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"The Accidental President"- Join Newsweek Senior Writer and author David A. Kaplan on for a Live Tal

"You Have Ten Minutes to Prove The Existence of God to My Husband".

'It takes an empire,' say several U.S. thinkers



Calling all FR Vets - Update 3 - Announcment


Columbine: The Lost Command

Daddy's Rules of Dating

Drug- War Cowboys


GLOBAL WARMING: A Boon to Humans and Other Animals

Gotta See This -OP.ENDURING FREEDOM 4/2/02 - Israel, Ramallah, Europe, Philippines

Hollywood and Disney Lobbyists attempt to destroy computer owner's rights

How Shall We Then Kill? ("Good Evening, DoughtyOne" Response thread #2)

I need a reply as encompassing and detailed as this stupid democrat post I see being passed around

Islam Perverted (The Islamists have got it wrong)

Jerry Golden "REPORT" from Israel: The Time Is Very Close!

MEDIA ALERT!!! (#2) . . . Help wage a 90-day war on the Media . . . HERE'S THE LIST

Mother: Kids are mine

One Soldier, One Vote: Enfranchising America’s military

Opposition to the "Old Mass" in the Roman Curia ?

Recovery looks like a 'jobless' one

Resource: Fight the Left Wing Spin

September 29

The South and Southern History

Threat Matrix: December 2006

Understanding America (By an Australian "Intellectual")

Urban Legends About the Iraq War

Voter ID proposal called slap at poor

What if It's All Been a Big Fat Lie?

When 'Palestine' meant 'Israel'