Since Jun 29, 2003

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26 year Navy veteran that hates creeping socialism and believes in the promotion of individualism and private enterprise. I want my elected represenatives to oppose large gov’t and to fight liberals and identify them as socialist and communist at every opportunity. We should never expend our blood and treasure for a people unwilling to give unsparingly of their own. When we commit warriors to combat they must be able to destroy the enemy and those that support him without regard to politically correct pressure of bleeding heart liberals. Our mission is to destroy the enemy and return home to the USA, not build roads, schools,hospitals etc. As for our government, all tax free programs and organizations should be eleminated, tax programs should be changed to a flat tax, enact right to work laws nation wide with provisions that workers have the right to organize but must voluntarily pay their own dues as strike off is prohibited, reduce the number of congress and senate members by 50%, impose term limits, require congress to remain in session until a budget is passed, enact and enforce tort reform with the English rule of loser pays, voter fraud should be enforced and a mandatory sentence t least one year for violators,streamline the court system and limit the so called powers of our judges that think they are kings with a mandate to rule while ignoring the constitution. You do not deserve Va. health care for life simply because you served a tour in the military unless you have a service connected disability or are destitute. No child should be forced to go hungry but taxpayers should not pay for school program meals—especially breakfast when the family collects food stamps for this very purpose and sleeps in while self supporting family kids are delayed to start their school day.