Since Nov 4, 2004

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Off grid in Ontario, as is necessary to be awake not woke in a dictatorship of relativity. Eighteen years on Free Republic and a youth spent riding the blue highways of America has inoculated this Canuck from the insanity of liberalism. E73-A0-D3-C-71-BF-4-BB0-B8-C8-CF389-E39-DE3-E 9-F6-D3383-E8-FA-4-E48-AE84-92-D44-C50-F7-AC 436896-C9-86-A2-4424-8369-802-F0-AAA0-F15 4-CAED8-C8-DA91-4-C05-B817-1-E241-AF24-D61 F112-E3-A3-75-C0-4-D42-AF69-E0-BDEA38-F2-D7

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