Since Nov 2, 2007

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“We do not ask for much. An understanding and consciousness of the fatherland and of national unity; of the family, the primary social unit; of authority and of obedience to authority; of the spiritual values of life and of the respect that is owing to man; of the obligation to labor; of virtue and of the sacred nature of religion-that is what is essential in the mental and moral formation of a citizen of the ‘Estado Novo’

We are opposed to all the international-isms, opposed to communism, to socialism, to libertarian syndicalism; we are opposed to all that disintegrates, divides, or dissolves the family; we are opposed to the class struggle. We are against those who know no country and no God; against the bondage of the workers, against the purely materialist conception of life, against the idea that might is right. We are against all the great heresies of our age, all the more because we are yet to be convinced that there is any part of the world where liberty to propagate such heresies has been the cause of anything good: such liberty, in the hands of the barbarians of modern times, serves only to undermine the foundations of our civilization.”

António de Oliveira Salazar, Prime Minister of Portugal, 1932-1968

The Kalam Cosmological Argument:

Premise 1. Whatever begins to exist has a cause

Premise 2. The universe began to exist

Conclusion: The universe has a cause.