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Michelle Malkin mentions my work on exposing people behind the Anti-Tea Party Movement

Rush Limbaugh mentions my work on Joe Stack

The Drudge Report links to my story on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow using fake twitter accounts to boost mentions

The Village Voice attacks my outing of the background of the mental patient that had a Nativity removed.

The Weekly Standard talks about the "interesting facts" I found out about the Frosts.

Rush Limbaugh writes about my work on the Frost story.

ABC news mentions my work on S-CHIP saying it created a firestorm in Washington

Time Magazine claims I "swift boated" the Frosts

Mark Stein of National Review Online wrote: "icwhatudo" at Free Republic, however, showed rather more curiosity than the professional reporter paid to investigate"

Kristinn of Free Republic was kind enough to write: "Other Freepers, like Buckhead and icwhatudo to name two, have profoundly affected the national political landscape with their posts on Free Republic."

Michelle Malkin writes about my S-CHIP work: "FreeRepublic member icwhatudo asks the tough questions the mainstream media won't ask"

AIP News picks up my writeup on the Gore effect in Copenhagen

Human Events gives its "man of the year award" to Rush Limbaugh writing..."it was Rush, with information from folks on conservative websites such as Free Republic"

Accuracy in Media writes about my work on the CCHD: "But in another shocking development that adds to the current controversy, a blogger at the Free Republic has uncovered a convicted child pornographer on the staff of a Baltimore group, Alternative Directions, Inc. (ADI), which has received funding from the Baltimore CCHD.". The reporter from AIM was then hung up on after mentioning my thread to the CCHD representative.


An important question before we go into the S-CHIP discussion...If a man bought a stock years ago for $55, and today its worth $500, would someone who said its worth $500 be a liar? So the same would go for someone who bought a house for 55 grand years ago...

The post that started it all:

The "Not So Poor" 12 Year Old Who Rebutted Bush on SCHIP Veto

Feel free to cut and paste the part where I "attacked a 12 year old"

Many media outlets and left wing blogs are crowing about all the supposed falsehoods contained in my original post. Lets take a look- point by point before you believe the MSM:

Look Again At The Frost Facts...And Don't Back Down

I'd like to say something to Mr. and Mrs. Frost. Maybe a media type reading this can get this to them:

I want you to know that I'm truly sorry for what happened to your family. I hope your kids continue with their recovery and I hope your business improves to the point where you will not need the S-CHIP program anymore. I'm sure you are not pleased at my interest in your finances but at the same time I hope you will see there is absolutely no attack on your son contained in my post.

You made a choice to become public figures, to allow your son to be coached to give the democrat response to president Bush’s veto of the expansion of S-CHIP. An expansion that would wind up covering my family as well. As I understand it, his veto does not take away your family's coverage. Overturning that veto would mean my family would get that coverage.

In my opinion this would take our country further down the road to government run health care. We both have seen what the government has done running the public schools and that is why we both have opted for private schooling.

Your family opted to appear in the Baltimore Sun as a model of the type of family that currently uses S-CHIP, mine could be a model of the type that that it shouldn't be expanded to. We have a nice home, 2 cars, all 4 kids in private school and are able to spend 2 weeks at the beach each year. I just don't think its fair for other people to have to pay for my families health care. My wife and I would love to run our own business, but our decisions on employment are usually focused on who provides the best health care first, what we want to do second.

I thought it was important to examine what families using S-CHIP in its current form were like so we could understand if there really was a need to expand it to higher income families. You choose to be that family in the spotlight and I'm sorry you now have to face this examination.

Soon the media trucks will be gone and life will be back to somewhat normal. I keep you and your family in my prayers.