Since Apr 1, 2003

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White male, English-German descent, raised Anglican. 73 years old. Born and raised right here in Anacortes. Vietnam veteran, E-5, 4th Infantry Division, Pleiku Province, 1967-68.
My grandmother was the one who instilled me with conservative values, rest her soul. She always thought Henry Cabot Lodge should have been president.
I used to cut liberals some slack as I viewed them as simply mentally impaired. Today I have zero tolerance for them. I'd just as soon smack one as look at him. I liked George Bush but I ran out of patience with his immigration policies.
I've been married for 50 years and have two grown sons and six grandchildren.
Update: I retired in July of 2012. We have a small trailer and plan to do some travelling. I also ride a Harley Police Road King.
I studied photography in a former life and want to get back into it, and perhaps do some writing.
Update: I had a stroke in Dec. of '12 so my bike riding has been curtailed. Hope that I will be riding again is fading.
Update: The new grandson arrived on 5/11/13, 2 1/2 months early, all 2 lb, 14 oz of him. He is doing very well.
Update:Had a quadruple by-pass on 6/9/14. I survived. Update: Two new granddaughters since I last added any news. I'm up to six, now.