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Chinese Bridge-Building Machine

Clinton Global Initiative shutting down

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Infantile Rage on the Left

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Leaked Audio of Secretary Kerry Reveals President Obama Intentionally Allowed Rise of ISIS

Male college students to undergo ‘critical self-reflection’ of masculinity

Old white academics are 'unable' to teach black students because they're potentially racist

On Second Thought, Maybe I was Wrong

OSU Activists Complain Terrorist Was Wrongly Shot By Police

Pew: Only 27% of Americans Believe There is Consensus That Human Activity Causes Climate Change

RAY DALIO ON TRUMP: 'If You Haven’t Read Ayn Rand Lately, I Suggest That You Do'

Right-Wing People are Better Looking than Those on the Left, Study Claims

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Tackling the peddlers of climate change

The last Communist City

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Veritas Voter Fraud Compilation - #VoterFraudIsReal

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Washington Post retracts story about Russian hack at Vermont utility