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  • Word of the Day - SEDULOUS

    12/15/2017 6:30:48 AM PST · by Red Badger · 19 replies
    www.dictionary.com ^ | 12/15/2017 | Red Badger
    ======================================================================================= sed·u·lous ˈsejələs/ adjective adjective: sedulous (of a person or action) showing dedication and diligence. "he watched himself with the most sedulous care" synonyms: diligent, careful, meticulous, thorough, assiduous, attentive, industrious, conscientious, ultracareful, punctilious, scrupulous, painstaking, minute, rigorous, particular "he picked the thorn from his leg with sedulous care" Origin mid 16th century: from Latin sedulus ‘zealous’ + -ous.
  • Vanity - Roy Moore pulls a Hillary Clinton disappearance act and loses.

    12/13/2017 6:02:08 AM PST · by JLAGRAYFOX · 102 replies
    Politics is a bloodsport...but, it is also a people contact sport. When I learned back a week or so ago, that Judge Roy Moore was not out campaigning in public...I knew this political game for Moore was over or, at least on a dangling, dangerous lifeline. One of the many major reasons that Democrat, Hillary Clinton lost her POTUS run to Donald J. Trump is that she literally stopped major campaign activity starting in August, 2016...a big, major mistake. Pressing the flesh of voters is an absolute must and, Doug Jones did exactly that many times over. Roy Moore did...
  • Word For The Day

    12/13/2017 2:06:44 AM PST · by Louis Foxwell · 24 replies
    2000 MOST CHALLENGING AND OBSCURE WORDS | 12/13/17 | Norman Schur
    Word For The Day, In order that we might all raise the level of discourse and expand our language abilities, here is the daily post of "Word for the Day". Icarian [IH kar EE UN]hear it pronounced adjective Inadequate, juvenille disobedience, arrogant childish ignorance. Icarus was Daedalus' son who did not heed his father's warning and died. As the story in Greek mythology goes, Daedalus built the labyrinth for King Minos of Crete only to have himself and his son, Icarus, imprisoned. Daedalus fashioned wings from feathers and wax for himself and his son to fly to freedom. During their...
  • Vanity - Turnout, Turnout Turnout..Alabama, support/vote for Judge, Roy Moore.

    12/11/2017 4:20:05 AM PST · by JLAGRAYFOX · 8 replies
    Alabama voters, each & everyone of you.....tomorrow is election day. You all will be voting to choose the next USA Senator from Alabama. I feel pretty confident that you will choose & elect, Judge Roy Moore. But...IMHO, just winning by a point or two is not really enough. This "Moore Victory" needs to massive, literally, a total political defeat landslide and slaughter, handed to Left-Wing, Communist, Democrat, Doug "Baby Killer" Jones and the entire Democrat Party. Why? Well....This election is just not about Roy Moore. The Democrat and Republican Establishments, The RINOs, the entire biased national media has scorned you,...
  • Word for the day (Hagiography) 12/11/17

    12/10/2017 7:54:47 PM PST · by left that other site · 37 replies
    WORD FOR THE DAY In order that we might all raise the level of discourse and expand our language abilities, here is the daily post of “Word for the Day”. (Hagiography) [phonetic] noun ha·gi·og·ra·phy \ ˌha-gē-ˈä-grə-fē , ˌhā- , -jē- \ (part of speech - Noun) Definition 1 : biography of saints or venerated persons 2 : idealizing or idolizing biography "an account that smacks of hagiography" First Known Use: 1821
  • Vanity - Booker, Patrick, Campaign Swing for Doug Jones...a flop (100 attendees)!!!

    12/10/2017 4:52:09 PM PST · by JLAGRAYFOX · 58 replies
    Lookee, Lookee, Democrat, Doug Jones holds a rally in the major city of Alabama, Birmingham, with Democrat, Senator, Cory Booker and only about "100" people came. Looks like Cory Booker came down from New Jersey and no one cared. Shucks, POTUS, Trump packs 10,500 people into the arena in Pensacola, Florida to support Judge, Roy Moore, and add thousands of more folks stand outside the arena. Doug Jones...take a hint....bringing down Northeast Obamabot, Carpetbagger Black Racists, Booker & Patrick into Alabama ain't gonna do you much good as your you miserable turnout for them reveals. Alabama voters, (ALL) come this...
  • Vanity - Booker & Patrick, bad choice for Doug Jones!!!

    12/10/2017 1:56:12 AM PST · by JLAGRAYFOX · 24 replies
    The Doug Jones choice of having Democrats, Senator, Cory Booker & ex-Massachusetts Governor, Patrick, IMHO, was not a wise one or campaign advancing choice. I realize that Jones could not get any name Democrats such as Obama, Clinton, Sanders, Warren, Pelosi, Schumer, Conyers, Franken, etc., to come down to Alabama to campaign with and for him...but, Booker & Patrick are the last two characters I would have introduced into this campaign two days before the election, These two Northeast "South" haters will only serve to diminish Candidate Doug Jones, as they bad mouth the good folks in Alabama, as Racist,...
  • Word of the Day - immure

    12/08/2017 8:14:02 AM PST · by Red Badger · 25 replies
    www.dictionary.com ^ | 12/09/2017 | Red Badger
    immure [ih-myoo r] Word Origin verb (used with object), immured, immuring. 1. to enclose within walls. 2. to shut in; seclude or confine. 3. to imprison. 4. to build into or entomb in a wall. 5. Obsolete. to surround with walls; fortify.
  • Word For the Day (12/4/17)

    12/03/2017 8:04:34 PM PST · by left that other site · 31 replies
    WORD FOR THE DAY In order that we might all raise the level of discourse and expand our language abilities, here is the daily post of Word for the Day. (PILLORY) [phonetic] hear it pronounced (part of speech - Noun or verb) Definition 1 : a wooden frame for public punishment having holes in which the head and hands can be locked 2 : a means for exposing one to public scorn or ridicule Did You Know? In days gone by, criminals who got caught might well have found themselves in the stocks (which held the feet or both...
  • Vanity - John McCain - The Hero, Bob Corker- The Goat

    12/02/2017 6:43:23 AM PST · by JLAGRAYFOX · 40 replies
    Senator, John McCain assures his positive legacy....Senator, Bob Corker kills his positive legacy with one vote. Senator, John McCain comes to his senses and secures himself a forever, positive legacy by casting his "Yes" vote for the the "Trump Tax Cut & Reform Bill, late last night. Thank you, Senator McCain...you did right for your fellow Americans and our great nation. As for Senator, Bob Corker he has, with one "nay" vote, relative the "Trump Tax Cut/Reform Bill", destroyed whatever decency, dignity, loyalty he may have had. Politically, he is of no use to anyone, especially himself. He should resign...
  • Word For The Day - IGNOMINY

    12/01/2017 7:41:33 AM PST · by Red Badger · 21 replies
    www.dictionary.com ^ | 12/01/2017 | Red Badger
    ============================================================================================= ig·no·min·y ˈiɡnəˌminē,ˌiɡˈnäminē/ noun noun: ignominy; plural noun: ignominies public shame or disgrace. "the ignominy of being imprisoned" synonyms: shame, humiliation, embarrassment, mortification; More disgrace, dishonor, discredit, degradation, scandal, infamy, indignity, ignobility, loss of face "they face the ignominy of losing three straight games to the league's worst team" antonyms: honor Origin mid 16th century: from French ignominie or Latin ignominia, from in- ‘not’ + a variant of nomen ‘name.’
  • Vanity - Democrat Party & Kate Steinle.

    12/01/2017 3:12:48 AM PST · by JLAGRAYFOX · 48 replies
    We could, and we should, as American citizens, lament, and reject what occurred out in San Francisco, California yesterday afternoon, relative the cold blooded murder of Kate Steinle, dying in her father's arms, shot by an illegal alien for no reason whatsoever, except possible hate and envy. Normally I would go off the deep end, but, my heart and soul ache, cry and pray for the entire Steinle family...who are forced to endure this terrible injustice....brought forth by "political" America haters...galore. The Tyrant, The Despot, The Dictator is not the low life attorneys that got this useless human being acquitted....but...
  • Vanity - Trump to Alabama?

    11/30/2017 9:01:19 AM PST · by JLAGRAYFOX · 22 replies
    "Word" has it that POTUS, Trump will step-up his support of Judge Roy Moore, who is running for the Senate In Alabama against Left-Wing, Progressive, Democrat, Obamabot/Clintonite, Doug Jones, through heavy use of robo calls, political ads, etc. "Rumor" has it the POTUS might even consider a trip to Alabama to support Judge, Roy Moore in person. The Mainstream Media has neglected to inform the public that the "sex abuse" accusations relative to Moore have been proved false....with the result that Moore is now leading heavily in all polls. Folks feel that a Trump visit to Alabama will produce a...
  • Vanity - Democrats = Equal Opportunity Sex Offenders, Galore.

    11/29/2017 6:36:34 AM PST · by JLAGRAYFOX · 2 replies
    Wow!!! The Democrat Party has now become the "Equality Opportunity Sex Offenders Organization...headed by House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, etc. Here is, but a small list of the "A" Team Democrat perverts, John Conyers, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Matt Lauer, Democrats on the Congressional Black Caucus , the Hispanic Caucus, Charley Rose and, of course the master pervert, Senator Al Franken. This list, it goes on & on, unending. It is the sex offense gift that keeps giving. And Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats protect everyone of them (do as I say, not as I do). Shucks....I guess falsely accused,...
  • Vanity - The "Trump Troll" "Pocahantas" sets off Media Madhouse rants & raves.

    11/28/2017 6:40:30 AM PST · by JLAGRAYFOX · 22 replies
    The uttering of "Pocahantas" yesterday by POTUS, Donald J. Trump has the Media going wild. Why? I will never know, the Senator from Massachusetts, a confirmed lie teller, Elizabeth Warren, is not worth one word from the Media Fake News Champions. Fact is: Elizabeth Warren needs to concentrate on her re-election in 2018...not a POTUS run in 2020. She is political trouble at home and could face a powerful Republican, Conservative opponent in 2018. Trump has her number and tickled her yesterday, and, the fool that she is, she and her media fell for it, hook, line and sinker. Ya...
  • Vanity - McConnell versus Moore & Tax Cuts/Reform.

    11/26/2017 7:16:38 AM PST · by JLAGRAYFOX · 9 replies
    Folks...make no mistake about it. The Senate race in Alabama has little to do with McConnell, "Fake News" sex accusations and much more to do with Mitch McConnell trying to continue his efforts to defeat and destroy Judge Roy Moore. McConnell previously spent over Thirty Million dollars to assist Luther Strange in defeating Judge Roy Moore in a runoff election earlier this year. McConnell failed miserably, as Moore wiped up the floor with Luther Strange. Now.....The Trump Hater, Mitch McConnell is trying again, this time aiding and abetting a Democrat, Obamabot/Clinton, Communist, Doug Jones to defeat Moore in the upcoming...
  • Vanity - McConnell/RINOs take on Roy Moore & nix tax cut/reform legislation.

    11/24/2017 4:55:58 AM PST · by JLAGRAYFOX · 22 replies
    Lookie, Lookie, Republican Senate Majority Leader has more interest in destroying Alabama, Judge Roy Moore with fake news sex accusations, then he does concerning the "Trump/House" tax cut & reform legislation, that McConnell has now allowed to become stalled with his cohorts, McCain, Collins, Murkowsky, Corker, Flake, etc. Sad to say I now predict with heavy heart that McConnell will stand by as the Tax Legislation flushes down the toilet...dead-on-arrival. Democrat, Chuck Schumer will be overjoyed!!! Let me state that Judge Roy Moore will overwhelmingly win the Senate seat election in Alabama...case closed. Instead of wasting his time and energy...
  • Vanity - Moore-Jones, Senate, Alabama campaign will be mega-dirty from start to finish.

    11/22/2017 5:26:24 PM PST · by JLAGRAYFOX · 10 replies
    Forget the details.....this campaign has little to do with sex accusations. This campaign is about the survival and political death, of the Democrat(e), Party Republican(e) Party, RINOs, & Mainstream Media (Mitch McConnell, John Conyers, Al Franken, John McCain, Bob Corker, Jeff Flake, Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Weiner, Doug "The Baby Killer" Jones and on & on & on. A massive political victory by Judge, Roy Moore will upset the current "Swamp Politicos" for eternity. POTUS, Trump, IMHO, must put all his cards on the table & line for Roy Moore...period. A massive Trump attended...
  • Vanity - Strong Victory In Sight For Judge, Roy Moore

    11/22/2017 5:33:56 AM PST · by JLAGRAYFOX · 23 replies
    It is beginning to appear that Judge, Roy Moore will indeed win the senate seat, up for grabs in Alabama. Fact is: The overwhelming number of legal registered voters in Alabama support and will vote for Moore, come Tuesday, December 12, 2017, because they believe that Moore was grandly "Railroaded" by the GOP(e), the Democrat Party Establishment and the biased Media. In addition, these same Alabama voters are incensed at the ways and manner they are being called out by the media, written and TV...as if they were all sex addicts, dimwits and racists. But, there is a higher reason...
  • Vanity - Weinstein, Clinton, Biden, Rose, Frankan, Menandez, Democrat, silence is golden.

    11/20/2017 4:15:16 PM PST · by JLAGRAYFOX · 26 replies
    Well, the list of "Pig Men" Democrats continues to grow, unabated, Weinstein, Menandez, Clinton, Biden, Frankan, Rose, etc. The crickets are crowing...but the silence of the Democrats & Media is deafening. Shuck these dudes make Roy Moore look like an angel from heaven when compared to them. And...there is more on the way...you can count on it. The Democrat Party is on a political death roll caused by self-inflicted wounds. What to do, folks in Alabama...."ALL OF YOU". Turnout and cast your a votes for Judge Roy Moore on Tuesday, December 12, 2017 to become the next USA Senator from...