Since Aug 14, 2008

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Born and raised in SE Arkansas. Attended U of Chicago, U. of Illinois-Chicago and Wayne St. University.

Father of two sons the elder of which was a Navy Nuke serving on the USS Ohio.
Both work in the computer field, both very conservative. Their mother passed 20 yrs ago. Many of their virtues and good looks come from their mother whom I adored.

Love to read serious literature including FR and listen to any music that is authentic. Play bridge, watch college football, White Sox BB, was a 30+ yr Season ticket holder for the Bears.

Elder for 35 years for a small Presbyterian Church. Currently a disaffected Christian.

I live in a suburb of Chicago. Prior to that I lived in Chicago for 50 yrs, appreciated and participated in all that city has to offer, except for its politics. Due to the cowardly conservatives I call myself a Nationalist/Traditionalist