Blue Collar Christian
Since Dec 8, 2002

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Things I love: God, my wife, my son, the USA, the rest of my family and my church friends.

Things I like: Motorcycles(all kinds), guns(all kinds), hunting, fishing, beautiful women, lovely scenery, country music and good food.

Things I don't like: Litter, smog, airport noise, whiners and other wimps, mumbling, LA traffic and CA politics.

Things I hate: Illegal immigration, welfare and other social programs that support non-contributors to society, labor unions, gangsters and people who are too chicken to be part of putting them away.

Things I don't understand: Jazz(please don't pretend that stuff is good), gay Christian churches, leftist thinking.

Things that are best understood about me: I will talk respectfully with you, no one yells at me or talks disrespectfully to me or intimidates me.

Things I'm thankful for: See "Things I love", His salvation, my job and smokeless powder.