Since Apr 19, 2002

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I was born in Brooklyn, New York, USA, but my father was Israeli and fought in the 1948-49 War of Independence and in the 1956 Sinai Campaign. I've split time between the two countries, largely for financial and business reasons, but most of my family is in Israel and I consider it my home. My time in America, however, has demonstrated well to me why the United States is the world's greatest country, full of almost limitless opportunity for those who are willing to work for their success.

Israel has no formal constitution, but our courts often quote the American one in making decisions. The United States is the defender of freedom throughout the world and the freedoms we enjoy in Israel are based on the American model. The reason why Israel has been so successful a nation is because we share the same sort of values and ideals that Americans have and which have made America great.

I post a great deal of pro-Israeli material on Free Republic. I believe that if presented with the truth about the conflict in the Middle East and an accurate history of the region Americans, especially American conservatives, will naturally support Israel. We are fighting the same war on terror and our nations have the same enemies. This is, once again, I believe, is because our values are so similar. I also believe in the basic fairness of the American people.

I also hold American citizenship and have strong opinions on many domestic American issues. I believe in conservative economic policies, meaning a nation living within its means. I am not afraid to say what I think is right about President Bush's policies or what I think is wrong when I disagree with them.

I am a masorti (conservative) Jew and I believe most of my moral and political beliefs are based on Jewish principles. I am an ardent Zionist, which means I believe that the Jewish people have a right to our own country in our historic homeland. Despite the Arab and leftist attempts to twist what Zionism means, it is no more than an American feeling patriotism or nationalism and believing in the United States and feeling a loyalty to his or her nation. If an American can love his or her country why not an Israeli? It does not make us evil except to the people who want to take our country from us and those who support them in places like the U.N.

Oh, and living in both countries has convinced me that we have turned Tel Aviv pretty much into a smaller, cleaner New York, just in Hebrew :)
Below is Netanya, where my home is located. (I am further inland than this picture shows.)