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"Goal is to reach kids before they absorb their parents values," says school administrator!

'Red Army' Behind Occupy Wall Street?

Los Zetas in Chicago, and U.S. guns "gone walking" in Mexico

Obama seeks debt collector proposal

Seventy-two killed resisting gun confiscation in Boston!

White House Draws Closer To Occupy Wall Street, Says Obama Is Fighting For Interests Of The 99%

"A Convention for Proposing Part of This Constitution"

"Civility?" Attack Watch Colors "Attackers" Faces Blood-Red

"Fast And Furious" Just Might Be President Obama's Watergate (drip, drip, drip..)

"Full 2012 Primary/Caucus Calendar"

"It's kind of scary! They have learned all of the tricks." (Alinsky Model)


"Obama Administration Offers $75,000 Grants to Sign Up More Food Stamp Recipients"

"Occupy DC" Violently Raids Tea Party's "Defending the American Dream Summit"...many injured

"Schools need to teach about orgasms" says NEA to UN

"Starving The Monkeys" book review. If you're an Ayn Rand fan...

"Summaries of the CRUgate Files."

"Unexpectedly" Compilation

'It's Almost As If There Are Two PATRIOT Acts'

'Two oil men' to blame for high gas prices, Pelosi says(2008)

(New York) City blames Big Tobacco for cigarette black market

(VIDEO) What Do the National Debt and Budget Deficit Mean for Average Citizens?

*UPDATED* The List: Unnecessarily Shut Down by Obama to Inflict Public Pain

10 Bizarre-but-True Ways Your Home Is Susceptible to Hackers

10 Things You Need To Know About The DREAM ACT

12 reasons why to vote a straight Democratic ticket

1999 CNN Report on Newt Gingrich’s Exoneration by the IRS Over Ethics Charges

2008 Obama: ‘I Intend to Reverse’ Using Executive Orders

3 Of 4 Words Misspelled On Road Sign (Wisconsin - Possible "hold muh beer, eh" alert)

35 reasons why no decent human being should vote to reelect President Obama

5 ways to really annoy your boss

62 Million Voiceless Americans

72-Page Report Documents Obama’s “Radical” Nominees and Appointments

8 stories:Obama linked billionaire Nadhmi Auchi censored-Guardian,Observer,Telegraph,NewStatesman

8th Grade Education and $10 Part: All You Need to Hack These Voting Booths

9-12-2010: Another FR Event in DC this year??

9/11, the Clintons, and Gorelick's Wall

A few inconvenient truths getting in the way of the “We inherited the financial crisis” meme

A Fundraiser By President's 'Chi'-Com Pal

A Marxist Book in Every Stocking! Top 10 Subversive Themes for Children

A time for choosing: Handy Chart.

ACORN Officials Scramble, Firing Workers and Shredding Documents, After Exposed as Players

ACORN Sprouting Fresh Branches

Acting As Tea Party Members, Democrats Post Racists Fliers Around Butte County

Activism Made EASIER

Adam Savage(MythBusters) "WTF, TSA?"-"They saw my junk but missed THIS" *He then displays

Administrative Amnesty | Thousands of Watchlisted Terrorists Residing in the United States

Adobe demos Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tool

Aerial Video Footage Of Detroit: “Today, from the air, parts of Detroit look like a war zone”

Aerosols May Drive a Significant Portion of Arctic Warming

AFT Fast and Furious: New documents show Attorney General Eric Holder was briefed in July 2010

AG Holder: Government Has ‘Responsibility’ to Automatically Register Citizens to Vote

Alinsky's Rules For Radicals And How They Can Work For Us

All America Heard Last Night: ‘Salmon’

Amazing. Eric Holder’s DOJ funds a (most wanted terrorist) Bernadine Dohrn-connected organization

American Socialists Release Names of 70 Congressional Democrats in Their Ranks

Among Criminal Muslims-Danish jail psychologist gives a harrowing warning to the West

Amplify Your Influence: You Too Can Be an Astroturfer!

Analysis of Campaign Contributions by Chrysler Dealerships who are Scheduled to Close

And Now, Climate Bill's Supporters Try Counting to 60 in Senate

And now... the latest Occupy Wall Street Craigslist ads

Andrew Breitbart nukes the White House: MASSIVE Pigford Black Reparations Scam document dump today

Android vs. iOS vs. Windows Phone 7: A mobile showdown (How do these mobile OS stack up?)

Another Obama fundraiser is investor in car company that won federal loan (More Crony Socialism)

Another Obamacare Glitch (Huge! Hussein Trying To Re-Write Law With IRS--not Congress!)

Anti-Christian Communist responsible for Austin Terrorist Attack: Suicide Note Posted Online.

Anyone just see that ATF agent on Greta?

AOL Owned Daily Finance Retracts Passage That Libeled Free Republic Over Child Pornography

Apple iCloud

Are We One of Many Universes? MIT Physicist Says "Yes"

Are You Willing To Compromise & Surrender What Our Founding Fathers Set Forth For This Republic?

At Least a Dozen Specific, Credible Death Threats Against WI Republicans

ATF Loosens Restrictions on Gun Sales to Foreigners

Attending a Tea Party/Town Hall meeting? You need to be prepared. Try this!

Bambi meets Godzilla

Bam’s still pocketing MF money ($1.2B losers Corzine/Abelow big Dem donors)

Banks are using government loans to repay TARP

Barack Obama on Bradley Manning: 'He broke the law' [Head slap alert....]

Barney Frank: The Community Reinvestment Act Was a ‘Republican Failure’

Beacon Power bankrupt; had U.S. backing like Solyndra

Beating the TSA: Traveller misses all checks after 2.5-hour discussion

Beck Was Right She is Dangerous: Cornel West & Piven Admit RIOTS Was What She Was Writing About

Beer-Can Chicken Is Summer Barbecue at Its Best

Behind the Scenes of a ZOT!


BEWARE - Arizona Senate Bill 1308 Defines Dual Citizens As Natural Born Citizens

Blame sunspots for cool winter, spring weather

Blaze Mix Video! Top 20 Pro-Socialism Sound Bites of Obama, Advisors & Allies

Blushing Pluto? Dwarf planet takes on a ruddier hue: NASA

BOLO for the "Sleeper FReeper"! (Vanity)

BOMBSHELL & FREEPER CALL TO ACTION on Daily Kos & Vancouver Sun Reporter [Hot Links @ #208]

BOMBSHELL… ABC Analyst: West Wing Of White House Authorized IRS-Gate Targeting (Video)

BOMBSHELL… ABC Analyst: West Wing Of White House Authorized IRS-Gate Targeting (Video)

BREAKING NEWS! The abdication of the West — the sting at Cancun ( Global Warming?????)

Breaking On Fox: VA Judge Declares Individual Mandate In ObamaCare UNCONSTITUTIONAL


Breaking: ATF heeds Issa's 'no retaliation' warning by...retaliating

Breaking: Feds Falsely Censor Popular Blog For Over A Year, Deny All Due Process, Hide All Details

BREAKING: Obama made no phone calls on night of Benghazi attack, White House says

Buried in 844-Page Immigration Bill: Immediate U.S. Entry for Millions

BUSTED! Secret app on millions of phones logs key taps

BUSTED! Video Documents Role of Dem. Consultant Neal Rauhauser in Smear Campaign Against Tea Party

CAIR Targets Muslims Who Oppose Radical Islam

CALL FOR NEW FReeper PING LIST MASTER LIST [do you maintain a ping list?]

CBO on the Stimulus: "A net negative effect on the growth of GDP over 10 years."

Cereal Coupons Online

CIA Director: There Was No Live Video of OBL Raid

Civil Unrest and Obama’s Vision for America

Civil War And The Litmus Test: Will You Shoot Americans?

CME chief alleges Corzine aware of transfers

Common Core, the United States and the Unified State

Complete list of Rush ad's that pulled out so far.

Computer built from living bacteria

Concept of 'hypercosmic God' wins Templeton Prize (Quantum Mechanics meets Metaphysics?)

Confirmed: President Obama campaigns on the taxpayers’ dime more than previous presidents

Congressional Revocation and Alteration of Executive Orders (How to Kill the Amnesty EO)

Conservative group alleges liberal campaign on judicial elections ($oro$)

Constitution of the United States of America with Amendments

Corruption sentencing delayed for Rezko, fundraiser for Blagojevich

Corruptocrat Eric Holder's National Security Cover-Up

Cosmologists Probe Mystery Of Dark Energy With South Pole Telescope

Counting the Democrat Bodies Involved in a Taxpayer-Guaranteed Loan

CQ Politics’ Guide To 2010 Senate Races

Curious weather on Jupiter

Damaging Video of Communist "Green Czar" VAN JONES Found (Feb. Speech in Berkeley)

David Axelrod: "No grand repositioning"; Obama is a "progressive"

David Frum’s Speech Police

David Rivkin Explains the Problem with ObamaCare's Individual Mandate

Definitive Dossier on ACORN

Dem (Schakowsky - Ill RAT) compares GOP to 'birthers' for issuing Solyndra subpoena

Democrat says Democratic Party bosses use voter fraud

Democrats 2012 GOAL: 100,000 Strong Standing with Occupy Wall Street

Democrats Introduce Bill to Seal Up Obama’s Presidential Records

Democrats renew push to shut down free speech

Democrats To America " Let them Eat Cake"

Dems Warn Of ‘Grave Damage’ To SCOTUS If ‘Obamacare’ Is Struck Down

Did Obama Offer Sestak A Bribe?

DISCLOSE Act Assault on First Amendment Continues

Documents Raise Questions about Supreme Court Justice Kagan’s Role in Obamacare Defense as...

Documents reveal coordination between ACORN affiliate and Justice Department Voting Section

Documents: IRS harassing letters came from DC headquarters and California offices

Does the Government Work for Us, or Do We Work for the Government

DOJ Source: Obama Regime’s Muslim Outreach Jeopardizing Terror Investigations…

DOJ Steers Countrywide Settlement Cashto Leftist Groups With Dem Ties

DOJ Steers Countrywide Settlement Cashto Leftist Groups With Dem Ties

DoJ, DHS film instructs law enforcement to obey Sharia gender discrimination

Downside Legacy: Freeper Profiles

Drudge Report owner sued by Righthaven

Drumming Up More Addresses on the Internet

DUBOB 11- more tales from the Dark UnderBelly Of the Beast...

E-mails questioned huge contract for firm with ties to Obama administration (Another Scandal)

Electric car company that received a $529M federal loan recalls vehicles (catches fire)

Ener1 Kicked Off Nasdaq [Subsidiary Got $118M DOE Grant]

Entitlement America: Family on Welfare now has more disposable income than 60K Middle Class family

Environmentalists claim contraception, Agenda 21 will end global warming

EPA Sees Science As Obstacle To Regulation

Eric Holder: Largest Money-Launderer in the Drug Business

Erick Erickson Promises To Work Hard To Defeat Any Rightwing SOPA Supporters In Congress

Erskin Bowles: Obama's "Political Team" told him not back Simpson/Bowles

Even U.N. Admits That Going Green Will Cost $76 Trillion

Evidence released by McCulloch

Exclusive Interview with [TankerKC] About the Authenticity of the CBS Documents

Exclusive Report: Documents indicate ATF, FBI allowed Indiana ‘crime gun’ sales

EXCLUSIVE: ACORN Playing Behind Scenes Role in 'Occupy' Movement

Exclusive: Obama Letter to Bell to Blurb 'Dreams from My Father

Expensive massages, top shelf vodka and five-star hotels: First Lady accused of spending $10m in

Extreme Couponing: Student Saves $300 a Month

Facebook May Hire Robert Gibbs, Former Obama Aide[Facebook largest IPO in history, Goldman Sachs]

Fact-checking Obama on Healthcare (He lies and lies and lies again - Clinton was impeached for this)

Fast and Furious weapons found in Mexico cartel enforcer's home

Fast and Furious: Case Files on Terry Murder Have Disappeared, Gone

Fast and Furious: White House Connection Grows Deeper

FBI Raids Home of Obama Associate & Radical AAAN Leader in Terrorism Sweep

FBI wants records kept of Web sites visited

FCC Orders NBC Newsrooms To Partner With Soros-Funded Non-Profits

FEC Investigators Digging Into Obama's 2008 Campaign [Time is nearly up]

Feds Hope Veggie Discount Will Stimulate Healthy Eating for Low-Income Families (More handouts)

FEMA Denies Assistance For Virginia Tornadoes

FEMA, FCC Announce Nationwide Test Of The Emergency Alert System

Figures… Neo-Nazis Patrol “Occupy Phoenix” With AR-15′s – Media Silent (Video)

Financial Crisis: What if Carnage Is Structural, Not Cyclical?

Firefox Add-On Bypasses SOPA DNS Blocking

Five Reasons Why You're Not Getting Hired (Even if you have the experience)

Flash Cookies explained (most users don't understand this)

Flashback: Illinois State Archives Letter Raises Questions about Obama’s Records Claim

Flashback: Obama Energy Secretary Chu Says We Must Get Gas Prices “to the Levels in Europe”

Flashback: Obama in 2008: Adding $4 Trillion to National Debt ‘Unpatriotic’

Flightradar24 (Live airplane traffic online)

Food stamp use rises to record 45.8 million

For Fully Mature Black Holes, Time Stands Still

For Town Hall Visits: Pocket Declaration & U.S. Constitution

For Voters Now: Names of a Thousand Neo-Marxist State Legislators

Foreigners get college paid by U.S. taxpayers

Forget warming - beware the new ice age - Part XXVII

Former DIA Chief Michael Flynn Says Rise of Islamic State was “a willful decision”...

Fox news list of Czars

Fox News Underground- New Live Streams Added

Fox News: True unemployment figure is 15.8%

FR Sidebar hints: Add "Cain" and other keywords or topics to your sidebar

Frances Fox Piven Addresses Universities on OWS LIVE TONIGHT

Frances Fox Piven's New Globalization Revolution Theory

Free Market Socialism

Free Republic Cooking Thread 2011 Online Cookbook

Free Republic Cooking Thread 2011 Online Cookbook

Free software makes computer mouse easier for people with disabilities

Free speech? 'Kick the sh-- out of every last' worker: ACORN crackdown needed

Freedom in the 50 States;An Index of Personal and Economic Freedom

FREEPER TAKES OVER POLITICO: Buys Out Homepage Ads To Blast Media passes in total site visits


George Soros Trader Involved in Bankrupt Firm Tied to Obama

George Washington's beer recipe

Geotags invade privacy and OPSEC (Freepers be aware of this)

German scientists successfully teleport classical information

Global Warming Hoax Refuted with REAL Evidence

Google: More Gov’t Pressure than Ever to ERASE Political Content from Web

Government Propped Up Personal Incomes In August

Government Takeover: White House Forces Obamacare Insurers To Cover Unpaid Patients At A Loss

Government Taxes and Revenues - Book Mark this page!


Group Tied To Dem Sen. Attacks Triple Amputee Vet: “You Should Have Lost More Than Your Limbs”

Guess which President has raked in the most Wall Street bucks ?

Guess who‘s politicizing OBL’s Death? (Obama 2012 campaign buys domain

HA-HA-HA-HA! You might be a Liberal

Hands Across The Water (Gulf Oil Spill Presidential Timeline)!

Happy 15th Anniversary! Established September 23, 1996

Happy Clinton Impeachment Day, 2010 (Impeachment is Forever)

Harvard astrophysicist: Sunspot activity correlates to global climate change

Hawaiian Singer Played Occupy Protest Ballad for Asian Conference Leaders

Help Us Document Obama's Hidden Agenda to Destroy America With A Complete List of Examples

Herman Cain's 999 Plan (QA by Rich Lowrie) [Outstanding explanation of 999 - JR]

Herman Cain's 999 Plan (QA by Rich Lowrie) [Outstanding explanation of 999 - JR]

Hey Barry- if you don’t need the tax cut, why are you taking it?

HHS Sebelius Forced to Admit Total Constitutional Ignorance of Health Mandate Legal Issues

History Cookbook (recipes from thru out many eras)

Holder’s Talking, but What is He Saying?

HOLIDAY BEVERAGE FAVES (my delicious low-cal buttered rum)

Homeland Security Given Green Light to Monitor American Journalists

Homeland Security Orders a Reduction in Border Inspections

House Report: Al Qaeda in Maghreb and Al Qaeda-Linked Ansar al-Sharia Did Benghazi

How Did Obama Know About "Fast and Furious" Before Holder?

How did Sen. Feinstein get ATF gun trace data in violation of Tiahrt Amendment?

How far Barack Obama and Eric Holder have subverted American freedoms

How Obama is locking up our land

How the Oklahoma City Bombing led to 9/11: NEW Jayna Davis video!

How to argue with right-wing relatives (You're about to lose yesterday's supper)

How to boost your WiFi signal with a beer can (with Photos! you boozehounds)

How to Stop the Government From Tracking Your Location (Illegally!)

How to Write Your Congressman

HTML Sandbox 2012

Huge Galaxy Cluster Hints at Universe's Skeleton

I'm so stupid, I signed up and got the Zot.

Imam of Ground Zero mosque to launch tour to pressure Americans to accept mosque

Individual claiming connection to LightSquared makes 'questionable' contact to Grassley

Indoctrination at U.S. Colleges

Intelligent Design As Seen Through The Hubble Ultra Deep Field in 3D

INTERCEPTED - Obama THUG Plan - Health Care Protests - IMPORTANT! Know Thine Enemy!

Internet user arrested by Homeland Security for linking to other websites.

IRS Official in Charge During Tea Party Targeting Now Runs Health Care Office

IRS released confidential info on conservative groups to ProPublica

IRS sued for seizing 60 million medical records

IRS sued for stealing the medical records of 10 million Americans

Is Michelle Obama Bad for Kids? (Absolutely)

Is Obama’s appointment of Immelt a backdoor way for Obama to pay his Chinese loan shark?

Is the Soros-Sponsored ‘Agenda 21’ a Hidden Plan for World Government? (Yes, Only it Is Not Hidden)

Is this the Shanksville mosque? It sure looks like it

Issa to Holder: You Own Operation Fast and Furious

Issa: Holder 'Absolutely' Knew About 'Fast & Furious' Earlier Than He Testified

It's Official: US Debt-To-GDP Passes 100%

It's The Math, Stupid!: 7 Devastating Facts About 2012

Janeane Garofalo: Racist, Sexist or Just Plain Idiot?

Jet Fuel-Gate Is Obama's New Solyndra

JP Morgan revealed as mystery trader that bought £1bn-worth of copper on LME

Judicial Watch Obtains Documents from Obama Administration Detailing Actor Andy Griffith’s...

Judicial Watch Releases Comprehensive Special Report on President Obama’s 45 Czars

Justice Dept. Issues Statement to Help Advance Islam in America

Justice Dept. proposes lying, hiding existence of records under new FOIA rule

Justice's New War Against Lenders

Kaiser Foundation grant to Mrs. Obama’s health initiative sparks new Solyndra cronyism questions

Kennedys shaken as GOP eyes R.I. too

Know When to Hold 'Em [Obama, Holder, the NAACP, Democrats and the Race Card]

L.A. County: $600M spend on benefits for kids for illegals and $1.6B spent on cost for illegals

Labor Dept. Signs 'Partnerships' with Foreign Gov’s to Protect Illegal Workers in U.S.

Lawmakers Deny Insider Trading in ‘60 Minutes’ Report

Leftist Crap in the Comic Books: Superman to Renounce American Citizenship

Leftists Admit They Want Big Tax Hikes on the Middle Class

LESSON ON SPENDING aka is Socialism the most destructive force in the world?

Let me get this straight . . .

Liberals now viewing Obama less favorably by wide margin

Libya’s turmoil, al-Qaida presence ‘no surprise,’ says White House (Al Qaida flag over Libya)

Lisa Jackson's Freudian Slip (EPA Princess she is to "level the playing field" for solar and wind)

List of Obama's Czars

LIST of states borrowing from the Federal Government to cover unemployment benefits

Live Webcast on Sunday from the Reagan Library

LLOYD MARCUS: I Have Some Juicy Dirt About Tea Party Express

Look at these animals at our Embassy in London

Lots of Tax Hikes Coming in 2011

Loughner "Republican" Voter Registration faked. Three points that demonstrate that.

Mafia-Connected FirstWind Got $117M in Federal Loans for Kahuku Windfarm (Hawaii)

Malcolm X, Barack Obama, and Oginga Odinga

Many Americans still reentering the U.S. from Mexico and Canada without proper documentation ..


Massive solar storm to hit Earth in 2012 with 'force of 100m bombs'

Master List: National Congressional Races by State

Media Buries Obama Selling Access at $45,000 Per Donor Closed-to Press $1.1 Million Fundraiser

Medicaid for the middle class?

Megyn Kelly to Obama spokesman: Will you delete the email addresses?

Mexican drug suspect: U.S. gave me immunity [Fast & Furious]

Mexico, 13 other nations say Utah illegal immigration law could strain

Miami-protest spokesman led 'Nuke Israel' rally

Mission Impossible (Video of Squirrel Breaking Into Candy Machine)

Mod Lecture Series- Freeper Community Update

Modernization Act vote imminent: Would outlaw gardening and saving seeds

Monica Crowley: 2007 Media Staff Meetings to Protect and Promote Barack Obama

More Politically Correct Carols, but Where Are the Real Ones?

More than 3 Million Registered Voters are Dead, 12 Million More Ineligible, Analysis Finds

More than 400 Years of London Church Records (Genealogy) "What TV won't tell you about the civil rights movement" (The 99% Spring-civil unrest)

Multimedia Presentation on Rick Perry's Secret Plan to Have Texas Secede from U.S.

Muslim reporter: 1st Egypt, then The Islamic Republic of United States

MUST WATCH: C-Span Kirk (R-IL) Exposes Obama's $100B Plus $260 Billon Social Security Trust Fund Cut

Mystery of Sh164bn smuggled into Kenya ($Billions)

NASA Announces Live Web Streaming Of Space Exploration Workshop And Telephone Media Briefing

NASA’s Hansen asked to account for outside activities

National TEA Party Convention April 7-9, 2011 Memphis, TN

Nazis and U.S. Politics..(FR repost from 1995)

NC Governor Purdue's staffers create data-sharing scandal

Nero in the White House

New Bill Could Bring Private Colleges and Universities Under Political Control

New Black Panther Party case: The facts are in (Good piece by Rubin)

New Documents Show Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan’s Comments on Obamacare Legislation While...

New Obama slogan has long ties to Marxism, socialism

New Obama slogan has long ties to Marxism, socialism

New Pattern Found in Prime Numbers

New Proof Unknown "Structures" Tug at Our Universe

New Proof Unknown "Structures" Tug at Our Universe

New Rules Would Label Millions of American Workers as Disabled

New Tool Reveals Internet Passwords

New York Democrat: 'Vote Fraud is a Normal Political Tactic'

Newspaper Enlists Startup To Police Web For Copyright Violations

Nine million more reasons the Occupy protests are nothing like the Tea Party

NLRB Moves to Punish Right-to-Work States and their Businesses [The State and the Union]

Now Obama Wants Your Pension

NP, DSA, ACORN and 0

NSA Paid a Huge Security Firm $10 Million to Keep Encryption Weak

NY Fed's $40 Billion Iraqi Money Trail

Obama - Osama Death Announcement - DO YOU REMEMBER THIS?

Obama 2012 Already Phone Banking

Obama Administration 'Rigging' US Census By Counting Illegal Aliens (Desperation Alert!)

Obama Administration Blocking 103 Gulf Drilling Permits

Obama administration mulled Solyndra bailout days before company's demise

Obama administration urges freer access to cellphone records

Obama Adminstration Opposes Prayer Plaque at WWII Memorial - It Would "Dilute Message"

Obama and Clinton cede to UN small arms treaty

Obama Attempt to Bring Olympics to Chicago ["ethics waiver" to funnel Olympic racket $$ to cronies]

Obama Campaign Backers and Bundlers Rewarded With Green Grants and Loans

Obama Didn’t Actually Ride The Bus On His So Called "Bus Tour"

Obama fundraiser at George Kaiser's home? (Flashback: Private fundraiser with Solyndra key investor)

Obama Justice Department Now Referring Reporters to Media Matters for Information on Fast and...

Obama Lies List Hits 2300!

Obama names DC earthquake "disaster zone," ignores Va. town near epicenter

Obama Nixed Plan To Destroy Top Secret Drone After It Fell Into Iranian Hands

Obama nominee:Most whites won’t vote for a black;should be excluded from ‘democratic process’

Obama OMB Admits Obamacare Penalties Are Not Taxes (Obama's OMB admits Obamacare not constitutional)

Obama Orders IRS to refund 'Illegal Aliens' $4.2 billion, While Asking the Rich....

Obama Panders to Occupy Wall Street, Vilifies Top 1 Percent in Weekly Address

Obama Proposes Giving EPA More Power Over Water

Obama puts personal stamp on EPA rules as Republicans pounce

Obama sending tax dollars overseas to refurbish Mosques and provide them with internet.

Obama Signs Legislation To Make Supplements and Alternative Health Remedies Illegal

Obama Skips Christmas Statement But Issues Statement for Fake Holiday Kwanzaa

Obama Speech Analysis: a Weird Journey Through the Mind of a Narcissist

Obama Targeting Police Nationwide to Divert from Fast and Furious

Obama to ask for debt limit hike: Treasury official

Obama to tout housing help Friday in Las Vegas

Obama Turns Out To Be, After All, Merely a Community Organizer

Obama use of foe's tax records reviewed

Obama vows to cut huge deficit in half (2/22/2009. Blast to the past. Obama lies the economy dies!)

Obama will win in 2012 unless people understand what it takes to beat him!

Obama's Double Down on Stupid

Obama's Food Police in Staggering Crackdown on Market to Kids

Obama's Ides-of-March Moment is Near

Obama's Labor Department Approves Deal Giving Ex-Solyndra Staff $13,000 Each In Federal Aid

Obama's Nominee to Run Medicare: 'The Decision is Not Whether or Not We Will Ration Care--The....

Obama's Own War on Women

Obama's Torpedo: The Strange Case of Elena Kagan

Obama's Welfare State (Oldie but Goodie)

Obama, Code Pink and Egypt: 'There Are No Coincidences in Politics' (as seen on Glenn Beck)

Obama-Corzine Were Wrong (Incredible video from RNC)

Obama-Friendly GE Building Aircraft Factory Right-to-Work Alabama; Unlike Boeing, NLRB Silent

Obama: 'It Doesn't Really Matter' Who GOP Nominates

Obama: Holding me to my promises is just an ‘old Washington game’

Obamacare Confusion Reigns as Frustrated Patients Walk Out of Hospitals Without Treatment

Obamacare summed up in one sentence

Obamacare’s $200 million propaganda campaign revealed

Obama’s America in Black & White

Obama’s Easter Sunday Pastor Rails Against Racist Talk Radio (Compares Rush to KKK!)

Obama’s EPA Regulations Will Cost Coal Industry $200 Billion & Electricity Rates to Skyrocket

Obama’s FCC Honcho Genchowski Wants To Further Centralize News Outlets

Obama’s FEMA Breaks Disaster Declaration Record

Obama’s Latest Ruse Plays Us For Fools

Obama’s promise to bankrupt coal industry to cost 1,000 jobs in upper Midwest

Obama’s Swiss Banker

Obama’s White House is Falling Down (Outstanding Summary of Obozo's Presidency Alert)

Occupy Arkansas Facebook

Occupy Arkansas Facebook

Occupy Attacks!: Occupy Portland Attacks KGW News Crew! [Foul Language Alert]

Occupy Cleveland movement gains support from Tea Party, Ben & Jerry's

Occupy Cleveland movement gains support from Tea Party, Ben & Jerry's

Occupy DC flies al-Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah flags

OccupyWallStreet: The Rap Sheet, So Far ...

Official: Total Unemployed at 16.2 Percent

On Twitter, @GabrielMalor Posts Stunning List Of Lefties Wrong On Right Wing Violence

Once Upon a Time, the Universe Was Really Weird

One block between Ground Zero mosque and human remains (map)

OPSEC Breach? It's all about the election, stupid!

Our White House Bully Problem

Paul Ryan Destroys Obama

Peer Reviewed Scientific Study Proves Al Gore is a FRAUD

Pelosi calls for liberal activists to help keep Democrats in majority ("Moderates" ain't buying)

Perdue vetoes Voter ID

Perry Is Right: There Is a Texas Model for Fixing Social Security (How good is it in comparison?)

Perry Wins IPad and IPhone Vote (We CAN take on China and win!)

Persons Not In Labor Force Who Want Job Jumps To All Time High; Real Unemployment Rate At 12.8%

Physicists Advance Theory For New Class Of Quantum Phase Transition

Physicists Investigate Lower Dimensions of the Universe

Pink Slips for Congress. - Go Green, Recycle Congress

Podesta: Obama Can Use ‘Armed Forces’ to Push Progressive Agenda (WTF?!?)

Poor Distraught Fishermen Are Attempting Suicide After One Year of Obama Job-Killing Regulations

Potato Earth: Gravity satellite reveals what our planet REALLY looks like

Prank On UN Delegates Reveals Their Global Warming Stupidity

Preparedness Essential: Dad's tools for survival

Preparing for Economic Collapse

President Obama Holds Secret Meet-and-Greet With Hollywood Execs, Influencers (Exclusive)

President Obama: Extremist Radical in His Own Words

Princeton scientist makes a leap in quantum computing

Private Citizens Fight Voter Fraud--Upholding the law when government won't. (True the Vote)

Proof of extra dimensions possible next year: CERN

Proof! Wall Street protests no 'spontaneous uprising' Major demonstration directed by leftist

Question Insanity: What to Ask Progressives

Read the Beck TV Background Guide to George Soros

Real-time Mind Control Zombie Zot

Recount clock to begin ticking in WI court race-Milw hasn't reported yet but has plans for recount

Remembrance Archive: Free Republic Threads From 9-11-01

Rep. Lee defends ‘Occupy’ movement despite incidents of violence

Report Card on Obama's First Two Years (The numbers do not lie)

Report from Washington - Capitol Hill!

Report: 80% of DOE Green Energy Loans Went to Obama Backers

Report: Bialek Fired from NRA for False Accustations of Sexual Assault

Report: Suspected Terrorist Sneaks in From Mexico, Captured, and Released on Bail

Report: Top Obama Transition Staffer(Donilon)Led "Backdoor" Lobbying Campaign For Fannie Mae

Reporter Claims IRS Harassment After Tough Obama Interview

Rethinking relativity: Is time out of joint?

RNC calls on Obama to return Corzine contributions (Obama now connected to the missing $600 million)

Romney the DC outsider praising the liberal DC inside establishment for imposing socialism

Rush Limbaugh: 'Imposter' Serving In The White House. (It's About Time)

Russian Troops Coming to U.S. for Terror Drills, DoD Confirms

Ryan's Plan Will Fix Medicare — Not Destroy It

Scientists Cure Cancer, But No One Takes Notice

Scientists Invent Oxygen Particle That If Injected, Allows You To Live Without Breathing

Sebelius: Decrease in Human Beings Will Cover Cost of Contraception Mandate

Secondhand Smoke, Lung Cancer, and the Global Warming Debate

Secret U.S. program releases high-level insurgents in exchange for pledges of peace

SEIU Proudly Advertises Its Assocation With Fascist Ideology

SEIU siphons 'dues' from Mich. Medicaid payments

SEIU Stephen Lerner Tells Unions, and Students They Need To Escalate Spread The Crisis All Over US

Sen. Chuck Grassley Holds Health Care Town Hall Meeting in Iowa: Watch Live

Sen. Kyl: 'Obama Says No Border Security Without Amnesty' (Obama Holds Nat'l Security 'Hostage')

Senate Democrats Consider Tactic to Push Through Government Health Plan

Senate Democrats Have A Budget, But Don't Want You To See It

Senate Introduces Safe Chemicals Act of 2011

Senator Wyden Asks WTF Is Up With Homeland Security Domain Seizures

Senior Democrat Says Obama's Czars Unconstitutional

Sessions: 57 million New People to Enter America, Compete for Jobs

Seven Microeconomic Steps to End Public Unions

Shariah for Dummies

Showdown Today on Dems’ House Censorship

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Solyndra executives collected hefty bonuses in months before Fremont company filed for bankruptcy

Solyndra Investor, Obama Bundler George Kaiser in 2009: It’s Time to Cash in on the Mother of All

Some Revealing Koranic Scripture On Islam's Views Of Jews And Christians

Soros bets on US Financial Collapse

Soros-funded Criminals Lobby Sparks Prison Revolt

Soros-Funded Group’s Political Director Calls for Subversive Activity During Christmas Masses

Speaker Pelosi's Energy Tax: More Mandates, More Regulations, More Costs (Sell Your House Now!)

SSI Exclusive: "Prior Knowledge." ATF knew that the cash was in the pipline to the straw buyers

Statement by the founder of Free Republic

Stealing the Election of 2012 (Dem voter fraud)

STEALTH REPARATIONS: NY Times confirms Obama administration behind billions in fraudulent payments


Stimulus Destroyed 1 Million Private Sector Jobs

Stimulus Destroyed 1 Million Private Sector Jobs

Stimulus funds support energy audits

Study: No savings at 62 mpg (New CAFE Standards Adds $10,000 To Price, 260,000 Jobs lost)

Surgery bans elderly patient over her carbon footprint (Commiecare™ - what did you expect?)

T&A ... err ... TSA Monster Link List [freep-notes]

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Tales from Fast and Furious Part 5: Obama Reveals His Contempt for U.S. Gun Dealers

Target Races 2010

Tax Form Returned,Again

Tea party member gets 8 years for attacking Obama supporter (Freep this paper)

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The Dream Act is NOT Dead (Hidden in Other Bill)


The EPA Gets Caught in a Big Fat Lie

The EPA Gets Caught in a Big Fat Lie

The Friends of Barack Hussein Obama: the Castro Connection

The Looming ObamaCare Disaster - You ain’t seen nothing yet.

The Marxo-Fascist 'Social & Economic Justice' Ties that Bind (ShoreBank & "High Road" tyranny)

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The Undefeated Coming to a TV Near You!

This Date in History: Obama Imposes Job-Destroying Drilling Moratorium

This Will Tick You Off

Three North Carolina Democrats admit voting twice for Obama


To Tag "Occupy" Camps as "Obamaville" Will Affect 2012 (Vanity)

Top 10 Things NOT To Say During TSA Pat-Down

Top Agency Officials Knew of Disputed Gun Program

Tracking Your Digital Trail

True U.S. debt exceeds world GDPby $14 trillion

Trusted Traveler Program Lets Mexicans Skip Airport Security

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Tweeting the word 'drill' could mean your Twitter account is read by U.S. government spies

U.S. Puts Limits On Employee Background Checks To Protect Minorities

U.S. Releases Secret List of Nuclear Sites Accidentally

UC Davis Student Admits Protesters Surrounded Cops and Wouldn't Let Them Leave

Ultrathin Copper-Oxide Layers Behave Like Quantum Spin Liquid

Unauthorized programming must come to an end.

Uncle Sam Tells Americans How to Get Out of Debt

Unemployment Manipulation and Chicanery

Unfortunately, the Unemployment Number Drop is Merely an Illusion

Union pay chart of the day

Union Pensions Getting BIG Payoff From Obamacare


Updated Congressional Vote Score Card

US Communist Leader: ‘Progressive Change Is Closer than We Think’

US Professors Attend an Occupy Wall Street Conference in Tehran

USDA Secretary: We Must ‘Create Appropriate Transition’ for What Americans Eat

USDA suggests food stamp parties, games to increase participation

Use of excerpts from and linking to article found to be fair use (Righthaven slapped)

Valerie Jarrett's Ministry of Culture [Explains a lot!]

Van Jones Media Mouthpiece Gets Russian Cash

Vanity: What the Left means by "compromise"

Very Interesting, The Tax System Explained, With Beer

Video of Government Official Claiming Unprotected Footbridge Over The Rio Grande Not A Foot Bridge

Video of the Day: Is Obama a Saudi/Muslim Plant?

Video prompts more outrage over GSA spending (joking about excess spending)

VIDEO--Rahm 'Dead Fish' Emanuel Says Republican Takeover Dangerous

Video: Ignoramus Democrat Says The More we Borrow the Richer we Get

Video: Obama auto team called shareholder lawyer a “terrorist”

VIDEO: Union Thugs Destroy Recall Petitions

Viking Kitties

Voice message revels that Madison teacher "sickout" was actually a wildcat strike

Vulnerable Dems Post Cap and Trade

W.H. warns of debt 'calamity'

Wall Street Responsible For One-Third Of Obama's Campaign Funds(July 22, 2011)

Want to Blog With Us?

We need TOTAL WAR against the RINO'S: Graham, Snowe, Collins, Hatch, Bennett, McMahon, MCCAIN!

Weather Channel Boss Calls Global Warming 'The Greatest Scam In History'

What Else Is Wrong with Obamacare? It's not just the mandate.

What Is The Best Place To Live In The United States To Prepare For The Coming Economic Collapse?

What the White House 'Likes' (White House, Michelle O., support video showing killings of GOP'ers)

White House Busted Telling More Lies About Health Care Protesters

White House faith adviser: Bin Laden a 'revolutionary'

White House Preparing National Online ID Plan

White House Pressure for a Donor? [Talk about crony capitalism!]

White House rejects 'partisan' subpoena on Solyndra documents

White House Releases Information to News Outlet Previously Withheld from Congress

White House Spurns Solar Panel (0bama not Green?)

White House wants new copyright law crackdown

Who Funds the Far Left? You’ll Be Surprised

Why 5, 8 and 24 Are the Strangest Numbers in the Universe

why do you guys keep banning me? (Zot! Because we can)

Why Is the CDC So Vehemently Anti-Vaping?


Would You Believe The Administration Got Phone Records of The House Of Representatives?

Your congressman's padded retirement plan

Zogby/O'Leary Poll Reveals Majority of Voters Will Oppose Senators Who Vote to Confirm an...

[!Article About Fed DomainName Seizures!] Gizmodo Goes Crazy, Reality Isn't What It Seems

[Video] Common Core: Dangers And Threats To American Liberty And Education

“Drug Lords” Targeted in Fast & Furious Worked for FBI(gunwalker)

“Make $350-650 a week “protesting” on Wall Street"