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1-70: illegal jordanian with 300K cash and marijuana

17 Year Old Hacks Into Pentagon, Learns Location Of U.S. Warheads. Kid: "It Was Child's Play."

Al Qaeda’s Fantasy Ideology

Algeria War 1954-1962

Amino acid found in deep space

Andrew Sullivan: The very bearable lightness of being George W Bush

Astronomers Hope to Find E.T. in Next 25 Years

Bush Ganes

can anyone tell me the differences between Christian denominations?

Christiandom vs. Islam [1291-1492]

Christiandom vs. Islam [632-1199]

Constitution Class taught by Michael Badnarik

Darwinian Dissonance?

Date Conversation 101: The Good, Bad and the Ugly

Dave Chappelle lets rude crowd have it, sticks up for Cosby's comment.

Dean on Cheney.. "..he's incredibly competent...knows how government works.."

Deflation: The Biggest Myths

Dolphins 'protect' lifeguards from great white Shark.

Europe Returning to Pagan Roots


Freakish fish with monstrous appetite causes fear in Maryland (Frankenfish walks; eats anything)

Free Republic Determined to Be the Stickiest Site on the Web!

HIV immunity may stem from ancient smallpox

Is Marriage Worth It? (Advice To A Single Man On Finding The Right Woman) MUST READ!!!

It's My Opus (Sort Of) - hilarious!

It's the heart versus the Bible


Kashmiris Reject War In Favour Of Democratic Means

Knifeman kills four-year-old hostage on live TV

Longest scientific study yet backs Atkins diet

NASA News Conference on Mars~~~ Live Thread

Nations Look for an Edge in Claiming Continental Shelves

Newest Bin Laden Letter to the American Public

Oklahoma City bombing, 9/11 and Iraq

Outsource or perish, US firms told (good responses..)

Pakistan will not get Kashmir - Vajpayee (good thread, lots of good responses)

Piscataway gets OK to condemn farmland

Post #10 has text on Saudi relationship with Wahabbis from Lib of Congress

Raccoon attacks girl, 6, as she plays with friends (great responses...)

sam huntington (?) "the age of muslim wars"

Socialism is criminal (an Indian columnist on the socialism of the Indian govt)

The 10 Regions of US Politics [really nice bit of election results scholarship]

The abduction of Daniel Pearl - (Shenoy)

The Case Against Human Extinction

The GUILD 3-27-2002 Quantum Physics Discussion

The Howard Dean Re-Mix (The Funniest Thing You Will Hear On FR Today)

The Theory of Comparative Advantage

Understanding America (By an Australian "Intellectual")

We Have finally reached 1984

What if It's All Been a Big Fat Lie? (some very good responses..)

WHAT ON EARTH IS CHUCK SCHUMER TALKING ABOUT? (free trade/comparative advantage/outsourcing)

Who’s Behind the Bush-Futures Attacks? Whoever it is, he’s trying to sway the election toward Kerry.

WHY WE ARE IN IRAQ : Military Bases Are A Requirement, Democracy is Merely an Elective.