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"We have this day restored the Sovereign to whom all men ought to be obedient..."

1st sentence;What Jesus was teaching in Luke about swords is the subject of some controversy.

Beware the Fury of a Patient Man

daniel1212 destroys Fourtyseven's Romanist arguments for infallible magesterium

ECFs on the doctrine of the Eucharist (courtesy of freeper 'boatbums')

ekklesia --- discussion by S R

exegesis in regard to Mary, Joseph, other children, by eagleone

Global Warming or Global Cooling ? ("The 5 minute Climate Scientist")

Here are 750 well sourced examples of Obama's lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, etc.

marktwain comment @ “Kill Christians”: The Real Refugee Protest Agenda thread

Obama's McCain resolution demands 'American' parents

Olog-hai supplied link to The Conscience of a Conservative (1960), pp. 15, 24-25

press the Magisterial Authority Override (MAO) button

proust; Breitbart; How is Podesta not [known] world class sex slave op cover upperer

xzinsJudgeRobertsdissentat 11,23 invalidatesmarriagelaws.orderstransformationhumansocietymillennia

“Obama: It Was You,”