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What Free Republic has taught me.

by 4mycountry.

Free Republic has taught me...

...that I must believe in myself, my country, and my beliefs.
...that anything is worth fighting for if you believe it in your heart.
...that friends can be made in the strangest places.
...that doing what you love is being who you are.
...that no human being is infallable.
...that criticism is constructive, not degrading.
...that what you do is your fault, so take responsibility like an adult.
...that knowing the enemy is half the battle.
...that stupid people are powerful if they come in large numbers.
...that stupid people alone are just, well, stupid.
...that being weird makes you special, not freaky.
...that cleverness, seriousness, humor, and the meaning to life can all be found in an itty bitty tag.
...that there is intelligent life on Earth, or at least the internet.
...that tiny vanities of wisdom make 5+year lurkers sign up when nothing else has.
...that there are such things as "sane asylums".
...that people will read tons of articles on one subject so they can post that perfect picture.
...that the things people dare not utter on the forum can be found on their profile.
...that lightning is the most powerful weapon on earth.
...that you must choose your enemies wisely, not just your friends.
...that if the perfect phrase cannot be found, a smiling icon will do.
...that "til death do we part" can be used on anything from marriage to hamsters to belt-fed weapons.
...that SpongeBob is more popular than anyone ever imagined.
...that abbreviations are the way to go, whether you are LOL or JK.
...that pinging yourself to an article is broadcasting the fact that you are a newbie.
...that a moose and cheese are powerful things, esp. when around your sister.
...that if you do not post an Ann Coulter pic on an Ann Coulter thread you started, you are evil.
...that the people who are the most insane are the most remembered, most charished, and most loved of all.
...that everyone can find a place in the world.
...that you can close your eyes, cross your arms, turn around, and fall back with full confidence into the arms of people you have never met in your lifetime. And they will catch you. Every time.

That's what Free Republic has taught this 16yr old.

Thank you, Free Republic.


Camp Summit

A remarkable place, for remarkable people.

- Mission Statement -

The mission of Camp Summit is to provide a residential camping experience for children, youth and adults with disabilities.

Camp Summit seeks to enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities by broadening their experiences and improving their social skills while increasing their capacity for independence and providing opportunities to have camp-loads of FUN.

In nature, all things are created equal.

At Camp Summit, all campers are treated equal. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to realize their maximum potential, including those with disabilities. Camp Summit provides an enriching experience in natural surroundings to individuals who are physically challenged, developmentally delayed, dual sensory impaired or who have multiple disabilities. Campers are encouraged to try new experiences in order to gain self-confidence, learn cooperation and communication, and increase personal independence in a safe and fun environment. Our focus is on individual growth through accomplishing a variety of goals at levels specific to each individual's needs, capabilities and potential. And whether it is completing our rigorous challenge course or the challenge of moving a single finger, we recognize that every accomplishment is equally important, and we encourage and applaud each brave attempt.

Our barrier-free facilities include:

- Swimming pool
- Horseback riding trails
- Wheelchair accessable tree house
- Adapted ropes challenge course
- Covered outdoor gymnasium
- Lodge with fireplace
- Campsites
- Fishing pond
- Outdoor chapel

Nestled on 117 beautiful wooded acres 15 miles north of the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport (Map), the camp has been serving the needs of the disabled for over 50 years.

Visit the website at http://www.campsummittx.org for more info!

Poetry Corner. Cue the bongos.

There’s a troll on the loose to tantalize her
With lightning bolts 4mycountry is no miser
By this Viking kitten
Trolls will be smitten
Turned to smoldering piles of fertilizer

Written by the talented OnTheDress.

Thank you. Cue the lighters and fingersnaps.