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I dare call it treason (SLAMMING LIBERALS AND DEMOCRATS BUT GOOD) (Ann Coulter)

"Explicit statistical evidence of massive ballot tampering in Palm Beach, Fl"

"People Loved Us" (Marine) back in Humboldt tells what it was like

"Roadside Sarin" (*good read from WSJ editors*)

"we are handing their heads to them on a platter"

"We May Yet Find Them" (Kerry's Shoots Own Toes Off, During HARDBALL Interview)

'Iraqis did have Scuds'admits Channel 4 reporter, self-censored her reports

(California) Demos caught in budget gaffe

1998 Bin Laden Indictment cites AL QAEDA - IRAQ ARRANGEMENT

2000 election row a tired argument

9/11 Commission: U.S. Terror War has Stymied al Qaida

A (GWB) story you haven't heard

A boost for Saddam

A Close Encounter With Our President

A Litany of Lies ["the whacking of this president erases any doubt about media's liberalism"]

A Marine's Father Speaks (about the Rumsfeld controversy)

A message to Cindy Sheehan (From an Iraqi blogger)

A nasty slip on Iraqi oil (Guardian retracts Wolfowitz misquote)

A New Yorker Kind of Guy (He worked for Time, spied for the Communists, and helped kill Americans)

A note of thanks to those who serve [9-11 widow in Iraq - moving!]

A Train Carrying Democrat Presidential Candidates Derails: A Frightening 'What If' Scenario

Al Qaeda 'game plan' on Bush's desk Sept. 9- NBC

All the News That Fits Their Spin [or ...MSM gave Kerry a 'Lewinsky'] - Media ignored Osama's messag

Among Saddam's Victims

An Open Letter to Howard Dean

Andrew Sullivan: READ THE (WMD) REPORT

As a Fugitive, Hussein Stayed Close to Home (Long, but good)

As nasty as it gets -- What Kay REALLY found

Body of Iraqi general found - executed

Bush always suspected Saddam was behind 9/11

Bush credited for Guard drills (Kapow!)

Bush Parries a Terror Attack From the Democrats--So Ted Kennedy wants an "exit strategy."

Bush to appoint "first" Hispanic (liberal) to the U.S. Supreme Court?

CASE CLOSED (Osama-Saddam Link Proved in Intel Cmte Brief)

Case Not Closed: Iraq’s WMD Stockpiles

CBC RADIO COMMENTARY: Canadian Salim Mansur says Kerry election win would spell victory for terror


Cheney Describes Comprehensive Strategy to Combat Terrorism


Cliff May Destroys the Democrats Uranium Jihad (my Title)

Complete Kerry / O'Neill Debate, 06/30/71

Contains list of links showing ties between Saddam and AQ

Cook hit by Saddam memo

Death of journalists was accident of war

Democrat memos on judicial nominations online!!!

Democratic/Liberal Bluster Bolstered Saddam's Confidence & Assured War

Democratic/Liberal Bluster Bolstered Saddam's Confidence & Assured War

Democrats on the Record - What President Bush's detractors wish they had never said

Democrats' new strategy: Almost winning [Mark Steyn]

Dems plan to undermine America to beat Bush

Dennis Miller interview

Do The Democrats Really Hate America?

Documentary "a lie"

Documents link Saddam, bin Laden

Dr. Kay Had Maps with Coordinates of WMD Hiding Places in Syria

Dust-Up Continues Over Bush's Ads (9/11 Ad-gate bombshell: How Damaging?)

Edward I. Koch: Never voted for a Repub president, but will vote Bush in 2004

Email exchange with a liberal friend

Enough to drive Democrats to drink


Eye Witnesses (Four Who Remember Bush Serving in Alabama)

fbi filesTranscripts of captured US POW's in N. Vietnam, brought back by VVAW during visit to Hanoi

Final Update: Streaming Video/Audio Links

Final Update: Streaming Video/Audio Links

For once, let's try a little logic

Frist proposes fixes for 'antiquated' Medicare

From the Lips Of Ellen Rattner

Gassed town has no doubts on US claims [of Iraqi WMD's](modified title)

George W. Bush -- grand strategist

Gephardt: *Lots Of* Intelligence Ties Iraq to Al-Qaeda (Flashback)

Getting and keeping spyware off your computer

GOP Lawmaker: Saddam Linked to 9/11 ['Evidence is Clear']

GOTTA SEE THIS-WarEndur.Freedom 12/14/03- Saddam Captured,Tikrit,memo

Halliburton’s “Gouging”: What Really Happened

Hats Off to Senator Frist

Helen Ratner on Cavuto: "I hope he [Bush] screws up the war so he isn't re-elected".[Vanity]

Help me refute this, please.

Hillary Goes to WalMart (Freepers Applauded!)

Hillary to Troops: Support for War Fading

History Repeated? (Cavuto)

Hold the Dem. Presidential Candidates responsible for their words and actions - Truth Corner

How Bush’s Opponents Use a Goebbels Formula

How Democrats Honor The Troops

How to Answer the AWOL Accusation


If Bush Was Going To Lie, Why Would He Lie About WMD?

In context: The full State of the Union address 2003

Inspector: Saddam had WMD on 'short notice'

Inspectors: Iraq Weapons Sites Destroyed


Iraq Maintained Chem-Bio Warfare Research Right Up Until U.S. Invasion

Iraq May Have Been 'Far More Dangerous' Than Believed, Kay Tells

Iraq through Iraqis' eyes

Iraq will 'never forget'

Iraq's WMD Programs: Culling Hard Facts from Soft Myths

IRAQ/WMD: What did Clinton & Senate Dems know & when(HYPOCRISY=DEMS; SEE FOR YOURSELF)

IRAQ: Iraq Prisoners Give Possible Weapons Info

Iraqis see U.S. troops as necessary evil - poll

Japan contradicts Kay's statement that Iraq had no WMDs

Kerry’s Soviet Rhetoric (The Vietnam-era antiwar movement got its spin from the Kremlin) (Repost)

Kuwait Foils Biochem Arms Smuggling From Iraq

Lebanon Revolution (Images of Freedom) i.e.: The 2nd Bush Doctrine

Left Has Hard Time in Era of Terrorism

Lessons of the Estrada Defeat

Let the Sunshine In [John Lott debunks DNC's Fla. election 2000 lies ~ again]

Link To Kay's Testimony. (Own Title)

Losing their heads over Gitmo (Ann Coulter)

Lost the Peace (my title - Check the date at the end)

Lynndie England: I Wasn't Ordered to Abuse Detainees

Mass graves `are everywhere': Iraq littered with bodies, but number of dead unknown

Media failed to find facts behind Bush's service record

Media Omission

Media Selectively Recycles Old News

Memo shows Iraq, Iran tried to contact bin Laden

Men, Empathy, and Autism (Long Read)

Michael Moore Fahrenheit 9/11 Truth Flyer! Hand them out at movie theaters!

Montreal man linked to Clark controversy - Presidential candidate claims pressure

Most Media Refused to Expose Kerry's Anti-War Cohort

msn messenger

New version of "The Truth About The Bush Resume" (I need advice, please!)

Nine reasons why we never sent our Special Operations Forces after al Qaeda before 9/11.

No WMDS? So What! (NY Post Editorial)

On a Messy Room and the Limits of Government (RR's letter to teen asking for fed funds)

on the Acquisition of Technology - Relating to WMD ... Through 30 June 2002

Onward, Christian Soldier! The jihad against General Boykin

Peace Demonstration Bares Its Anti-Semitic Teeth: Cry of pain from the deluded, halfway-decent Left

Pesticides, Precursors, and Petulance (Iraq’s WMDs)

Photo of President Bush needed

PICTORIAL EXPOSE: Democrats - Communists Link Revealed

Possibly 6 al-Qa'ida US sleeper cells may have homicide bombers, anthrax (my title)

PRE-BUSH timeline/list of Iraq's Ties To Al Queda

President Bush is willing to risk his presidency toprotect American security.

Prison Guard Calls Abuse Routine and Sometimes Amusing

Proof of Saddam's WMDs-The Bush Administration's view of Saddam's threat was right on

Purported Letter: Iraq Holy War in Danger

Rep. Weldon(PA) answers Bush Bashers(Great anti-Clinton comments)

Repellent and Impertinent

Report: U.S suspects Iraqi WMD in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley

Reporter Who Made Up AWOL Story Has History Of Libeling GOP Candidates

Republican Party outsources fund-raising calls to India (NOT TRUE - Rebuttal on Post 16)

Right-minded environmentalism


Rorschach test for political thought

Rumsfeld critics feed on the public's ignorance

Sacking Cancer Stem Cells

Saddam and Kim Jong-il's Allies Organize 'Anti-War Rallies (More on Brian Becker and A.N.S.W.E.R.)

SADDAM IN 'TERROR TAPE' (British tape)

Saddam Warned of WTC Attack Before 9/11, Praised Bin Laden Afterwards

Saddam's Al Qaeda Connection


Scan your browser's security for free [Cool Tool!]

Schneider: Memo 'could be seriously damaging'(CNN Spins the 08/06/01 Memo)*

Screaming Eagles respond to allegations of "Quagmire" (great picture)

Searching for Saddam's Stash (Cavuto)

Sen. John Edwards Fuzzy Memory (The Music Stops and One is Left Standing - my title)

Setting the Record Straight on Who Armed Saddam

Source gave U.S. details of new (terror) plot (by Al Qaeda)

SPAM (an address to rid yourself of it)

Special Ops say lives were on line in Lynch's rescue

Statement of Mr. John Kerry (Accepting FALSE Testimony Accusing U.S. Soldiers Of Atrocities)

Suddenly, it becomes imminently clear

Supreme Court Justice Addresses Wartime Constitutional Rights

Swift Boat Veteran For Truth John O'Neill Comments on Kerry's 180 'Release'

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth Press Conference on Sen. John Kerry - 05/04/2004 - Video - Real Player

Team effort fuels success in Iraq (Air Force Maj, just returned. We are doing GOOD.)

Terror Tips

Thanks from Iraq

The 'Offended' 911 Group “Peaceful Tomorrows” is funded largely by Teresa Heinz

The Amici Brief (The MSM claim that Plame was outed 1990's)

The Bush AWOL Story - From The Horse's Mouth

The CIA-Bin Laden Myth-The American government did NOT put bin Laden in power in Afghanistan

The Communists Can Count on Kerry

The Facts about Bush and the National Guard - The Democratic charges fall apart.

The Guardian Fully Retracts BOTH Powell/Straw Story AND Wolfowitz "It's All About Oil" Story

The Guardian Pulls a "Dowd" - Falsely Attributes War for Oil Claim to Wolfowitz w/ Misquote

The Guardian Pulls a "Dowd" - Falsely Attributes War for Oil Claim to Wolfowitz w/ Misquote

The Hunt Is on for Saddam's Weapons

The Left Revealed (Amazing Medved Show transcript: David Horowitz and Nation writer Daniel Lazarre)


The Link Between Iraq and Al-Qaeda

The Myth of a Stolen Election

The News We (CNN) Kept To Ourselves [must read]

The Post retreats on story of Lynch

The Post vs. The President -"Bush lied" hysteria that has swept the Democratic Party

The Real Military Record of George W. Bush: Not Heroic, but Not AWOL, Either

The Saddam-9/11 Link Confirmed

The Sound of Silence: Iraq's WMDs Found (good factual info)

The Strong Horse? Failing to stay the course in Iraq would be a provocation for bin Laden.

The Truth About General Boykin’s Comments on Islam

The Untouchable Chief of Baghdad(reservist rips Washington Post baghdad chief)

The War is Over, and We Won

Theatre of the absurd

Transcript: CIA Director Defends Iraq Intelligence

Truth loses in Iraq war

Two Sides Of Schumer


U.S. senators more time needed to judge Iraq WMD

U.S.: Banned arms evidence in Iraq

U.S.: Banned arms evidence in Iraq

UK Newspaper Says Documents Link Bin Laden to Iraq (The Telegraph Gets Another HUGE Scoop!)

Uncovering the truth about going to war

US Government - Bin Laden and Iraq Agreed to Cooperate on Weapons Development

Venona Project Homepage, NSA (Decrypted Soviet Cables, Coulter source for Treason book)

Venona Project Homepage, NSA (Decrypted Soviet Cables, Coulter source for Treason book)

Video- FReeper Interview Joseph Shahda translator of captured Iraqi documents: Part 1 and part 2

VIETNAM ALLUSION TK (Kerry took BOTH sides on Gulf War in letters to same constituent! ROTFL ALERT)

Voices of Baghdad Etched on Its Walls (Baghdad graffiti, most pro-Bush, MUST READ)

War may tilt partisan balance (let's hope so)

WARNING: Gathering WMD storm a crock. See what Clinton told nation in 1998...

Weapons of Mass Destruction ( or Distorsion or Deception? You decide...)

What I Saw at Gitmo-An inside portrait from a visitor to the "Nazi" detention center.

What Kelly Told Parliament

What Wolfowitz Really Said: The truth behind the Vanity Fair "scoop."

Where Helen Thomas' heart lies

Where It's 9-11 All the Time...

Who says George W. Bush has done "nothing" for conservatives?

Winning the war, losing the debate [Weapons inspector Ekeus' criticizes war's second-guessers]

WMD: Blair was right

WMD: Blair was right

Wounded Iraqi civilians praise U.S. caregivers