Since Sep 14, 2004

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A conservative since 1984, a Californian until Aug 2004, the two are not unconnected events. Rabid supporter of Israel, Catholicism and Burkean conservatism (i.e., old-line liberalism before they changed the water).

I am Anglo-Catholic and an ordained Priest and thus hold to the seven OEcumenical Councils, the Apostolic Succession and the Real Presence in the Eucharist. I am currently studying for the priesthood.

My glorious and sagacious wife Alia has sadly passed away, but my three extraordinary and achievement-oriented children and two mutually loathing cats. We live in a house that is a variation on Sagamore Hill (the reference is yours to find, congrats if you know offhand) which we call Tavros Hall (again, you could look it up). We may move to Southern Pines one day unless the golfers drive housing prices too far into Californication. We would move into the real country, then, clip coupons and generally make right-wing nuisances of ourselves, with a merry laugh and a clink of mugs.