Since Feb 11, 1999

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So you think I am a "lib" LOL! The jokes on YOU! Read the profile, below:


FREEPER, both paying and supportive of demonstrations ("Freeps") since 1999 here. Doctrinaire Conservative republican/Asian specialist particularly Japan and North Korean issues. Supports the constitution and defeat of socialism, and defeat of the Democrat agenda. Independent thinker, a supporter of movements and philosophies (such as conservatism) over just merely one man or leader (Ronald Reagan is my eternal hero, though). My heart is with and in SOUTH CAROLINA.

Voting Record: Reagan, Reagan, Bush, Perot, Perot, Buchanan [caught hell for that on FR], Bush, McCain, Romney, Trump, Write-in Conservative [caught hell for that on FR]

Freeps attended: 1999, 2000

Freepathons / my track record of donations:

2002: $75

2003: $50 (two times)

2004: $100

2006: $120

2007: $65

2009: $200

$2013: $45

2016 $50

2017 $155

***(OBJECTION #1: Free Republic is a place of free exchange of ideas. We do so in a civil manner and we fortify our arguments with facts, data, references/citations, and above all, we do it in a respectful manner and we do so without insults, name-calling and other childish eruptions that indicate one has already lost the argument. If you find yourself referred to this comment, know that you are either going to be ignored or responded to in a limited manner as your behavior shows a lack of basic Conservative courtesy and manners, and I will not have any of it.)***

44,000+ comments and 1,070 authored threads here by me since joining FR in 1999. Heavily on Asian issues and North Korean analysis.

Thanks Jim for all the years here.