to have water wheels to harness the power of the            
cataracts. 25th October 2005.

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[Medieval Fair]

A Medieval Faire in a Medieval town

Every year a Medieval Faire is held in the town of Betanzos which in Roman times was the capital of Galicia. Conde Fernándo  
Pérez Andrade built the church where his tomb is now placed. His symbol, the wild boar, is found in many towns of Galicia
as well as on the roof peak of the church supporting a cross upon its back. Summer 2006.
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