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I'm busy raising men, not boys. Posted 1998:

I wrote that 6 years ago. Now a 2004 update.

One son is in Afghanistan humping the mountains. He sent us a tape recording he made while humping at 8,000 feet in elevation and said that they were walking uphill heading for 9,000 feet. They took and gave enemy fire. They gave much better that they received. In less than two years he has earned his Airborne wings, his Expert Infantryman's Badge, and his Combat Infantryman's Badge. I was definitely successful with him.

The other son just graduated high school. On February 26, 2004, he was one of his school's representatives in the state math meet. On February 27, 2004, he represented his school in the state WIAA wrestling tournament. He and his best friend were the first two wrestlers in the school's history to earn a spot in the state tournament. Now he is heading for the nation's top undergraduate engineering school. I succeeded with him also.

Thank you God. They are both men.

2006 Update: Oldest son got back from Afghanistan fine. He will deploy to Iraq in August. Youngest son is working in a countertop shop this summer.

2012 Update:

Both sons are now living in Las Vegas. One is an independent contractor and the other is in private security. I am teaching at a community college. I am teaching people how to get good jobs in electric line, power plants, and advanced manufacturing. 2018 Update: Both sons are now married. One is working private security for the government. Obviously, I will not provide more information about him. He does know security issues well. The younger son is a project manager for a woodworking company that does custom woodworking projects for Las Vegas casinos. The guy knows woodworking.