Since Nov 20, 2003

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Warning: Still under construction as I am a newbie and my humor and spelling sucks!

GO ARMY! - GO FISTers! especially the fisters trained in AIT at FT. SILL in '91 unit 2/82nd!

Rocks and Minerals/Geology

I am married with three children and a wonderful wife. My grandfather was a Republican and a good Christian man who served in WWII and raised my brother and myself and for that I am thankful. The liberals depress and infuriate me to no end and I am here because I am mad as hell and I can't take any more of their lies and obvious desire to destory America!

I am here to vent and hopefully meet great people who share my conservative Christian values.

PS: I have been called many things in my life from asshole to zionist and I am probably a little bit of all of them and some I am proud of but DON'T CALL ME A LIBERAL OR DU TROLL for coming of with a lame comment or bad spelling!