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Since Feb 7, 2017

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Life has two parts for good people:

The first part is establishing and maintaining a peaceful home, family, and way of life.

The second part is recognizing that you have to be unceasingly vigilant against all of the bad people who want to imperil your peaceful home, family, and way of life.


These are the stages of genocide:

1. Chase

2. Erase

3. Replace


The Erase and Replace agenda includes erasing one group, by encouraging abortion and small families, and replacing them with other groups by having open borders and glorifying the hordes who cross them.


Fathers have a natural right to protect their preborn baby daughters and preborn baby sons between conception and birth and my premier disappointment with the Right to Life movement is that it is not fighting for that.


The life of each genetically human baby indisputably begins at their conception.

That is the point at which they first have a father as well as a mother and are a member of a family.

I'm a man and no woman has any right to kill any baby of mine between conception and birth.


Men build the future for the sake of their stake in the future, which is the prosperity of their posterity. Take that incentive away, by aborting men's daughters and sons, and men no longer care to build the future. At that point, civilization collapses, which is happening now. Look around.


Women are legally empowered to kill innocent babies between conception and birth either without the knowledge of or over the objections of the fathers of those babies, so it is the most natural thing possible for men to stand up against that, and to fight for the legal right to protect their own daughters and sons from being murdered by mothers.


It is dangerous for any group, especially a group that comprises half of the human race, to divest itself of any measure of moral culpability for something as serious as killing a baby between conception and birth.

Unfortunately, there is a tendency amongst many women to divest themselves of moral culpability for their own actions, placing the moral culpability for women’s actions on men.

For example, there was a case years ago of a woman who murdered all of her children.

Many women reacted to the case not by according full moral culpability to the woman who unilaterally committed the murders, but instead by blaming her actions on the father of the children, who was not involved, not present, and had no pre-existing awareness of the woman’s intentions.

The women reacting to the case said that the woman’s actions were the fault of the father of the children because he let her be a stay-at-home parent.

I don’t recall any women being sympathetic to the father, who had just lost all of his daughters and sons.

This happens with abortion cases too.

The only laws I have ever heard of that punish a parent of the baby are laws that punish the father if he allegedly wanted the abortion.

If the mother of the baby wanted the abortion, the list of excuses comes out, and she is described as a victim of an action that only she was authorized to take.

It is extremely rare for pro-lifers to empathize with the father of the baby, whose daughter or son was killed by someone else, with the full blessing of the government.

They say that with power comes responsibility.

It is almost as core of a principle for civilization as protecting one’s daughters and sons from harm is.

If an individual is not treated as being morally culpable for specific actions, they should not have the power to execute those actions.

Centuries ago, that was recognized, and society was structured accordingly.


The best thing that a woman can say to a man is, "I'm pregnant with your baby."

The second best thing that a woman can say to a man is, "Yes of course I will sign the premarital contract."


Property taxes are a direct and intentional attack on families.


Above all else, China wants Russia's land, and everything that is currently on that land. They can take it like Mexico is taking the United States, via immigration. This is the peril of United States policies that drive Russia into China's arms, and the reason why those policies have to be reversed.


Anyone who treats Russians as the enemy, despite the fact that most of them are European by heritage, is drawing battle lines based on the wrong criteria.


May the descendants of European women be European.


Nationalism is a group constructively standing together for common identity and interests, like when people of Irish heritage gather for a Celtic festival.


Open Borders Republicans are traitors.