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1. Beware the Cyber Cops 2. Put a Price on Your Liberties

20 Questions Kerry Won't Answer

2006 Democrat Contract With Al Qaeda

A pessimistic Pope Benedict sees Europe as unique in its drift from God

A star with designation 232141 has been named for Hillary and registered --- Hillary Is Evil

ACU Presidential Questionnaire (McCain Answers The Conservative Organization of Record)

Aggressive approach to diabetes proves harmful

Amici Curiae brief to SCOTUS from the Florida Legislature

Another Shoe Drops...May 24th Memo from Killian Office Not Similar to CBS Memo

Anthrax-Hatfill - Judge's order on disclosure of sources - full text

AP: Lawsuit Gets Bush Guard Papers Out

Barack Obama's failed "accomplishments" in the 90th GA of the Illinois Legislature (1997-1998)

Biological Fact Links, Anthrax, Smallpox, Plague and Tularemia (Printable Materials)

Bush Guard Service, The True Story

Can not find Free Republic using Cable Modem service

Catholic Right to life doctrine

Charles Manson Follower Ends Her Silence 40 years After Night of Slaughter

Cheney Defends Interrogation Program, Condemns NY Times (Video 5/21/2009 AEI Speech)

Chertoff delayed federal response, memo shows

CNN Transcript: Greenfield Interviews Senator Clinton

Database of Public Policy Organizations

Demise of the Green Berets?

Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz Speech on Iraq Disarmament [includes Q & A]

Document: Oklahoma City Bombing Was Taped

Document: Saddam Regime Training and Using Foreign Arab Terrorists As Suicide Bombers. (Translation)

Evidence Shows Crewmate Rev. Alston Never Served Under Sen. Kerry

Fact Sheet on Acquisition of P&O Ports by DP World

FreeRepublic: Changes in Style Sheets

Full text of the bailout bill (FREEP researchers needed)

FULL transcript of bin Ladin's speech

Gorelick Memo Allegedly Impeded Probe of Clinton Fundraising Scandal

Has the "New York Times" Violated the Espionage Act?

Hope, Change, & Lies: Orchestrated "Grassroots" Smear Campaigns & the People that Run Them

How GM lost its way (SHOCK: the UAW)

Hugh Hewitt Correspondence With Rice U Professor Shows CBS' Memos ARE Forgeries (MUST READ!!!)

Iraq Maps from Congressional Research Service - shows Iraq's Declared Nuclear Facilities &more

Iraqi WMD and Delivery Development Being Undertaken in Libya [An Oct. 2002 report!]

Islamists Down Under (Vy Interesting Read)

John Kerry - March 27, 1986 Senate Speech (Christmas in Cambodia)

Judicial Watch: Threat Letters by Liberal Group May Violate Ku Klux Klan Act

Katrina/New Orleans Timeline - Was FEMA Really Slow?

Katrinia Timeline with links

Keepers of the Lost Ark?[Ethiopia][Ark of the Covenant]

Kerry & Clarke 9/11 Culpability: The Senate Intel Committee Findings on 9/11!

Lexicon of FreeRepublic - 4th Edition

Links to court documents (SCOTUS, FSC, & Leon County)

List of Democrats who have taken Abramoff money

Lost Or Unrecognized Multi-National Economic Principles And Slavery


Maybe the French Aren't So Stupid Afterall...

Michael Shermer Fact-Free Attack on Expelled Exposes Intolerance of Darwinists to Pro-ID Scientists

Microsoft offers disabled SP2 download

Mystery Americans on the trail of bin Laden?(bin Laden sighting)

Nancy Pelosi: I Was Briefed on NSA Program (She Signed Off On It)

New clue turns up in 'God's banker' death

NEW! Kerry, NOT Bush, paralyzed by 9/11 attacks / Hear Kerry admit he could not think

Obama CANNOT be the "First African-American Male Elected to the Senate"

Obama's Labor Department Gives Big Labor and Its Front Groups Another Gift

OH MY (60 minutes Echelon exposed transcript Feb 27th, 2000)

People and Organizations who Donated to No On 8

Poll - Who do you believe more on President Bush's National Guard records?

Propaganda Techniques [Free Republic]

public bookmarks how to.

Rep. Kanjorski: $550 Billion Disappeared in "Electronic Run On the Banks"

Rep. Steve King Rips Obama, Murtha and Surrendercrats in House Floor Speech (Text - Must Read!)

Rescued: Data the Kerry/Edwards Campaign Tried to DELETE from its site! (grandpa dave found cache)

Researchers: What are your favorite research sites?

See Views of Dimpled Chads Under The Microscope

Seen any strange or funny websites lately? (VANITY)

Set up? Anatomy of the contrived Wilson "scandal"

Streaming Video: PBSs "Al Qaeda's New Front"

Tan Nguyen Was Right!

Text of Hans Blix's Statement to U.N.


The Military - DARPA's new supersoldiers

The Swifties Fire Back

The Uighurs, in their Own Words

The White House, the CIA, and the Wilsons

Traitors of Record: The Record of the New York Times

Transcript: Ted Kennedy on Meet the Press, March 21, 2004

Transcript:Lott Interview on BET

Valerie Plame believed Iraq was trying to acquire Nuclear Weapons in Dec 2002

Ward Churchill on Tape Teaching Terrorism - from Seattle, WA in August 2003 (with audio links!)

Who benefited from the porkbarrel projects pushed through by Landrieu

Who Is Byron Dorgan? (And why is this Senator suppressing the Independent Counsel's report)

Why was New Orleans Evacuated?

Wikileaks releases 6,780 congressional reports

Will Offshore Outsourcing Drain U.S. Tech?

“Dollars for Dismissals" -The prosecutor in the DeLay case dropped charges in exchange for cash...