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"Don't Blame Darwinism for Hitler! Blame Christianity!"

"The Speech" - General George S. Patton, Jr. (WARNING: Profanity!!)

'Sex Faire' has lawmaker hot and bothered

A Nation of Frogs--Gramsci, Marx, Etc.

A Prophetic View of our Present Crisis of Morality

A year full of school sex raps (NYC public schools set new abuse record)

As Many Abortions As Possible

Backing Down From Online Porn

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Buried in Potter's Field? A Catholic Homeschooling Father Reads the Harry Potter Series

Calling All Culture Warriors

Can a Traditional American Conservative Win the Presidency and Secure the Nation [JimRob]

Can Liberals Trust Al Gore? PASS THIS AROUND!

Cardinal Sparks Outrage after Calling Homosexuality "A Perversion"

Catholic Campuses Head for Showdown Over Obedience to Church, Academic Freedom.

Catholic Caucus: Internet Apologetics and the law of diminishing returns

Combating vote fraud

Current Communist Goals

Cyber-porn held responsible for increase in sex addiction

Elton John To Perform For Al Gore at CA Fundraiser -- Will He Have 'Cub Scout' Strippers Again?

FOUND!!! Where the anti-war anarchists hang out!

Give the gift of Santorum for Christmas

Harry Potter and "the Death of God" - by Michael D. O'Brien


Homosexuality and Hope

Homosexuality misrepresented by fabrication and bias

Homosexuals are on the Verge of Destroying the Boy Scouts of America

How Can a "Fellow Black Republican" Oppose Obama?

How the 6th Century Church handled Sex Abuse (warning: graphic)

HUGE Press Coverage for FREE REPUBLIC and DC Chapter (Patriots Rally III counterprotest)

I support censorship. Do you?

Kerry Lied, And So Did I...

Lefties trashing Santorum on


Man with five wives and 29 children faces polygamy trial

Mumia Madness~~Antioch University Contact List

New Evidence that Childhood Family Factors Influence Sexual Orientation

New Jersey Governor's Election is Today - VOTE SCHUNDLER!

New Study Finds Abortion Risks Higher Than Expected (Baby Picture)

News of abuse scandals spur more victims to seek support

PopeSaintNicholasV ยท Catholic Book Lovers Influencing Library Purchasing Decisions

Porn world eyes Pittsburgh

Pornographic filth should be censored

Pornogrphy and the Family in Our Culture -- Dear Mrs. Web

Post-Modern Postmortem (An article from our new Freeper-run literary magazine!)

Postmodernism Disrobed


Proposing a Truce

Re-taking the Senate: Hugh Hewitt has a plan for Republican victory in 2002

Rome to Weakland: NO MORE RENOVATION

Santorun 34% (Rasmussen Reports) - Ouch!!!

SASU Talking Points

Scout leader admits sex with boys

Sexual Abuse in SOcial Context: Catholic Clergy and Other Professionals

Study: 200,000 have compulsion for online sex

Survey: Male gay teachers abuse most

Teddy Roosevelt, the Family, Contraception, and Life Issues[my title]

The anti-Catholicism of the "National Catholic Reporter"

The Bolshevik's 'Gay Pride' Disaster and its Lessons for America

The coming conflict between same-sex marriage and religious liberty

The real danger of cannabis

The Right to Bear Fawns, or, Doe v. Wade

The truth about 'gay' pedophilia: Olivia St. John looks at research in light of Foley fiasco

The Truth About the Homosexual Rights Movement (Caution, graphic contents)

Tracking Down A Fifth Column Front [Who Funds the Anti-War Commies? (Mine)]

Understanding the Libertarian Philosophy

Using the Delphi Technique to Achieve Consensus [or How the Left builds consensus]

Vanity: My opus on combating vote fraud

What I expect from American Muslims

When Homosexuals Take Over A Church

Where Have All the FR Protestants Gone? [A Month Later]

Will the Real Al Gore Please Stand Up? [Pass this Along!]

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