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-Slavery Reparations-

5 Favorite Conservative web sites.(Vanity, Vanity! All is Vanity

A day in the life of President Bush (photos): 4/16/02

A day in the life of President Bush (photos): 7/23/01

A day in the life of President Bush (photos): 7/25/01

A day in the life of President Bush (photos): 7/26/01

A day in the life of President Bush (photos): 7/26/01

A Day in the Life of President Bush (photos): 9-11-02

A New GOP -- Why conservatives are the most eager to dump Trent Lott as Senate majority leader.

Andrew Sullivan: Like Father, Like Son- Or in the Bushes' case, not

Bush baits a trap for Arafat

Clinton-Gore sales team eased Enron's road to success

Democrats in 1996 Fund-Raising Scandals Face Record Fines by FEC

Did Our Ignoring Clinton's Character Flaws Lead To 9-11?

Father of 9/11 Victim Blasts Murray

FDR's Raw Deal Exposed

Foundation gives bonds to slain troops' children! (Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation)

Gone with the War?

Gore: "A despicable speech from a contemptible man"

How Christianity Created Capitalism

How Christianity Created Capitalism

Individualism, Islam and the Leftist Insurrection

Mark Steyn: They want to kill us all

Of "Liberty and Justice for All:" The American Eugenics Movement

On Being a 'Clinton-Hater'

Opinion in Brief: Lest They Forget...

Peggy Noonan: Bush Makes the Right Move

Remarks to the Commonwealth Club Michael Crichton (Theme: Environmentalism is really Urban Atheism)

Republicans and Civil Rights

Simplicity Now in Style

So Your Computer is Running Slow - Here's your fix

SOLZHENITSYN'S ADDRESS TO HARVARD: A World Split Apart (must-read ringing defense of conservatism)

Sowell: "Senator Daschle vs. Rush Limbaugh: Who is Promoting Violence?"

Ten American Biographies Everyone Should Read

The Art Education Problem

The Democrats' 'Reindeer Armies' Are Going Home

The left’s war against Bush

The Lincolnesque Mr. Bush

The Lott Gaffe & DemoKKKratic Hypocrisy

The Myths of Vegetarianism (Long Read)

The source of almost all socialist cash can be found here

To Parents with Children in Public School - by a student

TRANSCRIPT - President George W. Bush Middle East statement, April 4, 2001

Video's Of RWR on DVD

When the Terror Began (Munich 1972)

White House Press Briefing by Ari Fleischer

Why Clinton failed to stop bin Laden

Why He Drives Them Crazy (A MUST READ!)

You might be a Clinton Rumpswab if....

You might be a Clinton Rumpswab if....