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"We're SASsy and We're Everywhere!"

Alaskan Foreign Policy (Palin, is more cosmopolitan in world outlook than colleagues in lower 48)

Are you looking for a job? (#3) [A Nice List]

Blame me for job losses (a businessman explains why businesses don't want to hire today)

Columbia Trial has ended with “guilty” verdict

Communist Goals - 1963 Congressional Record

Exploding the Myth of Pink Triangle

Four Weathermen terrorists declare support for Obama,

Holy See Documents From World War II Go Online

HOW THE BIG BANKS ARE LOOTING MAIN STREET USA (This isn't capitalism. It's nomadic thievery)

I Was Wrong!**A Must Read

Introductory Quotations (excerpts)

JEFF HEAD extends FREE eBook download offer for all FReepers

Jerome Corsi coming up on Sean Hannity show now about documents that link Obama to Odinga

Kill The Bailout! (Michelle Malkin: Ten Reasons To Oppose The Bipartisan Rape Of American Alert)

McCain-Palin 2008 Launches Truth Squad to Counter Attacks on Governor Sarah Palin

Message from a Time Traveler

Obama tax hikes could hit up to 1.3 million small businesses

Obama’s Harvard Years: Questions Swirl (How Did Obama Pay for Harvard?)

Pay Attention: Ritalin Acts Much Like Cocaine

RENO, NV RALLY 4 AMERICA - Crashing the Peaceniks Party


Tapes reveal WMD plans by Saddam (Rowan Scarborough)

The Ten Lost Tribes: The Case for Afghanistan, Kashmir, and Pakistan

Thomas Breaks Tradition: Forces Supreme Court to Look at Obama Citizenship Case

Who Are We? Coming of Age on Antidepressants