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(South Carolina) Fire Pit Dated To Over 50,000 Years Old (More)

Americans credit faith for nation's strength, poll says

Americans Lose $68 Billion to Illegals

Can an Adopted Child Be Returned?

Contact Tom Tancredo (R-Co), Chirman of the House Immigration Reform Caucus

Costs of Illegal Immigration to Texans[Senators Threaten Immigration Amendments to War Bill]

Excavations Strengthen Dating To Kings David & Solomon

Fantastic Hackers Wreak Havoc on Aljezzabel

General Boykin and the Armor of God

Iraqi bodies litter plain as U.S. troops advance

JPS limits illegal-immigrant care (TEXAS)

Life and how to live it (Mike Adams)

Message From Yoash, King Of Judah

Moslems are destroying the Temple Mount

New evidence of massive black hole in our galaxy

Remarks of James Webb at the Confederate Memorial

Remarks of James Webb at the Confederate Memorial

Temple Mount Collapse Imminent

The Age of the Universe

The Confederate Vote

USS Abraham Lincoln turned back on trip home: US official


Why Six Days? (Six Days of Creation, Literal Days or Era's.

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