Since Oct 19, 2005

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An "International Islamic Army"

Christain intolerance in the State dept.

Crowd pleasing punishment in many muslim communities. TROP?

D.C. Watson: What Muslims Really Want w/quotes from moderate imans in the US

Demotion overdue. Islam is a religion of war.

ISLAM: Rape as a Terrorist Tactic

Mad mo's cookbook

Mr.Spencer's wonderful site regarding islams day to day jihad.

Muslims curse the Kuffar 17 times a day in their prayers…

Saudi Arabia - A second look. 4 great PDF's on home page. Nuke them.

Saudia Arabia's love affair for the infidels who protect them.

Saudia arabia's treatment of infidels like you and me.

Setting Muslims Free

Solving Poverty -- The Islamic Way

The Real Srebrenica Genocide - Warning - Graphic

The Saudi Snake

USA: ex-Muslim tells his story about Islam and Muslim culture “Islam is the religion of anger