Since Dec 17, 2001

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(Science) Coolest link I've seen in ages (Vanity)

***Coalition Reaches Bagland City Limits***

Corporate Buzzwords are Killing Me!

Fess up, boys-- stuff about men.

Final Update: Streaming Video/Audio Links

For those interested in widespread biometric ID implementation...


Hold my beer and watch this!!!

Marine Needs E-Mail

Matrix Ping Pong

Please post live video streaming links...

Se Habla American? Texican as she is spoke

September 11th Video Project

Short IDF Video of the Terrorist with the Bomb-underpants

Spell Check a little yzarc!

Ted Nugent sounds off

The Squirrel Grenade (EXTREMELY funny article)

These are our rules girls. Deal With it!!


US Marines (-----) At The Bridge Of Death (Very Graphic)

Why VERY INTELLIGENT Men Fail With Women

World's Worst Weatherman [LOL!]