Since Nov 29, 2000

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Free Dominion

Canadians In Pursuit of Liberty

A group of FReepers from around the world dedicated to telling the story of the Tainted Blood Scandal ... particularly in the United States, the headwaters for much of the tainted product which has infected and slain thousands upon thousands of innocent victims worldwide.

Too few Americans (who may or may not have noticed the trials of French ministers and actual imprisonment of their Japanese counterparts) understand that:

U.S. prisoners were bled throughout the '80's (and as late as 1994 in worst-case-scenario states Arkansas and Louisiana) for the plasma then fractionated primarily at Thomas Hecht's Connaught Labs in Canada and sold worldwide.

Thanks to: The BLOODHOUNDS, BigM, Askel5, Prince Charles, Senator Pardek, A Whitewater Researcher, Wallaby, Uncle Bill, T'wit, Clinton's a Liar, Laz, The Patriot 1776, Great Dane, Boyd, AdanaC, Acorn, CholeraJoe, Clive, Lonnie and all FReepers interested enough to keep this story before the eyes of the world.