Big Giant Head
Since Mar 15, 2001

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Father of six seven, eight nine (yes we DO know what causes that)(as a matter of fact, we ARE catholic)(Why get fixed? It isn't broken, works fine thankyouverymuch)(No we are not making our own baseball team)(how do we do it? Kinda personal doncha think? ), husband of Marie Antoinette, professional musician, going to college at mid-life to become an aviator, still learning proper punctuation, no longer having to sign in under her handle with the post "Mr.M" , no longer having to sort out "self search" postings as his or hers, infamous for run on sentences, finally becomes, on FreeRepublic, "His Own Man". Hehehehe
Big Giant Head : FreeRepublic's Most Humble Member (IMHO) really a member since August 19th, 1998