Since Oct 13, 2001

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I am an 8 yr veteran of the United States Marine Corps. After graduating bootcamp in San Diego in May of '89 I went to Marine Corps Security Force Bn Pac, Mare Island. I subsequently served a year tour on the island of Diego Garcia in the British Indian Ocean Territory. From 1991 to 1993 I served as an intelligence analyst with Regimental Headquarters 5th Marines. My second overseas assignment began at Camp Shcwab, Okinawa as the Training Non Commissioned Officer for the 3rd Combat Support Group. Six months into my tour on Okinawa I was reassigned to Division Hq as Range Warden for the training facility and air strip on Ie Shima. In 1995, I returned to to the 5th Marine Regiment where I was finally able to perform my job specialty as an anti-tank assault gunman(0352). In November of 1996 I left the Marine Corps for the Border Patrol. After 10 months of waiting I went to the 5 month long Border Patrol Academy in Charleston, SC. I now patrol the western desert and In Ko Pah Mountains in Imperial County, California.