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A great list written during the Clinton admin......I forgot who compiled it but he’s right——liberalism is a dangerous cult with 3 gods which are gubbermint, genitalia, and global warming.

1. At the most basic level, the liberal is an adolescent forever in search of a world without moral consequence.

2. Freedom from moral consequence can only be secured by a collectivist, totalitarian state.

3. The liberal religion reveres the twin gods of genitals and government, and is overseen by a priesthood of psychologists.

4. “Freedom” to the liberal is strictly freedom of the genitals.

5. All non-sexual individual freedoms are despised by the liberal because they demand moral responsibility.

6. The fundamental power struggle of the liberal is individual v. collective. The individual must be relieved of all power in favor of the collective.

7. Individualism demands moral responsibility. Collectivism hopes to eliminate the need for moral responsibility.

8. The U.S. Constitution - specifically the individualistic Bill of Rights - is the enemy of the liberal.

9. The liberal despises the United States because it is the premier gaurantor and promoter of individualism in the world.

10. All institutions and concerns - schools, environment, courts, etc. - serve no relevant purpose other than the promotion of collectivism.

11. Abortion is necessary to gaurantee genital freedom and eliminate moral consequence.

12. The basis of psychology is the elimination of moral responsibility.

13. The liberal must create an atmosphere of crisis and fear to justify collectivist oppression.

14. Any religious person who believes or promotes moral consequence is the enemy of the liberal and must be oppressed.

15. Despite decades of spectacular failure, the liberal clings to the collectivist dream because it is far more than a theory of government. It is a religion.

17. The liberal seeks to dominate any institution which can weaken or destroy individual parental rights - public schools, child abuse agencies, pediatric associations, etc..

18. The liberal applauds the imprisoning of homeschooling parents who dare to raise their children outside the control of collectivist public schools.

19. Private ownership of guns is the single greatest symbol of individual power, and therefore despised.

20. All individual freedoms demand the responsible behaviour of the individual, and therefore demand a moral code. Liberals despise freedom because they despise morality.

21. The liberal loves Bill Clinton because of who he is, not in spite of who he is.

22. The liberal despises national sovereignty which protects individual freedoms.

23. The liberal promotes international governments (UN, EU, etc.) which seek to destroy individualism protected by sovereign states.

24. The liberal fears any hint of individualism in any part of the world, and is obsessed with the centralized control of all human activity and thought.

25. “Multi-culturalism” is the code world for a single, oppressive, collectivist culture.

26. Liberals speak often of tolerance, but only tolerate liberals.

27. The liberal seeks to criminalize any speech which promotes morality or individualism as “hate speech”.

28. Environmentalists lie as a matter of course.

29. The liberal’s only method of debate is to insult and discredit anyone who dares to disagree.

30. When possible, liberals opress anyone who questions their beliefs.

31. Liberals despise all innocence - especially the innocence of a child.

32. Liberals seek the sexualization of children and the normalization of pedophilia, all in the pursuit of genital freedom.

33. In the liberal mind, your freedom is their oppression.

34. Private property and individual wealth is integral to individualism, and the enemy of the liberal.

35. The liberal hates you.

36. The liberal seeks to replace a moral world view with an emotional world view.

37. The liberal typically chooses a career which produces nothing of value - lawyer, bureaucrat, “activist”, etc. - and uses government to extract the wealth of others.

38. Liberal programs enrich liberals and do little to help the poor.

39. The liberal despises masculinity as a symbol of individual power.

40. Feminists groups are about lesbianism and socialism, not equal rights for women.

41. Liberals are perfectly willing to destroy you financially, remove your children, and imprison you for what you believe.

42. Liberals fear technology and change - because neither can be centrally controlled.

43. Liberals are not obsessed with sex, but with promiscuity. Promiscuity is the dominant theme of the liberal media culture.

44. Liberals despise the suburbs as a manifestation of individual prosperity, private property ownership, and the family.

45. Liberals despise marriage and family because they are institutions which frown on promiscuity.

46. Liberals despise the automobile as a symbol of individual freedom and power.

47. Liberals seek to control public schools, and force all children into them, in order to foster promiscuity and collectivist ideology in children.

48. Other diseases kill millions more, but liberals are obsessed with Aids because it is a moral consequence of promiscuity.

49. Liberals are more committed than conservatives because their politics is also their religion.

50. Liberal activities are all about ego - to demonstrate “I care more than you do” without really helping anyone.

51. Whenever a liberal expresses concern “for the children”, they are using and targeting children to expand promiscuity, collectivism, and their own pocketbooks and egos.

52. Because collectivist politics is their only morality, liberals have no problem with deceit, oppression, or violence in their pursuit of collectivism.

53. Liberals are elitests who exempt themselves from the oppressive rules they impose on the general population.

54. Liberals howl if a transvestite or convicted felon is even slightly offended, but openly bash Christians.

55. Liberals dream of a return to a centralized, 1940’s urban environment. We all ride the bus from a small, dirty, big city apartment to an 8-5 union job.

56. Liberals believe that wealth is static - anyone who makes money must be stealing it from someone else.

57. Liberals claim to be against violence, but makes excuses for liberals like Castro who torture political dissidents.

58. Liberals have enormous compassion for criminal predators, but little for the victims.

59. Animal Rights activists despise humanity.

60. Liberals believe that passing religious values to children is a form of child abuse.

61. Liberals use moralistic tones and catch-phrases like “social justice”, but their only moral is the accumulation of power

62. Liberals ideologies tend inevitably towards world-wide totalitarianism.

63. Liberals are never satisfied with the power they have gained over the lives of individuals - they must control every thought and detail of human activity.

64. In the liberal world, all problems stem from individualism, and all solutions are collective.

65. Liberals are humourless bores.

66. Bill Clinton raped Juanita Broaderick. Liberals don’t care.

67. Bill Clinton used the IRS to oppress conservative political speech. Liberals admire him for it.

68. Scientists are obsessed with “life on other planets” to confirm the full theory of evolution. The alternative terrifies them.

69. Liberals are forever in search of a religion (New Age, pagan, Unitarianism, etc.) which smiles on promiscuity.

70. Liberals despise the Pope because he refuses to compromise on abortion, birth control, and divorce. All three positions discourage promiscuity.

71. Better that millions of Africans die in the agony of AIDS, and fortunes wasted on cures that don’t work, than one liberal breath discouraging promiscuity.

72. A full-time mother enrages a liberal.

73. Liberals admire the Chinese forced abortion policy.

74. Twenty years after spectacularly successful airline deregulation, liberals still whine about it because they are obessed with collectivism, and they are elitests who don’t like flying with the middle class.

75. Human life is cheap in the liberal world.

76. Liberals are Puritans - pompous, uptight, and legalistic. They crave a bland, monotholic culture where dissent is oppressed by criminal law.

77. Liberals cannot conceive of a solution to a problem which does not involve government.

78. Hillary’s Village is a totalitarian state.

79. The EU is all about socialism.

80. Given the chance, liberals would ban the Bible as “hate speech”.

81. Liberals view humans as monetary objects without moral motivation (welfare, etc.) , but view inaminate objects (guns, profits, etc.) in exclusively moral terms.

82. The Third Way is a new shade of lipstick on the same old socialist pig.

83. In Hillary’s Village, parents are the child-rearing problem, not the solution.

84. Liberals supported the return of Elian Gonzalez because they admire Castro’s collectivist island prison.

85. Michal Jackson is a paedophile. The liberal media admire him.

86. Liberals despise the death penalty as the ultimate statement of moral and individual responsibility.

87. Anyone who criticizes any aspect of homosexuality is hysterically accused of “homophobia” and “latent homosexuality”.

88. Environmentalists have are all about socialism.

89. Modern art is obsessed with hatred for morality and Christianity.

90. The majority of US universities despise intellectual freedom.

91. Liberals are obsessed with the elimination of risk because risk is integral to freedom and personal responsibility.

92. Liberals create child abuse witchhunts, and often send innocent parents to prison in child abuse cases, to justify their destruction of parental rights.

93. Liberal bureaucrats oppress conservatives and Christians whenever possible.

94. Liberals are nasty, violent thugs.

95. Better thousands of women die in the agony of breast cancer, than one liberal breath revealing the link between breast cancer and abortion.

96. A liberal would sooner pull out his own teeth with a pair of pliers than cut a tax.

97. Liberals have never really given up on Marx.

98. Pedophilia is a big part of homosexual culture.

99. Liberals dream of a massive network of government social workers who control individual families in detail.

100. The goal of the United Nations is world-wide totalitarianism.

101. The primary tool of environmentalism is paranoia based on falsehood.

102. Like the modern liberal, Hitler was a socialist, not a fascist.

103. Liberals crave the kind of Gestapo “Zero-tolerance” society seen in modern public schools.

104. The liberal worships appetite and disdains self-discipline.

105. The liberal is an intolerant, narrow-minded, thug.

106. The liberal end of bigger government justifies any means - including lies, deception, corruption, and violence.

107. The national media is an extension of the Democrat party, and relentlessly liberal.

108. For the liberal, “bi-partisan” means being more liberal.

109. Animal Rights and Environmental “activists” are more about hatred of humanity than love of nature.

110. The liberal’s favorite play, “The Vagina Monologues”, glorifies child rape and pedophilia, among other perversions.

111. Global warming has everything to do with socialism and nothing to do with environment.

112. The Great Society has destroyed the poor.

113. Homeschooling mothers enrage liberals.

114. Liberals secretly applaud the selling of nuclear secrets to China.

115. The level of truth can be measured by the howling of the liberal press.

116. No creature on earth is more pompous than a network TV “journalist”.

117. American liberals are embarassed by American success and freedom. Foreign liberals envy it.

118. Hillary’s Village will be chock full of Soviet-style gulags.

119. The WNBA is all about lesbianism.

120. Better that millions of children be emotionally scarred, then one liberal breath against the divorce culture so vital to liberal promiscuity.

121. To the liberal, fathers are an unnecessary and mostly dangerous appendage to marriage and parenting.

122. Feminists believe that men are inherently evil.

123. Liberals believe that children derive no real benefit from married parents.

124. Liberals believe that children must have sex as soon as they are physically able - because they are physically able.

125. Global warming is all about hatred of capitalism.

126. The American Medical Association, National Academy of Sciences, and many other “scientific” organizations are liberal pipe-organs who put politics over science.

127. Liberals are elitests who despise Walmart because it so successfully serves the suburban and small-town middle-class.

128. Anything middle class enrages a liberal.

129. Feminists believe that lesbianism is the only acceptable lifestyle for a woman.

130. Liberals are continually angry because their promiscuous, government-obsessed lives are an empty bore.

131. In the public school system, liberals seek an American version of the Hitler Youth - universal political and cultural indoctrination into a rabid devotion to the collective. Hence, their hatred of homeschooling.

132. Gary Condit embodies the serial promiscuity that liberals crave.

133. Environmentalists are pagans.

134. Even though they make less money, Hollywood liberals make mostly R-rated movies to promote and justify their obsession with promiscuity.

135. Europeans hate George Bush because he bucks their dream of global governence.

136. Homosexuals are increasingly having unprotected sex because they value promiscuity over human life - even their own.

137. Pro-abortion liberals value promiscuity over human life.

138. Liberal globalists fear the power of America with an effective missile defence.

139. Liberals have tormented black families with a three-pronged attack - the drug culture, the sexual revolution, and the welfare state.

140. So-called “child protective” agencies collect Federal bounties for every child they remove and adopt out. Their primary agenda is the projection of power and left-wing politics.

141. North Korea is the end-game of liberalism.

142. The National Organization for Women is a twisted collection of men-hating lesbians.

143. Social science “research” is about liberal snouts deep in the Federal trough.

144. The “Durban Race Conference” illuminated the obsessive racism of liberals.

145. As the Nazi hates the Jew, so the liberal hates the Christian.

146. Liberals believe that evil is the absence of government control.

147. The liberal and the Taliban share a common hatred for freedom and Christianity.

148. Secular humanism is a religion which degenerates inevitably into paganism.

149. The liberal hates Israel because it a glaringly successful capitalist democracy in a sea of Arab oppression.

150. The liberal admires the centralized oppression of the Arab world.

151. There are two types of liberals: those who believe they are entitled to rule (i.e. the Clintons), and those who which to be ruled (i.e. soccer moms).

152. Liberal soccer moms believe that collectivist oppression will grant them “security”.

153. Liberals desire mass immigration to garner the votes for a socialists state.

154. Any attempt to discuss immigration is met with liberal howls about “racism”.

155. Palestinians will not rest until Israel is destroyed and every Jew is dead.

156. Islam is bent on world domination by any means available.

157. Clinton’s greatest legacy is politics devoid of principle.

158. Catholic clergy pedophilia correlates directly with Catholic clergy homosexuality.

159. Liberals will eventually seek to normalize teacher-student sex.

160. Liberals despise single sex schools which discourage promiscuity and weaken Federal control.


Let's Roll!

Diversity - forcing the dominant culture to submit to the intolerances of all other cultures.

Liberal Talk Radio doesn't work because there are no PICTURES, which are needed to create EMOTIONAL responses in the feeble minded supporters of Liberals.

The great weapon of the left is the liberal court system, where one man is appointed and can change established law against the will of the people. They have used this tactic very effectively to damage the power of the legislature and make law from the bench.

They haven't found a way yet,but I am sure busy little liberal minds are trying to find a way to destroy conservative media from the courts. It is one of the few ways they have found to circumvent rule by the people.

Liberals use facts the way a drunkard uses a lamp-post... For support rather than illumination.