Since Nov 12, 2000

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I registered here during the 2000 election debacle in November, Freerepublic helped me maintain my sanity during that time.

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Unique Sci-Fi,Space and Astronomy Merchandise

A few samples of free sci-fi wallpaper from my wallpaper section:

The FSS Patton and FSS Pollux- early Trek era starships from the Spaceflight Chronology

Warning: I ignore Berman and Braga Trek canon at every opportunity! ;)

The Eugenics War - Read about the first interplanetary war that gave birth to the Federation,
the first story of a Trek with a new vision and a new attitude.

Free wallpaper of Burt Rutan's SpaceShipOne

From The Terran Trade Authority Handbook - The Proximan Tarantula

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faster than light, FTL, trans light,Interstellar exploration
Inertial Propulsion,reactionless propulsion,field propulsion,spacedrive

Terran Trade Authority

Special political graphics: