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Word For The Day (General/Chat)

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  • Word For the Day: TAUROCTONY

    Word For The Day, In order that we might all raise the level of discourse and expand our language abilities, here is the daily post of "Word for the Day". Mithras with the bull - tauroctony [ta ROCK toe nee] hear it pronounced noun Tauroctony is a modern name given to the central cult reliefs of the Roman Mithraic Mysteries. The imagery depicts Mithras killing a bull, hence the name tauroctony after the Greek word tauroktonos. For an extensive description and discussion of the Mithras and the Bull myth see here:
  • Word For the Day (3/19/18)Croesus

    03/18/2018 6:18:18 PM PDT · by left that other site · 23 replies
    Merriam Webster | 3/19/18
    Croesus Definition : a very rich man Did You Know? The original Croesus was a 6th-century B.C. king of Lydia, an ancient kingdom in what is now Turkey. Croesus conquered many surrounding regions, grew very wealthy, and became the subject of legends. In one legend, he was visited by Solon, the wise Athenian lawgiver. (Historians say this isn't chronologically possible, but it makes a good story.) Solon supposedly told Croesus, who thought he had everything: "Account no man happy before his death." These words made Croesus angry, and he threw the lawmaker out of his court. Croesus would rethink...
  • Word Of The Day: magniloquent

    03/16/2018 6:14:38 AM PDT · by Red Badger · 23 replies ^ | 03-17-2018 | Red Badger
    In order that we might all raise the level of discourse and expand our language abilities, here is the daily post of "Word for the Day". ________________________________________________________________________________ MAGNILOQUENT: mag·nil·o·quent maɡˈniləkwənt/ adjective adjective: magniloquent using high-flown or bombastic language. Origin mid 17th century: from Latin magniloquus (from magnus ‘great’ + -loquus ‘-speaking’) + -ent. ________________________________________________________________________________ Rules: Everyone must leave a post using the Word for the Day in a sentence. The sentence must, in some way, relate to the news of the day. Amuse me or enlighten me for extra credit.
  • Word For The Day (3/12/18)mnemonic

    03/12/2018 5:37:39 PM PDT · by left that other site · 42 replies
    Merriam Webster | 3/12/18
    WORD FOR THE DAY(3/12/18) mnemonic adjective nih-MAH-nik • • Definition 1 : assisting or intended to assist memory; also : of or relating to a technique of improving the memory 2 : of or relating to memory Did You Know? The word mnemonic derives from the Greek mnēmōn ("mindful"), which itself comes from the verb mimnēskesthai, meaning "to remember." (In classical mythology, Mnemosyne, the mother of the Muses, is the goddess of memory.) In addition to its adjectival use, mnemonic is also a noun meaning "a mnemonic device," and the plural form mnemonics is used in the sense of...
  • Word for the Day: verisimilitude

    03/09/2018 6:52:31 AM PST · by Red Badger · 28 replies ^ | 03-09-2018 | Red Badger
    ver·i·si·mil·i·tude ˌvərəsəˈmiləˌt(y)o͞od/ noun noun: verisimilitude the appearance of being true or real. "the detail gives the novel some verisimilitude" synonyms: realism, believability, plausibility, authenticity, credibility, lifelikeness "the verisimilitude of her performance is gripping" Origin early 17th century: from Latin verisimilitudo, from verisimilis ‘probable,’ from veri (genitive of verus ‘true’) + similis ‘like.’
  • Vanity - Union Brothers & Sisters, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, etc.

    03/09/2018 4:17:34 AM PST · by JLAGRAYFOX · 22 replies
    Fellow "Blue Collar Union Workers" and "middle class folks" in western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, etc., POTUS, Trump, is headed your way (Moon Township, PA) for a political rally being held this Saturday evening, at 7;00PM, to support and garner votes for Republican, Rick Saccone who is running in a special election - PA18CD for an open Congressional House seat. You know folks, for eight years of GW Bush, and eight years of Barack Hussein Obama, both of these elitists had nary a clue of who Blue Collar, Middle Class, union folks were and, they did not give one hoot...
  • Vanity - Texas Primary Day today.

    03/05/2018 11:37:29 PM PST · by JLAGRAYFOX · 23 replies
    Texas Primary Election being held today. Even though immensely popular, Republicans, Governor, Greg Abbot and Senator, Ted Cruz are running for re-election, both are heavily favored to defeat whatever and whoever the Democrat Party chooses to run against them. There has been much Media" ado about nothing, relative Democrat voter turnout in the early voting period. Republicans feel both Abbott & Cruz will win their primary runs, whether the voter turnout is heavy or light. However....the rest of this ballot should awaken Republicans, Conservatives, Independents, etc. to turn out in large number to build on "The Down Ballot". So...if you...
  • Vanity - Neil Cavuto, Delta Air Lines & the NRA.

    03/03/2018 8:01:46 AM PST · by JLAGRAYFOX · 54 replies
    Just witnessed FNC/FBN commentator Neil Cavuto dressing down the Lt. Governor of the State of Georgia for going after Delta Air Lines by withdrawing tax relief from aviation fuel used. Cavuto was threatening the Lt. Governor that Delta Air Lines might withdraw from doing business in Atlanta, Georgia as a result of these actions by the Georgia legislature and, move their operations, etc. to the state of New York at the request of the New York State Governor. This tax measure came about as a result of Delta Air Lines attacking the NRA, relative to the recent slaughter of innocent...
  • Word Of The Day: RACONTEUR

    03/02/2018 6:38:16 AM PST · by Red Badger · 17 replies ^ | 03/02/2018 | Red Badger
    In order that we might all raise the level of discourse and expand our language abilities, here is the daily post of "Word for the Day". _____________________________________________________________________________________________ rac·on·teur ˌräˌkänˈtər/ noun noun: raconteur; plural noun: raconteurs a person who tells anecdotes in a skillful and amusing way. synonyms: storyteller, teller of tales, spinner of yarns, narrator Origin early 19th century: French, from raconter ‘relate, recount.’ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Rules: Everyone must leave a post using the Word for the Day in a sentence. The sentence must, in some way, relate to the news of the day. Amuse me or enlighten me for extra...
  • logorrhea -Word For the Day -

    02/28/2018 7:43:21 AM PST · by Louis Foxwell · 31 replies
    Word For The Day, In order that we might all raise the level of discourse and expand our language abilities, here is the daily post of "Word for the Day". LOGORRHEIC hear it pronounced logorrhea [law-guh-ree-uh, log-uh-] Word Origin noun 1. pathologically incoherent, repetitious speech. 2. incessant or compulsive talkativeness; wearisome volubility. Origin of logorrhea 1900-1905 First recorded in 1900-05; logo- + -rrhea Related forms logorrheic, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018. Cite This Source Word Origin and History for logorrhea logorrhea n. 1878, from logos + ending from diarrhea. Online Etymology...
  • Vanity - H.Clinton & The Obamas, no shows at Rev, Billy Graham wakes.

    02/28/2018 6:56:58 AM PST · by JLAGRAYFOX · 56 replies
    Hillary Clinton was not with her husband during his visit to honor Rev. Billy Graham...neither was Barack Hussein Obama & Michelle Obama either in Charleston & The Capital Rotunda in Washington, DC. POTUS, Trump and members of his family, along with tons of congress folks will be present at the farewell ceremonies this morning. I guess these folks are just simply simple low life trash or "Christian Haters" Go figure...America!!!
  • Vanity - Deutch, Shultz, Wilson, Israel....The "Dirty" Broward County Gang!!

    02/27/2018 8:02:24 AM PST · by JLAGRAYFOX · 5 replies
    With all the horrifying news and leaks about the Democrat low life leadership in the Florida, 22CD, Ted Deutch, 23CD, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, 24CD, Frederica Wilson, "Criminal" Broward County Democrat Sheriff, Scott Israel, one has to think..."Was this a "Dirty" planned, gig from the start? I am not accusing anyone of anything....but, the facts be known, that all four of these extreme left-wing, America Hating, Democrats of Borward County, etc., are capable of doing anything legal or illegal to gain power, control and, destroying the USA Republic. Sad, that one even thinks what I am thinking. As time passes we...
  • WORD FOR THE DAY(2/26/18)Recuse

    02/26/2018 7:24:39 AM PST · by left that other site · 12 replies
    Merriam Webster | 2/26/18
    WORD FOR THE DAY(2/26/18) recuse verb re·cuse \ ri-ˈkyüz \ 
 •   Definition of recuse recused; recusing transitive verb : to disqualify (oneself) as judge in a particular case; broadly : to remove (oneself) from participation to avoid a conflict of interest — recusal Recent Examples of recuse from the Web • Quarles had no involvement with the Wells Fargo case because family ties have prompted him to recuse himself from all matters tied to the lender.
— laura j. keller and shahien nasiripour, Houston Chronicle, "Fed's Wells Fargo punishment sets precedent for harsher era," 5 Feb. 2018 •...
  • Vanity - What....No polls on the Broward County Florida slaughter of innocents?

    02/26/2018 6:52:13 AM PST · by JLAGRAYFOX · 6 replies
    What, no or very few polls relating to the mass slaughter of innocents in Broward County, Florida. Nary or little word on the failures of Sheriff, Scott Israel (he is the worst insult & stain, to the great nation of Israel), the massive failure of the FBI (that America has lost all faith in) and the silence of all the Democrat, liberal low life, that reside in Broward County....those who have brought this murderous horror to reality with their nutcase ideas, agendas and sick mantra. The name of incompetent, Criminal, Democrat, Congresswoman, Debbi Wasserman Schultz surfaces as proof of the...
  • Vanity - What happened to DACA...Hispanics? Democrats zapped you again...Latinos!!!

    02/24/2018 7:27:12 AM PST · by JLAGRAYFOX · 5 replies
    As plain as the nose on you face...Hispanics, just like many African-Americans have gotten royally screwed and left open handed by the Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Schumer, Democrat Party low life. Some folks just never learn to follow the truth!!! Not much more to say.
  • Vanity - Guns don't kill people, Broward County, Florida, elected Democrats & FBI do.

    02/24/2018 5:13:19 AM PST · by JLAGRAYFOX · 17 replies
    I cannot stop thinking of all those young innocent high school kids and their brave teachers that perished in one of the most "preventable" slaughters in USA history. I will refrain from outlining my emotional feelings of anger, disgust & dislike for all the Democrat public officials in Broward County....the school board administrators, the police leaders and coward officers, the failed FBI, etc. This ultra left-wing, Democrat Florida County, led by totally incompetents, beginning with Democrat, Congresswoman, Debbie, Wassermann Schultz, failed miserably in every way conceivable to do the number one job of our politicians, providing the children of their...
  • Word For The Day - PETTIFOGGER

    02/23/2018 7:51:20 AM PST · by Red Badger · 52 replies ^ | 02/23/2018 | Red Badger
    _____________________________________________________________________________ pet·ti·fog·ger ˈpedēfôɡər/ noun archaic noun: pettifogger; plural noun: pettifoggers an inferior legal practitioner, especially one who deals with petty cases or employs dubious practices. Origin mid 16th century: from petty + obsolete fogger ‘underhanded dealer,’ probably from Fugger, the name of a family of merchants in Augsburg, Germany, in the 15th and 16th centuries.
  • Vanity - Homeless, Sleepless, Drugs, Illegals, reign unabated in San Francisco & Los Angeles!!!

    02/21/2018 5:42:11 AM PST · by JLAGRAYFOX · 27 replies
    The state of California, the once Bright and Shinning star of the future of the USA Republic is that no more...not even a shadow of its former self. Once the land of aerospace, hot rods (auto engineering & development), surfers, massive tourism, now dies slowly on the vine of failed progressive, Democrat Party failed leadership and neglect. Read my lips..."There is no such thing as a free lunch. The streets of San Francisco & Los Angeles are filled with budding "tent cities" of the homeless, the streets are filled with garbage dirt, human waste rotting is the open air, unabated...
  • WORD FOR THE DAY(2/19/18)epistemology

    02/19/2018 6:42:33 AM PST · by left that other site · 28 replies
    WORD FOR THE DAY(2/12/18)epistemology noun epis·te·mol·o·gy \ i-ˌpi-stə-ˈmä-lə-jē \ •   Definition of epistemology : the study or a theory of the nature and grounds of knowledge especially with reference to its limits and validity — epistemological play \i-ˌpi-stə-mə-ˈlä-ji-kəl\ adjective — epistemologically play \i-ˌpi-stə-mə-ˈlä-ji-k(ə-)lē\ adverb — epistemologist play \i-ˌpi-stə-ˈmä-lə-jist\ noun NEW! Time Traveler First Known Use: circa 1856 Recent Examples of epistemology from the Web • Yet if authenticity and consistency are among Spayd’s virtues, her vices include obtuse logic, shoddy epistemology, and the sort of common-sense conventionalism that a public editor ought to be challenging rather than championing.
  • Vanity - Florida massacre culprit trio, Cruz (Murderer), Wray (FBI), & Israel (Broward Sheriff).

    02/17/2018 11:52:10 PM PST · by JLAGRAYFOX · 21 replies
    Mental illness, undetected, when clearly in open view, for all to heed and see, a nutcase, lunatic left-wing, Democrat murderer, Cruz, An FBI Director, Wray whose supposed "top notch" organization committed a mortal sin of failure, causing death to innocents, and a loud mouthed, "Debbie Wassamann Schultz", Democrat, Sheriff, Israel, that missed thirty-nine (39) opportunities to nail this maniac, hateful kid, before he slaughtered dozens of innocent kids & adults. POTUS, Trump, immediately fire FBI Director, Christopher Wray and, have AG, Sessions nail (fire) the top management of the FBI by firing all of them on Tuesday morning. Chasing Russians...