ABN 505
Since Aug 21, 2004

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Living in Bear and Moose country in Hartland. Proud son of a WWII Vet of the 101st Abn. who served during the hardest periods of fighting in Europe. One of five brothers who have served this country during the Vietnam War and Iraq war. 1/505 82ND ABN.Proud father of four good kids and a beautiful wife. Owner of the worlds smartest Poundpuppy,[a Pitbull of course] Duffy the wonderdog. Lover of old British Iron [still have my Triumph and BSA from my teenage years,wish I had more].Reader of History from Caesar to Gibbons to modern day Hanson and McCollough. Pastimes : Collecting Books, machining metal,Gardening, Fishing, Shooting, cooking[on the grill],carpentry, listening to Irish Music and Brewing my own Ale! Trying hard to stay sane in the most liberal of liberal states!
create your own visited states mapFrom Winston Churchill's dispatches during the Afghanistan war of 1897, on the Muslim Tribesman. "These tribesmen are among the most miserable and brutal creatures on earth. Their intelligence only enables them to be more cruel,more dangerous, more destructible than the wild beasts. Their religion-fanatic though they are-is only respected when it incites to bloodshed and murder. Their habits are filthy;their morals cannot be alluded to. With every feeling of respect for the wide sentiment of human sympathy which characterizes a Christian civilization,I find it impossible to come to any other conclusion than that, in proportion that these valleys are purged from the pernicious vermin that infest them, so will the happiness of humanity be increased and the progress of mankind acclerated." Now instead of getting rid of them we are importing them into the heart of our Country!