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  • BEHIND ENEMY LINES: Hi-Res Images of BLM War Zone Exposes Fed’s Military Fiasco at Bundy Ranch

    04/16/2014 11:05:04 AM PDT · by ponygirl · 264 replies
    21st Century Wire ^ | April 14, 2014 | 21wire
    New images of cattle rancher Cliven Bundy’s tense standoff with the Federal Bureau of Land Mangement (BLM) on Saturday afternoon reveal how the armed agency’s military operation configured to forcefully engage Bundy cowboys and their supporters who sought to liberate federally confiscated cattle over the weekend. These exclusive images were taken by a GMN photographer positioned right above the action on the Southbound side of Interstate 15 near Bunkerville, Nevada. Despite the BLM being instructed to leave the Bundy Ranch and Gold Butte area earlier that morning, the agency still insisted had a legal right to be there and that...
  • The Biggest Star ... Mark Steyn

    04/06/2014 12:54:57 AM PDT · by Rummyfan · 153 replies
    Steyn Online ^ | 5Apr 2014 | Mark Steyn
    SteynOnline celebrated Doris Day's 90th birthday on Thursday, and several readers wrote to point out that April 3rd 1924 was also the late Marlon Brando's birthday. You could hardly ask for two more dissimilar stars, so I thought it would be appropriate to make Brando the subject of this week's Saturday film feature: A few years back, The New Yorker published a cartoon in which two ladies discussed the appeal of Marlon Brando: "He plays galoots really well," suggested the first woman. "No, he's not a galoot," says the second. "Like in On The Waterfront, he's much more sensitive than...

    04/06/2014 5:43:23 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 308 replies
    Breitbart ^ | April 6, 2014 | GOP-e Sen. Rand Paul
    Evolve, adapt or die. That is the fate of our current Republican party. We must evolve as a party and find a way to attract millennials to the conservative movement or we will never succeed in realizing our ideals of individual freedom and freedom from government interference. Initially, I received criticism from political pundits for speaking to non-traditional audiences. I was told it was a waste of time to reach out to these audiences, specifically students from both Howard University and University of California, Berkeley. My response is this: I have never been one to watch the world go by...
  • First Ever UnZot? 2nd Division Vet released from ZOTDOM! (This is HUGH!)

    03/25/2014 5:59:40 PM PDT · by PROCON · 98 replies
    Wow, I have never seen an UnZot before, it was awesome! 2nd Division Vet, welcome home! BTW, Vet, you out there?
  • Palin gives Cruz control as CPAC closes

    03/08/2014 10:55:56 PM PST · by Cincinatus' Wife · 113 replies
    The Hill ^ | March 8, 2014 | Alexander Bolton
    Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) may have won the straw poll, but runner-up Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) won the biggest endorsement on the final night of the Conservative Political Action Conference. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the closing speaker at the three-day gathering of activists, touted Cruz and urged conservatives to challenge the GOP’s inside-the-beltway establishment. “Thank you Texas because liberty needs a Congress on Cruz control,” Palin told an audience that erupted into raucous cheers. Cruz, who was elected to the Senate after beating Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst — the candidate favored in 2012 by the GOP establishment —...
  • 'Cosmos' 2nd episode: Neil deGrasse Tyson condescends toward doubters of evolution

    03/17/2014 11:17:25 AM PDT · by EveningStar · 189 replies
    March 17, 2014
    Last night, I watched the second episode of "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey" (the reboot of the 1980 series). It was entitled, "Some of the Things That Molecules Do." One of the things Tyson dealt with in this episode was evolution. Now, I myself do subscribe to the theory of evolution, but I found Tyson's treatment to be offensive, condescending, and smarmy. I thought it was an in-your-face chip-on-the-shoulder response against skeptics of evolution. I thought this was supposed to be a science show, not a political show. But this is just my opinion. What is your opinion? If you missed...
  • A Conservative Case for Marriage Equality and Zots

    03/13/2014 3:56:08 PM PDT · by Aqua Buddhist · 139 replies
    The Princeton Tory ^ | February 11, 2014 | Evan Draim
    Within a few days, a federal district judge in my home-state of Virginia will likely rule on the constitutionality of the commonwealth’s Marshall-Newman Amendment, which only permits marriage between one man and one woman. Frankly, as a conservative Republican and as a Christian, I hope that the amendment is struck down. Republicans value marriage so highly because it encourages people to live according to conservative values. For instance, by enabling two people to share resources, marriage makes couples more financially secure, thereby reducing their dependence on government. In addition, marriage binds people into permanent, monogamous relationships, enabling couples to more...
  • Chinese Martyrs Brigade take credit for downed plane - why has the MSM ignored this?

    03/12/2014 6:33:32 PM PDT · by King Kong McCoy ^ | 3-10-14 | Staff reporter
    “Make Jobs, Not Propaganda” President Obama’s income inequality campaign – the centerpiece of his effort to save vulnerable Democrats from the Obamacare disaster – is fast losing steam in the face of raw facts and political reality. The President wandered up to Connecticut the other day to sing the praises of a minimum wage increase with friendly Democratic governors who have moved to raise the minimum wage in their states. His refrain was familiar. “It’s time to give America a raise,” Obama said. “It’s not bad business to do right by your workers; it’s good business.” As usual, the president...
  • CT Cop to Gun Owning Patriot: “I Cannot Wait to Get the Order to Kick Your Door In”

    03/08/2014 6:12:18 PM PST · by lowbridge · 336 replies ^ | march 8, 2014 | tim brown
    Last weekend, I reported on Connecticut John Cinque's 2013 warning to lawmakers that he would not comply with their attempts to force the citizens of Connecticut to register their semi-automatic weapons and high capacity magazines. Since that time, the video, though a year old, has gone viral. However, in a recent video between Mr. Cinque and Connecticut gubernatorial candidate Joe Viconti, Cinque reveals that a Branford, Connecticut police officer told him, "I Cannot Wait to Get the Order to Kick Your Door In."
  • Georgia, Mississippi Follow Arizona by Blocking Bills Seen as Anti-Gay

    02/28/2014 7:19:26 AM PST · by GIdget2004 · 77 replies ^ | 02/28/2014 | David Winograd
    Less than 24 hours after Arizona’s governor vetoed a bill that had been criticized as anti-gay, similar legislation in Georgia and Mississippi are hitting new roadblocks. Georgia state senator Josh McKoon conceded on Thursday that support for his religious-freedom bill is evaporating, 11Alive Atlanta reports. He told the Huffington Post that a committee vote on his legislation, previously scheduled for next Monday, has been taken off the calendar. McKoon said his bill merely protects religious rights of Georgia residents, but critics argued it would allow business owners to refuse services to gays based on religious beliefs. In Mississippi, the state...
  • The "Born Gay" Hoax

    02/27/2014 3:43:57 PM PST · by ResisTyr · 164 replies ^ | n/a | Unknown
    The Born “Gay” Hoax By 1985, the pro-sodomy movement The born “gay” hoax was invented in 1985 by Marshall Kirk and Dr. Hunter Madsen. Marshall Kirk graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University in 1980 majoring in psychology and went on to become a writer and researcher in neuropsychiatry. Dr. Hunter Madsen earned a PhD in politics from Harvard University in 1985, then went on to become an expert on public persuasion tactics, social marketing, and has designed commercial marketing on Madison Avenue. He has also served as a consultant to pro-sodomy media campaigns across America. In 1985, Marshall Kirk...
  • Yes, Atheism and Conservatism Are Compatible [uh, huh. bye]

    02/26/2014 3:05:25 PM PST · by Notary Sojac · 257 replies
    NRO ^ | 26 Feb 2014 | Charles C. W. Cooke
    Yesterday, in response to one of the many brouhahas that CPAC seems always to invite, Brent Bozell issued the following statement: The invitation extended by the ACU, Al Cardenas and CPAC to American Atheists to have a booth is more than an attack on conservative principles. It is an attack on God Himself. American Atheists is an organization devoted to the hatred of God. How on earth could CPAC, or the ACU and its board of directors, and Al Cardenas condone such an atrocity? The particular merits of the American Atheists group to one side, this is a rather astounding...
  • So, I'm a Millennial and a leftist. Zot away (Froggy Mod says "Adieu")

    02/24/2014 3:17:38 PM PST · by Millennial Lefty · 286 replies
    So, I lurk on Free Republic quite a bit. Usually it's to read some of the outrageous comments some post here and some of it is to see what your opinions are on certain articles that also get posted elsewhere. So, a little bit about myself. I'm in my 20s and of Hispanic origin. I was born in New York but moved to Florida when I was three years old. I'm what you guys would consider a "socialist". I don't consider myself a socialist, I'm a supporter of the free market economy except I favor strong government regulations. While on...
  • Evo Debate: Things Bill Nye does not know about science

    For any who might have missed the debate Tuesday evening, it may be seen on Youtube: What I was listening to was more of a debate on the age of the Earth than on evolution although the two topics are related. Ham is well schooled in the arguments against evolution, but he believes in a literal intgerpretation of Genesis and a roughly six thousand year old universe; that is pretty much impossible to defend. Nye, on the other hand, strikes me as a sort of a yuppie and an acolyte of Carl Sagan's who has not made any sort...

    02/03/2014 10:35:02 AM PST · by carlo3b · 287 replies
    CookingWithChefCarlo. ^ | Feb. 3 2014 | Carlo3b
    I FINALLY BELIEVE, IT IS THE WOMAN’S SOLE RIGHT TO CHOOSE.. For me, it came down to a matter of nature, and fairness. I thought it through, and in doing so, I made sure that I really thought it all the way through.. After all of my many years of standing on the sidelines and observing, as was what I have been instructed to do, as a man, I have concluded that it should be the ultimate decision of the woman to decide whether she should be a mother.. In balancing, deliberating, and reasoning, there was but one undeniable truth,...
  • Democrat Terry McAuliffe wins Va. governor's race, Fox News projects

    11/05/2013 7:05:36 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 152 replies
    Fox News ^ | November 5, 2013
    Democrat Terry McAuliffe is projected to win the Virginia gubernatorial race, defeating Republican nominee Ken Cuccinelli in a surprisingly close victory. Fox News projected McAuliffe as the winner Tuesday night. The closely watched raced pitted a Tea Party-backed Republican and an establishment Democrat locked in an expensive, ideological battle whose outcome is expected to set a course for the 2014 and 2016 elections -- in large part forcing the GOP to consider whether a strong conservative candidate is the party’s best pick to win a national election. Cuccinelli, trailing late by single digits, tried unsuccessfully to use voter dissatisfaction with...
  • Jazz Patriot Kicked off of Free Republic Website (blogger tears are the best tears)

    01/08/2014 11:43:17 AM PST · by I Am Not A Mod · 385 replies
    Here's a link to something. ^ | Jan. 8, 2013 | someone of no consequence
    Yesterday after complaining that one of the hoodlums called Freepers at Free Republic had copied my article without my permission, I was publicly chastised and escorted off by his excellency Jim Robinson, the psychotic founder of Free Republic himself. I was upset at first until I read other accounts online of Robinson’s war on Conservative Bloggers and how I am now in pretty good company with the likes of Michelle Malkin and Sean Hannity, who belonged to Free Republic at one time and were both banished by Mr Robinson. “Everyone I knew basically left because of so many childish, immature...
  • The Polar Vortex Thing Sounds too "Wag the Doggish" for me

    01/07/2014 10:22:05 AM PST · by jazzpatriot · 224 replies
    The Jazz Patriot ^ | Jan 7, 2014 | Tom Wholley
    The country is under attack by a record breaking cold wave with subzero temperatures we haven't heard about since, well...the first half of the twentieth century, which must seem strange to all you well coddled millennials out there, but use to get really...really cold when I was growing up in the 1950s. And wait until you hear what it was like when my father was growing up in the 1920s and the local salt water river that flows into the city from the Atlantic froze solid. But I know its hard to conceive of something like that when all...
  • Wal-Mart Relies On Taxpayers To Subsidize Low Wages

    01/06/2014 6:54:56 AM PST · by steelhead_trout · 366 replies
    Business Insider ^ | June 1, 2013 | Emily Coyle
    <p>Wal-Mart’s wages are so low that many of its workers must rely on food stamps and other government aid programs, costing taxpayers as much as $900,0000 at just one Wal-Mart Supercenter in Wisconsin.</p> <p>So how did the report’s authors come up with the $900,000 figure? First, they took into account the number of Wal-Mart stores and employees across Wisconsin and the per-person costs of Badgercare, the state’s health care program, estimating that the cost of the publicly funded health care comes to $251,706 per year for a Supercenter that employees 300 workers.</p>
  • Dispelling Myths: The Case for Immigration Reform [Enjoy your made-in-America ZOT, troll]

    12/27/2013 11:24:17 AM PST · by honestabe010 · 6,559 replies
    Red Dirt Report ^ | 12/27/2013 | Brian Woodward
    In his press conference on December 20th, President Obama urged the House of Representatives to support the Senate’s immigration bill, which passed 68-32 in late June. Among the concerns cited by Americans who oppose reform are that immigrants will take their jobs, drive down wages, increase criminal activity, burden the welfare system, and reshape the cultural dynamic of the country. These concerns are mostly ill-founded. The legitimate concerns have real solutions, and a more open immigration policy will be a net benefit for all Americans... Highlights from Article: - A 2013 study by the American Action Forum states that "immigration...
  • Saying ‘Merry Christmas’ Now Okay (in Texas)

    12/15/2013 8:45:56 AM PST · by Libloather · 56 replies
    KTRH ^ | 12/10/13 | Cliff Saunders
    It’s a blow to political correctness. The ‘Merry Christmas’ law that was signed by Governor Rick Perry earlier this year has made national headlines, and is now gaining traction in other states. “Oklahoma, New Jersey, Mississippi, Alabama, and Indiana have filed similar bills. That’s five states now that have filed some form of the ‘Merry Christmas’ Bill,” State Representative Dwayne Bohac, who sponsored Texas’ law, told KTRH. And because it’s now law, Jonathan Saenz of Texas Values says your kids don't have to worry about being politically correct anymore.
  • Scott Walker: Republicans should focus on economic issues to take back the Senate

    12/14/2013 2:33:46 PM PST · by AstralisLux · 90 replies
    Asked how the GOP could win the Senate in the 2014 elections, Walker explained that Republicans must not be viewed as the 'party of no' as Democrats have tried to brand them. "As they're running for Senate, focus on the two key issues: an economic concern in our country, [and] there are still too many who are not coming through." Walker explained that Reagan's 1980 acceptance speech should be a model for the Republican Party to message for voters. "If you live in poverty, we want to lift you out,” he said. “We don't want to leave anyone behind. We...
  • "Zot" (Words With Friends)

    12/12/2013 9:21:45 PM PST · by CovenBuster · 69 replies
    Anyone play Words With Friends? If so, have you ever tried to play the word "zot"? Would you believe the system won't accept it? Whaaaaaaat??? Apparently they don't understand the influence FR has on the culture! A couple of years ago when I was fairly new to the game, I thought I was about to make an impressive move. I had the "z" sitting on a triple letter square, and I was creating two words using the triple z twice (vertically and horizontally). It was going to be my highest scoring word to date. I was so proud. Then I...
  • Anyone who opposes the Affordable Care Act is a subhuman (Why Fry a Turkey when You can Zot Them?)

    11/28/2013 11:24:48 AM PST · by Rex1971 · 3,161 replies
    <p>Anyone who opposes the Affordable Care Act is a subhuman. It is a great law but lying republicans are trying to destroy it. I signed up with no problem on the website. Republicans want to repeal my new insurance. Obama is a hero!</p>
  • Sheriff: Dad knocks teen out after son hurt in football game [White perp: Knockout over game]

    11/26/2013 5:45:30 PM PST · by Colofornian · 111 replies ^ | Nov. 25, 2013 | KPIC staff
    LAKESIDE, Ore. -- A Lakeside man knocked a 13-year-old boy unconscious after his son was elbowed in the face playing football, the Coos County Sheriff's Office said. Back in late October, the man's 10-year-old son was playing football with a group of kids at the city park when he was elbowed in the face during a play. That child went home and told his father, who the Sheriff's office identified as Mark Andrew Colton, 34, of Lakeside. Deputies said Colton went to the field and demanded to know who had hit his son. That's when deputies said a 13-year-old who...

    11/19/2013 1:35:39 PM PST · by Haji Ashraf · 55 replies
    PAKISTAN NEWS | 2013-11-19 | Haji Ashraf
    <p>We are first introducing / marketing to Fresh Camel Milk in Karachi. Camel Milk available in Karachi 200 Rs. Per Liter Contact Haji Ashraf Cell No. 0321-2609554 - Health - Beauty – Karachi.</p>
  • Columnist Defends Homosexuals and Dumps on Christians!

    11/18/2013 8:52:29 PM PST · by John Leland 1789 · 22 replies
    CST News ^ | November 16, 2013 | Dr. Don Boys
    Rhonda Swan, a Cox Newspaper columnist wrote a column that appeared in the Chattanooga Times Free-Press in which she defended same-sex marriage and attacked the Bible and common sense. The column was riddled with assumptions, speculations, distortions, and mistakes dealing with the Bible and same-sex marriage. You know–the normal thing that passes for journalism today. She is an author and accomplished journalist and received the “reporter of the year” award from the National Association of Black Journalists’ New England chapter. So she is not a novice; however, she is mistaken, misinformed, and malicious. It is a misnomer to characterize same-sex...
  • Congressman: Benghazi attackers knew location of ambassador's safe room

    11/15/2013 5:13:30 PM PST · by FR_addict · 160 replies ^ | Nov. 15,2013 | Catherine Herridge
    The terrorists who attacked the Benghazi consulate last year knew the location of the safe room where Ambassador Chris Stevens and his security team sought shelter, according to a congressman who spoke for 90 minutes with the diplomatic security agent severely injured in the assault. "He confirmed this - that it was a very well orchestrated, and well organized, almost a military operation, using military weapons and using military signals," the late Florida Rep. Bill Young said after meeting diplomatic security agent David Ubben at Walter Reed Medical Center last summer, when both were patients there. ...
  • Please delete my account.

    09/04/2013 4:22:49 AM PDT · by Bon mots · 108 replies
    today | Bon Mots
    Please delete my account. I sincerely wish you all the best. :-)
  • Thank You All for Welcoming Me! [ZOT! Calling Viking Kitties!]

    11/11/2013 8:25:45 PM PST · by lesliecortner · 788 replies
    Leslie Cortner
    I would like to thank all who have welcomed me within the past almost 3 wks; esp ., "the old lady". I also vividly recall also "null and void" & lazmataz. It's been nice having a posting priviledge here as a guest but I don't think FR is for me. I'm a Constitutional Conservative and as many conservative opinions are voiced here I'm not seeing what I'm personally looking for in commentary. It's sort of like dating isn't it? After a few dates, a few comments,a few opinions, one begins to draw conclusions. Free Republic just isn't for me. I...
  • How do I deactivate my account?

    11/08/2013 6:35:24 AM PST · by VPARP
    The tea party, he says, consists of "people who are angry and upset at government—and I agree with them." But "I think, honestly, many of them have been misled. . . . They've been told the reason we can't get to better outcomes than we've gotten is not because the Democrats control the Senate and the White House but because Republicans have been insufficiently feisty. Well, that's just not true, and I think that the folks that I have difficulty with are the leaders of some of these groups who basically mislead them for profit. . . . They raise...
  • Race wars: Will it end before most people know it began?

    11/07/2013 7:06:49 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 106 replies
    The Bucks County Courier Times ^ | November 5, 2013 | Colin Flaherty, author "White Girl Bleed a Lot"
    Is the greatest mind of the last 30 years now a nut job? Worse, did it happen because he read my book, White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore it? That is what I thought immediately after reading Thomas Sowell’s latest column. Sowell said we are in the midst of a race war. He cited White Girl Bleed a Lot as proof positive of an epidemic of unacknowledged racial violence across the country: more than 500 examples in more than 100 cities. All documented. Many on video. The first time...
  • Senate Approves Gay Rights Bill

    11/07/2013 1:27:46 PM PST · by lbryce · 139 replies
    Washington Post ^ | November 7, 2013 | Ed O'Keefe
    The Senate passed historic gay rights legislation Thursday to bar discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity in the workplace, another victory for the gay rights movement that has been gaining favor in the courts and electoral politics. Senators voted 64 to 32 to approve the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. The vote marked the first time lawmakers had approved legislation to advance gay rights since repealing the military’s ban on gay men and lesbians in uniform in late 2010 and came two days after Illinois became the 15th state to legalize same-sex marriage. Just four months ago the U.S. Supreme...
  • Karl Rove implies Sarah Palin the political equivalent of Miley Cyrus

    11/07/2013 5:19:06 PM PST · by Past Your Eyes · 228 replies
    The O'Reilly Factor | 11/7/2013 | Self
    Am I the only one who caught it? Some of you clever techies post that for us please.
  • ‘Snowden testimony would be a disaster’

    11/02/2013 10:38:58 PM PDT · by Olog-hai · 213 replies
    Deutsche Welle ^ | 11/02/2013 | Gero Schließ
    “It would be a disaster for American-German relations if Snowden came to Germany and publicly testified before the Bundestag.” What Green MP Christian Ströbele ultimately is hoping for after his surprise visit with Edward Snowden in Moscow would be a nightmare for Stephen Szabo of the German Marshall Fund, as well for the Obama administration. The relationship between the two countries is headed towards “a deep, downward spiral,” says Szabo. This must be stopped. If Snowden were to come to Germany with official blessing, the situation would escalate further, warns the long-time Germany expert and vice-president of the German Marshall...
  • Need LOGO created for the Zeta Omicron Tau Fraternity of Free Republic....

    10/29/2013 1:02:04 PM PDT · by Red Badger · 31 replies
    Free Republic | 10-29-2013 | Red Badger
    Can somebody out therein Freeper Land design a LOGO for use when ZOTting a post? Perhaps lightning bolts crossed over a shield of stars and stripes?..............just curious..............
  • Mitch McConnell for President 2016 [and ZOT for 2013]

    10/24/2013 12:11:05 PM PDT · by WotansHammer · 4,288 replies ^ | click here
    Mitch McConnell for Pres. 2016 and General of Counter-Terrorism for VP. I thought you would be interested in this story I found on US ambassador summoned by Germany over NSA spying (, ) Wait a second? Didn’t Snowden first go to China? Where China and their reverse-technology, was granted the rights to reproduce the Grundig SW radio? I hear people in American jails, know how to increase the band-with of small transistor radio’s. What could China do with a Grundig or cell phone, like the Samsung knock-off. Now didn’t Germany discredit our secrets, as found in the German...
  • Republicans Back Down, Ending Crisis Over Shutdown and Debt Limit

    10/16/2013 7:15:33 PM PDT · by lonestar67 · 337 replies
    NYT ^ | Oct. 16, 2013 | By JONATHAN WEISMAN and ASHLEY PARKER
    <p>WASHINGTON — Congressional Republicans conceded defeat on Wednesday in their bitter budget fight with President Obama over the new health care law as the House and Senate approved last-minute legislation ending a disruptive 16-day government shutdown and extending federal borrowing power to avert a financial default with potentially worldwide economic repercussions.</p>
  • Robert Sarvis continues climb in polls

    10/01/2013 2:13:51 PM PDT · by shego · 55 replies
    The Examiner ^ | 10/1/13 | Matthew Reece
    On Sept. 30, Newsmax/Zogby Polling released a poll of the gubernatorial race in Virginia. The race now appears to be nearly tied, with Democrat Terry McAuliffe, a former chairman of the national Democratic Party, leading Republican Ken Cuccinelli, the current attorney general of Virginia, by a margin of 32.5 percent to 32.4 percent. 24.3 percent are undecided, while 10.8 percent support another candidate. But when Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis is named as a choice, he gets 12.7 percent of the vote, with McAuliffe at 32.2 percent and Cuccinelli at 27.4 percent. Among 18-to-29-year-olds, the difference is far more pronounced. A...
  • Roll call vote possible tonight

    09/30/2013 4:56:15 PM PDT · by mdittmar · 55 replies
    United States Senate Democrats ^ | Sep 30, 2013 | Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
    If the House passes the continuing resolution with an amendment and sends the papers to the Senate tonight, Senator Reid intends to move to table the House Amendment this evening. We could vote in the 9pm range, but of course that depends on House action. Senators will be notified of the timing of the next vote as the situation unfolds.
  • I Love This Country

    09/28/2013 10:23:01 AM PDT · by virgil283 · 148 replies ^ | Rachel Lucas
    "One of the most startling revelations of moving back to the U.S. is the ubiquitous friendliness and I’m rolling around in it like a dog in fresh grass....none of which could really explain this truly awesome bit of reverse culture shock for me. It’s not that Europeans are exactly un-friendly, especially Italians, who are in fact very polite and kind to strangers, and warm to friends and family, but I lived in Texas for 15 years before moving to Europe and being openly friendly to complete strangers was (is) deeply part of my personality,....
  • How Safe is Blog Pimping? Not. At. All. Safe.

    09/27/2013 11:46:07 AM PDT · by lotr01 · 106 replies
    Zot Bait ^ | 9/27/2013 | Chris Carroll
    <p>With the recent tragic on Sept 16 where a heavily armed contractor gunned down 12 defense employees at a secured Navy base in Washington DC. Investigators will be sorting through the detail reports and come up with a plan to prevent future incidents. This won’t be the first time for lawmakers and defense leaders to go over base security protocols, terror threat information and personnel background check procedures.</p>
  • Ted Cruz Only Cares About Zotting Moronic Blog Pimps

    09/26/2013 11:49:33 AM PDT · by · 179 replies
    TSG ^ | Spetmeber 26, 2013 | Brian Woodward
    I hope that our elected officials will start to pour their efforts and energy towards legislation that is pragmatic. This showmanship and posturing from the junior senator from Texas is ill conceived and ultimately detrimental to the Republican party. Ted Cruz does not care about Obamacare, it does not affect him. He cares about advancing his political career, and he seized the opportunity. Can we really blame him?
  • Sarah Palin to Chris Wallace: Expose which GOPers are trying to ‘trash Sen Cruz’

    09/22/2013 9:53:57 AM PDT · by markomalley · 156 replies
    Twitchy ^ | 9/22/2013
    @FoxNewsSunday Keep it TRULY fair & balanced. Release the GOP names encouraging you to trash @SenTedCruz. No more anonymous sources.— Sarah Palin (@SarahPalinUSA) September 22, 2013 As Twitchy reported, Fox News’ Chris Wallace revealed that he was sent unsolicited oppo research on Sen. Ted Cruz. By “top Republicans.”Sarah Palin, who recently told GOP senators to “woman up” and stand firm on Obamacare, continues to have Sen. Cruz’s back.At least someone has a spine. Fight like a girl? You betcha.Will Chris Wallace reveal the names? Stay tuned.Related:‘See your filthy paw prints, Rove’ Who sent oppo research on Ted Cruz to...
  • Pro-abortion Mom of Year: “I don’t regret helping my 15-year-old daughter get an abortion”

    09/16/2013 4:29:28 PM PDT · by NYer · 135 replies
    LiveActionNews ^ | September 16, 2013 | Kristen Hatten
    Mississippi’s last abortion clinic, the Jackson Women’s Health Center. For some reason I began to think of this bright pink monstrosity as the Love Shack of Death, and the name has stuck. There is one abortion clinic left open in Mississippi. It is called Jackson Women’s Health Organization, and it is painted bright pink, as if to say, “We are here for the ladies, and we’re not going away.” This clinic is sassy, you guys, and it’s in danger of closing because of a new Mississippi law mandating that all abortionists obtain admitting privileges at a hospital. Nearby hospitals are...
  • Ted Cruz Is Making Life Miserable For House Republicans

    09/17/2013 8:57:26 AM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 148 replies
    Business Insider ^ | Sept 17, 2013 | By JOSH BARRO
    For the last few weeks, House Speaker John Boehner has been trying to find a way to convince his caucus to vote for a bill that keeps the government open after Sept. 30 without picking a fight over Obamacare. But a minority of his caucus has been insisting on defunding Obamacare, egged on by outside conservative groups and a handful of far-right Republican Senators, most importantly Ted Cruz (Texas). This has been pretty annoying for a lot of House Republican members and staff. Jonathan Strong and Andrew Stiles of National Review got an anecdote out of a closed Republican Study...

    09/05/2013 10:24:15 AM PDT · by Victoria Bingham · 4,835 replies
    Intel Analysis | September 5, 2013 | Victoria Bingham
  • Is Free Republic worth saving?

    08/30/2013 9:01:53 PM PDT · by The Bat Ladys Husband · 472 replies
    My involvement with Free Republic began around 2000 when my wife began her vigil around the Texas governor’s mansion in support of GW against the challenge of Al Gore for the presidency. I generally provided the livelihood for the Bat Lady to be able to protest and surround the mansion against the leftists who were kept at bay across the street. While she was registered in order to post after action reports I was a lurker on the site. Over the years we have attended rallies and protests and meetings. Other groups of freepers nationwide also held rallies, attended protests,...
  • Move over NSA, you got nothin' on the DEA (Records of decades of American phone calls)

    09/02/2013 8:16:22 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 43 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 09/02/2013 | Rick Moran
    This is how the New York Times describes a telephone surveillance program carried out by federal drug enforcement agencies: For at least six years, law enforcement officials working on a counternarcotics program have had routine access, using subpoenas, to an enormous AT&T database that contains the records of decades of Americans' phone calls -- parallel to but covering a far longer time than the National Security Agency's hotly disputed collection of phone call logs. Sounds ominous, but is it? The Hemisphere Project, a partnership between federal and local drug officials and AT&T that has not previously been reported, involves an...
  • Conservatives to Cruz: 'Run, Ted, run'

    09/02/2013 8:48:13 AM PDT · by SoConPubbie · 276 replies
    The Hill ^ | 09/01/13 12:30 PM ET | Alexandra Jaffe
    Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was met with enthusiastic cheers from an "adoring" audience during his address at a conservative summit on Saturday, the friendliest of any of the potential 2016 presidential hopefuls to speak at the Defending the Dream summit. The event, hosted by Americans for Prosperity, drew a handful of other conservative stars and would-be presidential contenders: Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R ) and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R ) all spoke. But according to The Washington Post, none received so warm a welcome as Cruz. He was met with chants of "Run, Ted, run!"...