big bad easter bunny
Since Mar 27, 1998

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My whole life has involved food, I have been cooking since the age of 9, by the time I was 13 I was along side my mother helping her with catering or chopping onions on Sundays for my Father while he was making curie. Eating all sorts of cuisine and entertaining was just part of my ordinary life.

In 1984 I was accepted into California Culinary Academy, graduating at 20 years old and top 3 of my class. By the age of 22 I owned my own restaurant in Concord California.

I am classically trained in French cookery but have mastered most ethnic cuisines over the last 26 years. I particularly like playing with vegetables, fresh seafood and unusual grains but I also love a juicy rib eye now and again.

While at culinary school I started personal cheffing for a couple in Berkeley California who entertained almost every weekend, since then I have been hired hundreds of times for intimate gathering and some long stints as a personal chef for several families and companies. I particularly enjoy persona chef work since I can cater to their finite needs.

In 1998 I launched a website which over 11 years the company of 30 employees produced TV and internet cooking shows, which 300 of the videos are on dozens of websites currently, I appeared in 65 of them.

I currently reside in Monterey California where I cook part time as a personal chef, teach cooking classes and consult in a various ways, some food related some not. Though I am a chef by training and experience; I also love being and helping entrepreneurs.