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Since Mar 8, 2003

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My father was an outdoorsman, skilled shot and avid fisherman. Our table was set with bear, pheasant, elk, moose, antelope, venison, duck and goose and lots of fresh brook and rainbow trout.

We lived in a Japanese concentration camp barracks on the edge of a volcano. Our barn was a Japanese mess hall that still had the sinks in it from when the prisioners washed their dishes. Our hens laid eggs and our cats had kittens in those sinks.

At the age of ten, I was given a small rose-gray mare off the reservation. My childhood was spent on this horse and her offspring venturing deep into the wilderness in search of the diamond back rattle snake, which I would kill and bring home to Mom.
Mom had all the numbers dialed to the ambulance except the last one.
At the tender age of 12, I discovered boys and have been on the hunt since. My quest has been unproductive. Finally, I advertised for the perfect mate. I like tall men and advertised for one over six feet. There was a typographical error and the ad read that I wanted someone over six inches.

Hope is dwindling as I approach the golden years with a bad back, bad teeth, poor hearing and precious little cash.

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