Since Sep 15, 2001

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A Question for Creationists

A Question for Evolutionists

A Tiny Mathematical Proof Against Evolution [AKA - Million Monkeys Can't Type Shakespeare]

AAAS Board Resolution Urges Opposition to "Intelligent Design" Theory in U.S. Science Classes

Alamo-Girl's take on Creation

American Democracy: R.I.P

Bringing Up Boys

Charter of the United Nations; June 26, 1945

Darwin in the Classroom: Ohio allows alternatives.

Dr. Dobson's Newsletter - May 2002

Evidence Disproving Evolution

Evidence, not motive, weighs in favor of giving schoolchildren all sides

Evolutionary Logic

First genetic evidence for early animal evolution

Fossil protein breakthrough will probe evolution

Gay California teachers 'come out' in classroom

God, Man and Physics

Heir spends family fortune to discredit evolution theory

Homeschool Bump List

Homosexual Agenda Bump List

Homosexual Researchers Debunk ‘Born Gay’ Urban Legend

HSLDA defends home schooling from state investigation

Is Randomness Really Random?

Javanese Fossil Skull Provides New Insights into Ancient Humans

Leaving Bones on the Plate - What Not to Accept About Darwinism

Let Us Prey


Normalization of Pedophilia Growing, Experts Say

Our National Education System: A $49 Billion Dollar Disaster

Part I: The Homosexual Agenda: Why Are Most Conservatives So Lily-Livered And Weak?

Polonium Radiohalos and the Age of the Earth - Update

Porn and Politics in a Digital Age

SASU Bump List

Schools Could Be Sued For Teaching About Homosexuality, Report Claims

Secrets, Lies, and Atomic Spies,.....Or... Joe McCarthy was more right than he ever knew

Symmetry in Evolution

Teachers union adopts resolution to protect gays

The Boundaries of Parental Authority: A Response to Rob Reich of Stanford University


Today's New International Perversion(Christian publishing house bought out by media conglomerate)

UN List

UN must be given more clout

Was Jesus 'gay'?